Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ummm, No

That satellite was worthy of the picture above. That or the structure really licked Lee Childs' balls. I knew what I was getting into though. 3000 chips and 25 minute levels. I won a total of two hands and I had to run bluffs with air in both of them. I ended up getting down to around 1600 in the 75/150 level when I had 32dd in the BB. Flop comes K82dd. I check someone bets 275, next to act raises to 800, I ship, fold and a call. He has KJ. And I am in decent shape. Board bricks off though and I am out the door after about an hour.

My day 1 starts in about five hours. Looking at the updated from day 1a there were 89 survivors. Chip leader has around 150k. I think my plan is to stay slow and steady. As long as I have chips going into day two I have a chance. We are playing 9 levels of an hour each. The last blind level of the day is 500/1000/100.

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Last 36 Hours

I have pretty much laid low the last 36 hours. I got all of the touristy stuff out of the way early and have been able to relax. Yesterday I played Blogger Skills Stud 8. I ended up making the final two tables but lost when I had 643 to start on 3rd and got into a big 3-way all-in. CK won the pot starting with rolled-up 9's against AA and my low didn't get there. She ended up taking the whole event. Good job.

I went of over to the casino after Skills was over and signed-up for the 1/2 game. I was #88 on the wait list due to the 6max tournament going on. I got called 2 1/2 hours later and played for an hour before the Pokerstars party started. I had JJ the first hand and won pre. About 6 hands into the session I was in the BB with 88 and flopped a set in a 6 way pot. I lead for $10 and got 2 callers. Turn brought a straight draw and hearts into play and I lead for $50 and got shoved on. I called and said I had a set. He flopped to pair and thought it was golden. After the hour I walked away up $100.

Pokerstars party was cool. NZ showed up for the free beer. They had a three chick band playing that was OK. There is some swimsuit competition going on at the hotel and all 30 0f em or so decided to crash the party. Some old overweight dude was chasing after them. Funny to watch.

I played the Mookie today. On the first or second hand of the tournament I am in the BB with 66 and call a raise of 105. Three to the flop comes AK6. I check call a pot sized bet along with one other. Here is where it gets interesting. Turn pairs the ace. I check, next to act shoves 2200 in, next player overshoves. I think this is a pretty clear fold in this spot, even if it is a blogger donkament. I folded and saw AQ and KK. Good fold me. River Q. See-ya KK. I ran a good bluff vs sophie ona 10,9,7,K,x board with 88 to get my chips up there.

Near the end of the first hour I pulled a winnar vs numbbono. I limp for 100 with 33 and he shoves 2200 in. I barely have him covered and I decided my hand is worth a flip and call. He has AK. I turn the 3 and get the near double. I slide into the points as a short stack and then when we are down to 2 tables I hold AK vs Buddy's AQ and get to 10k. Very next hand I have JJ and pot it pre-flop. Short stack shoves, Al overshoves. I can't fold putting 1/5 of my chips in pre here. Al has AQ and the short stack has 88. Flop Q and I am down to a about 4 bbs. Next hand I get AQ and ship and lose to AK. I think I finished 15th or so.

I am playing the mega-satellite in an hour. Figured I would take a shot and try and guaranty me a break even trip if I win. Hopefully more good news will be posted in about five hours or so.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Win or go home

TJ has a slim 132 point lead heading into tonight.

