Friday, June 20, 2008

You fold that?

I promise I'll finish off the Vegas write ups soon. No really I will. I don't have time to do the entire Day 4 yet and I wanted to get a quick one up from Riverchasers last night. I've been having a nice little run in the past fwe days, including grabbing some $T for sat'ing into the 50/50 which I had no intention of playing in. Anywhore, played Riverchasers last night. Finished just in the money. Really went card dead when we got to the final table and with Hoy and Peacecorn open shoving to my right for about 6 orbits it made for a slow bleed. Believe me when I tell you A-rag would have looked like gold if I only could have found it.

At any rate this hand comes up before the final table.

Full Tilt Poker Game #6893889165: Riverchasers Online Tour (52238517), Table 3 - 60/120 - No Limit Hold'em - 22:12:34 ET - 2008/06/19
Seat 1: DDionysus (9,265)
Seat 2: hoyazo (5,149)
Seat 3: peacecorn (7,640)
Seat 4: ElSnarfGrande (3,880)
Seat 5: TheCloserX5 (1,990)Button
Seat 6: pebble78 (3,010) SB
Seat 7: DaBag (3,740) BB
Seat 8: cndycarr10 (2,566)
Seat 9: a104l9 (3,648)
pebble78 posts the small blind of 60
DaBag posts the big blind of 120
The button is in seat #5
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to ElSnarfGrande [Qs Qd]
cndycarr10 folds
a104l9 folds
DDionysus folds
hoyazo raises to 360 Hoy raises from late middle, this means he has 2 cards or at least that's my read
ElSnarfGrande has 15 seconds left to act
ElSnarfGrande raises to 1,080 Why eff around
TheCloserX5 has 15 seconds left to act
TheCloserX5 raises to 1,990, and is all in my initial read is that this is AK at worst, but i'd be damned to fold for only 1K more
pebble78 folds
DaBag folds
hoyazo raises to 5,149, and is all in well this makes it harder. I really thought this could be an attempt to isolate with some kind of middling pair, 1010, JJ. It could be KK which seemed more likely the AA cause I suspect Hoy could/would/may smooth call with AA here
ElSnarfGrande has 15 seconds left to act
hoyazo: OH PLEASE
hoyazo: GET IN HERE paying no attention to this
peacecorn: hoy . . . i need you to avenge me if neccessary.
ElSnarfGrande has requested TIME
hoyazo: haha sry charlie
cndycarr10: lol
ElSnarfGrande: QQ no good huh
peacecorn: quit @$%@ign around
ElSnarfGrande folds In the end i think there is a likely chance that I am up against at least an AK and maybe even KK with it. I don't think I need to risk my tourny with the blinds only at 60/120 on what could be worse then a flip.
hoyazo shows [Ac Kh] right hand wrong player
TheCloserX5 shows [8c 8d] I dont get this push at all
Uncalled bet of 3,159 returned to hoyazo
*** FLOP *** [Js Kd 6s]
*** TURN *** [Js Kd 6s] [6h]
*** RIVER *** [Js Kd 6s 6h] [Jc]
hoyazo shows two pair, Kings and Jacks
TheCloserX5 shows two pair, Jacks and Eights
hoyazo wins the pot (5,240) with two pair, Kings and Jacks
TheCloserX5 stands up

In the end I take forth and manage to cash. I was a little better off preflop then I had thought. the funny thing if one of them pushes and the other folds I may end up calling either but the 3rd player in really changes the dynamic. I'm assuming Hoy put me on a pretty wide range with a resteal there and thought the AK was easily ahead, I really don't get the push with 88. Even if I am restealing with complete air I may have to call that bet with 3000+ in the pot for only 900 more. In the end I'm not sure if I'm a nit or made a good laydown.

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  1. I think you're a nit who made a good lay down.