Thursday, June 26, 2008

How To Lose A Big Pot

I hope that people like it when I post items like this. I don't just tell you when I win. This one goes down as one of the stupidest hands and biggest losses I have ever had. here it goes....

I went to WinStar last night. I got there around 5:30 and signed up for the 1/2 and 2/5 lists. I was called for the 2/5 list and bought in for the full $500. They play 9 handed and looking around the table there was only one person who had less than my $500 (which was $350). Guess they have been playing a while.

I limp my first 5 hands then pick-up A,A UTG and raise to $20 and get 4 callers. Shit. Flop comes 10,9,8 rainbow. I lead for $40 to see where I'm at and get one caller. Turn pairs the 8. Check, check. River is another 8. I lead for $60 and take the pot. About two laps later I get A9ss and limp. 6 ways to the flop of K,X,Xss. A blind leads for $35 and I am the only caller. Turn is a blank but bringing a second flush draw. Check check. River is an offsuit ace. I made a good value bet here of $50. The other guy thought for a minute and called with K,J. I really hate his check on the turn there. Worked for me though.

About a half-hour of mucking hands later I picked-up A,A again and raised to $20 UTG+1. I got two callers to a flop of A,9,7hh. I lead for $40 and they both folded. As Zooks would say, sigh. Then the big blow-up hand comes. First some background.

A new guy sat at the table and bought in for $500. On his first hand in a straddle he called a raise to $50. Heads-up to a flop of 8,5,2. Raiser bets $60 and he raises to $160. Other guy shoves and he insta-calls with A,8 off. Nice call pre-flop. He got runner runnered with when the other guys J,4ss flushed him.

Now to my hand. Straddle pot. New player is the straddle. Two limpers, I limp on the button with A,J and the straddle checks. 4 to the flop of J,10,4ss. New guy straddle leads for $50 which means pretty much nothing. Next player min-raises to $100. This doesn't mean much to me either cause he saw how that guy played. I re-raise to $200 for some information. Straddle insta-mucks and now the min-raiser takes 30 seconds and shoves which has me covered. What could he have in this spot. He limped pre. A set could be likely but I would think he would want to trap the straddle so I ruled that out. It has to be some kind of vulnerable hand like 2 pair or top pair or possibly a flush draw. If I fold here I still have around $440 and can fight. There were plenty of soft spots on the table which I could pick on. I took a solid 5 minutes......

and called like a fucktard. $440 to win about $1400. I have to be good only about 1 in 3 times. The problem is I'm on my only bullet and really can't take that kind of swing. We didn't show and the turn was the 3s. Well the flush got there now I'm fucked if he has that. River is an off-suit 3. He shows K,K which is good. That is actually one of the hands I hope he shows me if he is ahead except for something like bottom 2. All I know is if I limp with K,K there I always get fuckin crushed. Alas it was not meant to be and I lost the big pot. I got up and left the room. Bye bye Oklahoma.

Does anyone make that call? I hope not!

By the way, AIPS Razz is tonight. I will be playing trying to make my 2nd straight final table. See you there!!!!

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  1. AJ, please, you gots to fold that shit.