"Sweep the leg." The Karate Kid

"You're gonna eat lightning, and you're gonna crap thunder!" Rocky

"Pick me out a winner, Bobby." The Natural

"I'm gonna make Gretzky's head bleed for SuperFan99 over here." Swingers

"Sometime when the team is up against it and the breaks are beating the boys, tell them to go out there with all they've got and win just one for the Gipper." Knute Rockne, All-American

"I'll make it." Hoosiers

"Listen, Lupus, you didn't come into this life just to sit around on a dugout bench, did ya? Now get your ass out there and do the best you can." The Bad News Bears

"I must break you." Rocky IV

I have my motivation......too bad I'm as sure as JackAce is the nuts that I have swine flu. If the Mookie was live you'll all be dead by the end and I'd win. Pry a better plan. And TJ and Shabazz if you or TJ read this and it motiviates you, just remember:

"Hey, Yankees, you can take your apology and your trophy and shove 'em straight up your ass!" The Bad News Bears

Ok I don't really mean that. GL to both of you tonight. Please have the decency to kill me early so I can go to bed.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So you're sayin there's a chance

Well it wasn't a top 3 but I did manage to make it to 4th last night for Riverfuckers. Not sure exactly how the points will work out but I believe it to be plausible to catch TJ at this point for April. It's still going to take a helluva effort but sleep is overrated.

Yo-yo'd early in this one. Got up to about 5500 early with a flopped set. Then gave it all back with TP vs underset in a SB vs BB confrontation. Got it back to 5200 or so, back down to 4100, finally go to the break at about 4700 or so. Chipped up a little to then first big hand came. I raised UTG with AK, get reraised, decide to just call and evaluate after the flop. Flop comes rainbow king high, I check to the raiser to see what info I can garner from a bet, he checks behind. Turn is another King and I check again, he bets about 1/2 pot, so I blogger min raise him back. He calls, river is blank and I shove my last 2300 or so, he tanks and calls. I take pot and he shows AA, good break me. Ride that stack until we are ITM.

Then I get lucky....again. Tony Eusebio raises small from the button, I have AKdd in the BB, BoatDrinks takes a little time and shoves. I shove over the top, not that his range is huge here but it's large enough to make this a pretty easy shove I think. Also I was around 8th in chips, I knew I needed to move up to get points. Of course he shows KK and I spike an ace on the flop. More then likely eliciting a laptop/mouse toss from BoatDrinks, and well deserved at that point. Down to final 5 I catch another break on the SS. Tony makes another small raise from button, VinNay just calls, and I call anout 1300 into a 6200 pot with only about 9K behind. Flop comes JQK, VinNay checks and I shove. Tony folds and VinNay calls and shows AQ, turn is a Jack, river a blank. Went out shortly there after when Lucko raises, I call with Q10 in the BB. Flop is a dreamy K1010, he bets half pot, I blogger min raise, he shoves, I call. He has 108, turn was an ace for a split pot and natch the river was an 8. Guess I had that coming.

We it's pretty fucking obvious I'll be there for Skillz tonight and Mookie tomorrow. GL to TJ and Shabazz for the last two events. Should be an interesting conclusion.

Damn It Again

OK this is starting to get really fucking old. I sure as hell hope I am holding out for the Main Event. There were a total of 114 runners. I never did catch how many people took the rebuy. I was not one of them. Early on I decided against it and went with what I had. 5k starting stacks, 40 minute levels and starting at 25/25. 18 people were paid.

I splashed around quite a bit early on. I played almost all of my pairs, three straight cards with a dangler, etc. It took quite a bit of my stack early on. I dropped down to around 3k after two levels. I believe I won exactly one pot. The table was split 50/50 on the number of people who knew how to play. When we got to the first break I had 3700 in chips. It was a good amount to take the rebuy if I wanted to but I decided to keep it and play the mega satellite later in the day if I busted.

Coming back from break playing 100/200 I 3bet shoved AJJ9 single suited. Original raiser folded (said he was trying to steal) and the person who flatted said "I'm behind but I have to call." I told him he is not that far behind, till he turned over A,10,9,5. Wow he is waaay behind. My hand holds and I get up to 8k. Shortly after that hand I was able to get it to just over 10k. Then I put the brakes on. I played a super nitty style. I don't think I voluntarily put money in the pot for well over an hour, probably closer to 90 minutes.

