Monday, June 23, 2008

Vegas Vacation Part IV

Ok the end I promise. I've now officially milked these posts for 2 weeks since I've been back. And let's be honest they haven't been that good to begin with. Mmmmkay, Tuesday was the OM8 tourny at Caesar's at 3. I slept in, got some breakfast and got over there by 2 to register just incase they were going to cap it with the Noon tourny going as well. This was the one where Snuffy was doing well, I railed him for awhile, caught up with Zooks and BlindGuy when they made it over, then it was time for the tourny.

I should not have played this tourny. Yes there were 50 minute levels. Yes you got 5K in chips to start (not great but not awful). Using my bext Stephen A. Smith imitation, however, the bilnds rocketed in this thing. By level 5 they were 400/800. Of course no significant number of people are out by this point so the average stack is about 5700. But I digress. The hands. Lost my first big pot when I had AA26 in the hijack with and early limper. Raised, got 5 callers. Flop came 10107, checks to me, I bet, get raised, call raise fold turn. Chick limped with 101034 UTG, flopped quads, obv she had a feeling. Picked up some hands to maintain through most of the first break and was up about to about 5400. Shortly after the break I pick up AA36 ss. I raise and get four calls. This time the flop is J74 wih two spades. Check check I bet, call call. Turn is a King, I think, another high non spade. I bet, call call. Of course the river is the Ace of spades. Guy now bets out, called, and I call with the hope of a low. Guy shows flush and the chick (same 101034 one) shows a pair of jacks and a 35 low. This crippled me. A little more then doubled the next hand to get back to about 2400. Then raised with Q234 ds. Guy to my right 3 bets, BB calls and I call all in. Flop was 936 rainbow. Turn 4. River 6. Guy to my left shows KQ95, which is always good for a 3 bets. The BB had nothing, so my counterfeited 2 pair and busted low draw get fucked one last time. Moving on.

After this we met up with Virge and Bleu. That's when the awful WPT Hold'em poker pit game started. This game is serious -EV, but there were beers, albeit slowly, but beers. This is when I met up with Bam Bam and Pebbles. They sat, saw this was shitty and went to Let It Ride. This was all the enticement I needed to get off this game and went over there to lose money. Played for awhile until the table essentially broke and they headed to bed. Which reminds me, BamBam next time you are in Philly area, I owe you a beer. The debt will be happily repayed. Then went to lose money at Pai Gow with Snuffy and BlindGuy. Lost there. Then went to lose money at BlackJack. I actually got almost to even here and should have walked away, but didn't. Still left with a few ducats in the pockets though. And I did have a nice time talking with Madonna while I played.

Wednesday saw not much of anything before the flight. Enough comps for a free breakfast buffet at Harrah's, at least I can leave on a winning note. Then wandered to the Rio for some WSOP gear and sweated a few tables of the 5K event that was going on. Yes I can confirm, Liz Leiu is still hot as a red head. Flight got back a few minutes early and that's that. All in all a good trip but wish the cash games could have gone a little better. Also wish I has skipped the OM8 and just played one of the mega stack NLHE's at Caesar's. Live and learn. There's always next year.


  1. Next "planned" trip is for Al's bash in September.

    Hope to see you there, if not before.

  2. This blog does suck. Snuffy's report was much better!! DARPS

  3. Darps - This blog sucks like a fox and don't you forget it.

    BamBam - I'll keep an eye for that. I'd like to be able to meet up for Showboat tourny or something.

  4. I dont know if you made money or lost money for the trip.. im not sure how many drinks you had, or what pros you may have seen. all of the hands you explain make you look like a total donk (which you arent... well not all of the time anyway). Look you are living the dream... having a kid and going to Vegas in basically the same month... you need to do a better job of letting us mortals live through you!!!! DARPS

  5. Also, any sports bets?? Dont tell me you didnt. TELL ME NOW!!!