Wednesday, June 18, 2008

WSOP Reflections

After the 4th straight year of pissing away money at the WSOP its time to reflect on my game. Lets take a look at my results this year:

Pits/Slots - +430
NL - 288
Sats -525
Limit -120
Tourneys -915
Megas -1390
Omaha -200
Total Loss of $3008

I pretty much played like shit in everything I did. I will say that my NL game was better than the results show. I took two flips (read: 36%) and lost them both. If I am on my game and not looking to gamble it up I never even take those spots and would have shown a profit. The #1 thing that I need to cut out of the list is the mega satellites. Even if I do play these there is no guarantee of getting any return on investment unless I cash. Number two on the list is tournaments. I don't even want to count how much I have lost on tournaments over my lifetime.

Here is my plan over the next year. PLAY ONLY CASH GAMES. The only tourneys I am planning on playing are ones with my friends online. Thse are small amounts and I can usually break even in them. I also may play the random step tournament at Stars as well. I have a little over a grand in my bankroll for live play. That should be enough to start grinding the $100 max games around town. I will also be able to add some money along the way through tax return money etc. I figure that I will probably need to make $5k over the next 12 months in order to have a full $10k roll for the 2/5 games next year. I am also going to play online more seriously. I have around $700 online and am going to try and really grind that up over the next year. That part I'm not so confident in but I'm going to try.

Next year I think I want to stay over at the Rio. This way I am at where I want to play and if I am tired or want to take a couple hours off I can go hang out in the room. The next few months should be interesting and I will have to re-evaluate my plan around the end of August and see where I am. Should be a fun ride.

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