I was still sitting on around 9k when my our empty spots are filled and we have 59 people left. Kiwi G Graham Putt was moved to the table. I played with him at my starting table back in Macau a couple years ago. I needed to get a hand. I actually found two.

#1 - Playing 150/300 I have KQQ10sscc. There were two limpers and Kiwi pots it to 1650 and I flat. Flop comes AKJ. Bingo. He bets and I pot it all-in and he snap calls. OK I know he has AA then. He did. Turn brings a second heart giving him more outs. River bricks off and I get the double.

#2 - At 200/400 I get 9954 single suited and limp. I think we had 6-7 to the flop of 9,6,3 rainbow. Kiwi pots it from EP. I re-pot. One other player tanks for a good 4 minutes and folds. Kiwi goes into the tank and after about 2 minutes he folds 66 face up. First player to tank said he folded a wrap of 10,8,7,5. How do you fold that hand there? I think i shit it all-in. He said that he knew I had exactly 99 and didn't want to take a chance. When he folded he had 20k left. I don't think that is the right play. I think Kiwi's fold was easy after the other player tanked. he knew he had the wrap which made my hand look more and more like top set. After the hand I had 24k.

When we broke with 50 left I was moved to a much much tougher table. There was no limping at this table whatsoever. I was blinded down to around 20k when I saw a flop and then folded to a pot bet. My first leg was taken out when I potted pre with KQJ10ss and got 1 caller. Flop comes AQXhh. I bet near pot and was called again. Turn was a heart and I checked. He bet pot and I knew I was sunk. I folded and he showed me J8hh. FML. After the hand it left me with 11k.

I blinded down to around 9k and then played QJ66ss. In a limped 3-way flop it comes KJ7ss. in late pos potted it and I decided to go with it. He had J,7,XX. I whiffed and he boated on the river and I was done in 42nd. What's even worst was that I busted 30 minutes after the mega started.

So if you are keeping score I have played 18 hours over the last tournaments with zero to show for it. F...M...L.

I took a ton of pics of the Opera House and Harbor bridge today. I will probably post all of them up when I get back home. I'm just too lazy to do it now. The Poker Stars party is tomorrow at 7pm. No other plans besides that. I have to change hotels tomorrow. Maybe a showing for Booze Cruise and Skillz is in order.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sydney Photos

Me on top of Sydney Harbor Bridge
Pacific Ocean Lookout - Popular for suicides and murders
Lookout again
Sydney in the distance
Lots of sailboats
Bondi Beach

Sunday, April 26, 2009

$300 Prelim Wrap-Up

Yesterday morning we went to a restaurant to have some breakfast. I am still getting used to the food here. EVERYTHING tastes different from the eggs down to the Snickers bars. After breakfast we went for a drive around the city. I got some great pics with my phone and will do a separate post with all of those shortly. Traffic getting back to the casino was bad and I arrived 10 minutes late. Believe it or not the event started on time. With 10k in chips and 40 minute levels and a slow structure there was plenty of time.

26 tables starting 11 handed with alternates and the field hit the cap of 320 players. Top 30 would get paid. It didn't take too long at the first table to figure out who the fish was. He was playing approx. 95% of his hands and was to my immediate left. The hands that he won in the early going he never had to show down so it was hard to gauge what he was playing. Finally he raised a hand pre-flop and when it was shown down he had J9 off. OK I know he is a fish now.

The first level was pretty standard. I won one pot and was just above my starting stack at the end of the level. Getting a good grasp of the table in level two I opened it up a little more and was able to build to 13k. Said fish at the table raised another hand and I flatted with 88. Flop comes 955. I check and he fires a pot sized bet of around 1k and I put him in for his last 4500 or so. Of course he shows down 10,5 off for the flopped trips. Great hand to raise it up with pre-flop.

Good thing he was only renting those chips cause in the 3rd level in a limped pot I had 98cc. Flop comes with two crubs and I check call his bet. I get there on the turn and check. Be bets something like 1600 and I put him in for around 6k more. He tanks and eventually finds the call button with KQ no crub and is drawing dead. I knew he was gonna spew those chips to someone. I'm glad I was the recipient of most of them. Going into the first break I was sitting on 22k.

Coming back from break the wheels started to come off. I was hitting top pair or some sort of flush or straight draw and never go there. In back to back hands I went from 22k all the way down to 12k. I kept getting hands like 88 and 99 and calling raises. Missing the flop and peeling on the turn and then folding. Just horrible play on my part. I fell to 10k, then 5k and then all the way down to 3800 playing 150/300/25. I was able to 3bet shove JJ and the raiser hoped for the flip with 66. My hand held and I was back to 7200.

Shortly after my double I limped with 22. About 5 ways to the flop it comes 432ddc. I fire about a 2/3 sized bet of 1200 and get one caller. Turn is the Kc. Thanks for adding that card. I potted and figured if he is drawing he has to pay. I took it down right there and had the stack back to 8500. I dribbled down a bit to 7700 before we reached the second break.

Coming back from break we were playing 200/400/50. I was able to work my stack up to 10k without a showdown. I then was able to get the big double I needed. Player to my right opens to 1400 and I opted for the overshove of 10k total with KK. He tanked for a bit and called with QQ. My hand held and I was up to 22k again. Shortly after that hand our table broke. The new table didn't have too many big stacks. There were not that many women in the field but the 2,3 and 4 seats were all women on my new table. Seat 2 was aggro. Seat 3 was an older lady. The table said he had KK about 4 times before I sat. Guy next to be said his AA was cracked by here JJ AIPF for a double to around 30k. When I got to the table she had around 40k or so.

One of my first hands at the tabe was against the lady in seat 2. I flatted a raise with JJ. Flop comes Kxx and I call a bet. On the turn I picked up a 4 flush draw and an open ender and called another sizable bet. The river bricked off and I had 12k left after the hand. in the 8th and 9th levels I went on a massive run of cards. I picked-up AA two hands in a row. The first time I won the blinds and one limper. The next hand I just won the blinds. I steadily was able to grind back up without many showdowns and I had my stack all the way back to 35k at the dinner break. There were 120 players left and the average stack was 25k. The lady in seat 3 right before the break won another KK vs QQ hand and had 90k at the break.

Coming back from dinner it was 500/1k/100. In that level I played exactly one hand which was at the end of the level. I won a decent pot to pay for the blinds and antes and had 34k headed to 600/1200/200. At the start of the level it really started to click for me. I was raising about 30% of my hands and was rarely played back at. When I was re-popped or folded on the flop or turn I was able to get the chips back with another two raises each lap. Going to 800/1600/200 I worked the stack up to 48k.

My high point was when I was at 59k going to 1k/2k/300 and the average stack was 48k with 35 people to go until the money. Since my table was mostly short stacks about the only thing that was happening was a raise and a 3bet shove or just an outright shove. I knew I was going to have to take a few flips. I could not win a single one of them. 0-3 and that spelled the demise.

Flip #1 - At 1k/2k the lady in seat three, who after dinner break I saw fold all but 3 of her hands. She twice showed KK and once called a short stack all-in with A10. She opens in EP for a min-bet to 4k. I think she didn't know the blinds kicked up. I am on the cutoff with AQss and flat. The only reason I don't repop here is due to her tightness and only showing monsters. The BB called. Flop comes 7,6,3ss. BB checks, lady checks and i bet 6k. Short stack shoves for around 13k, lady folds and I call. I see 6,4 with one spade. 14 clean outs for me. Turn 7 river 6 and I whiff and fall back to around 45k.

Flip #2 - At the 1500/3k/500 level I raise to 8k from EP with 99. Folds back to the short stack in the SB who shoves for around 17k. I call and he has AQ. Board runs KJJ2Q. Rivered pair and I am all the way back down to 30k.

Flip #3 - 1500/3k/500 level the short stack UTG shoves for 12k. Folds to me in the BB and I call the extra 8k with A8. I know his shoving range is pretty wide in this spot and think its an easy call. He has K10cc and we are flipping. Flop K turn flush and I'm drawing dead and am all the way down to 18k.

After the last flip I ship from the SB with J7 and the newly doubled BB folds 109. About 6 hands later at 2k/4k/500 I find 77 in MP and ship it. Player in late position shoves over the top and I pray for a flip. Hey, I have to win one of them right? No flip, he has JJ. Board bricks out and I am busted in 44th 14 short of the money.

I don't think I could play much better after my blowup around the 5th level. If I had to do it over I take all of those flips again. You just have to win them at some point in order to build the stack. I was not looking to limp into the money. I wanted the final table. Didn't get there but I was happy with the performance. Thanks to everyone who followed on Twitter.

Tuesday is the PLO event with one rebuy. I will Twitter that one but not to the extent I did in the last one. Maybe updates every level or so along with some big hands.

Photo dump post to come in a bit.


This is why live poker can suck sometimes. Finish 14 outside of the money after 11 hours. Had fun though. Will do a proper post tomorrow afternoon when I get back from bridge climb and moving to the Marriott.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Two Up

We went to Bondi Beach yesterday. We went to an RSL club (Return Serviceman's League) where you can play two up. The game is fairly simple. You pick heads or tails and find someone to bet against. Whoever takes tails holds the money and the three coins are flipped in a big ring. Whichever more land on that's who wins the money. Simple enough.

I decided to flip with NZ for $10. I know I know, flipping with NZ is definitely a -EV spot but I took the chance, AND WON!!!! I played one other game for $20 vs a random person and lost and booked a total loss of $10 on the day.

Here is a video of my win vs NZ.

Today is the $330 deep stack. Check out my twitter updates on the right for updates throughout the event.

I should have a pic up of the beach by tomorrow. Great beach. The waves were pretty much meh yesterday.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Live Action at Star City

I decided to play some 1/2 at Star City yesterday to get a feel for the players. The buy-in was $80 - $100. There was a $5/hour rake PLUS 10% up to $8. Yikes!!! In following the dealers it didn't seem like they raked as much as they were supposed to. Maybe its just me.

I bought in for $100 and lost it in about an hour. I dried bluffing out a crazian when I missed my flush but he held top pair and there was no possible fold there. I ended up dropping another $50 before I left. One thing they use is a shoe in dealing the cards. They take them out of the auto-shuffler and load them into a small shoe. When they are dealt out they do not leave the felt. The burn card pre-flop is placed face down on the board and then the flop is dealt. On the turn and river the burn card is placed down on the board and the respective card is placed over it. Interesting.

One other thing I noticed when railing the tournament is their chips. All of the chips have a white color and the only "clear" distinction is the stripes on the sides when you are looking across the table. I think it could be really really easy to miss a bet amount and to approximate someones stack. Guess I will find out when I play the prelim event on Sunday.

It will be no casino and no poker for me today. It's ANZAC Day here today and we are going to check out Bondi beach. I might stop by and check out the Olympic Park today as well.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Snuffy's Day 1? 2? 3? Oz Report

I have no fuckin' clue what day today is. I left on a Wednesday and arrived on a Friday. Flights went well. I was uncomfortable on the flight from DC to San Fran but had no problems on the flight over to Sydney. I upgraded to economy plus for the extra legroom. Ended up being well worth it as there as nobody in the middle seat either. What was even better was the lady that was in the window seat slept the whole way and got up once the whole flight, after 12 1/2 hours. How do you do that?

About 30 minutes to get through customs and another 30 to get the bags and another 15 to go through the inspection. I got to NZ's place after a hefty $50 cab ride. We are going to head down to the casino around lunch time and check it out. I want to see if they are running any single table satellites to the smaller events.

You know you run goot when......

Even Full Tilt wants you to win the April player of the month race. Ok, ok. A little bitter maybe. Yes, I needed to essentially win or come in second in the Mookie last night to get withing shouting distance of TJ for the April leaderboard. Yes, I was in second but ran KK into AA, but still a dececnt stack with 7 left. Yes, DrPauly was crushing everyone and it was only a matter of time until he got me. BUT DAMMIT, WTF!

I take out TJ in a "coin flip" except I uber suck out on his ass on the river when he turns the straight and I river the gutter, also give him trips. Then Shabazz goes out on the FT bubble and I am the only April top of the leaderboard guy left. And then this shit happens. I knew that after winning 150% of my races last night (yes legitimate ones, 77 vs KJ, 77 vs Q9, AQ vs 99.....) something bad would happen. Silly me I thought it was running into AA with KK, NOT THE FUCKING FULL TILT SERVER TAKING A GIANT DUMP ON MY FUCKING CHEST**

I have no idea what happens with the points for this thing and I am damn glad I don't have to figure it out. Whatever Al comes up with is fine by me, it's an awful spot to be in. It was obviously a long shot to leap frog 3 peeps and get ahead for the month but at least it could have gotten interesting next week. FTP server crash tilt sucks. Is this all a conspriacy by Hoy so he can be Mookie champion for another week? The plot thickens.....

**I am not into anyone taking a dump on my chest, if that's your thing so be it. I's sure the Cleveland Steamer Association of America will help you find a suitable partner.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Parting Shots

Three hours before I leave for the airport thought I would post some random items:

  • I was playing .10/.25 NLHE on Absolute yesterday and I love their fold and show button. UTG limps and I raise from cutoff to $1.25 and only the UTG calls. Flop A,x,x. UTG checks and I take a stab for $1.50. He folds and shows QQ. Why would you ever show that you are willing to make a fold like that? It's not that bad of a play but don't show your cards.
  • I was trying to get a step 4 ticket on stars so I can play one of the last two seat only sats for the Sydney event for some w$. Sunday night I played a step 1 and got it all in 1st hand with AK vs 1010. I flopped the K but he went runner runner straight and I am done. I steam bought into a step 2 and won a ticket to step 3. Yesterday I play the step 3 and finish 3rd. First hand after we get 3 handed I have A,5 in the BB and the short stack (not much shorter than me) goes into time bank and then shoves. I call and see J,J. I lose and am out one hand later. I sign up for the next one to go with my redo and had an interesting hand come up at 50/100 and still 8 handed.

Too greedy. Later on I had AA twice when short stacks shoved into me and I ended up winning my step 4 ticket. I will probably use it on the satellite on the 27th since I am not playing that day at all.

Time to gogogo.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Big Sunday

Many monumental occurrances this Sunday:

1) Phillies: Walk off homer in the 9th after shitting the bed the previous 2 against the Padres.
2) Flyers: After choking up a 2-0 lead in a must win game, come back and beat the Pens. If and only if they win game 4 this is a series and will get ugly in 5/6/7, which will be great TV.
3) Sixers: I am not a big B-ball guy, but even I know they have no business on the court with Orlando and some how Mr. "Can't hit and open jumper" Andre Igudala drains a 23 footer with 2 seconds left to win the game.

Most Important.

4) Snarf: Does not become the bubble bitch in the Big Game. Obviously the most amazing of the the 4.

So I spent all last week getting tokens for this thing. Thinking I could use them for the rebuy. Wrong. At 7:40, I thought well if I can't use them, I'll play the 14 dollar sat to the 50/50, then use that $T for the rebuy and add on. Fold, fold, fold, shove AA into a 3x raise and call, get called by JJ, Jack on the turn. TY and GYF. That plan now out the window, I decided to suck it up and just pay da monies. While this was not seriously depleating my BR in any way, the BR management gods were not thrilled.

I take the rebuy and the addon, then plow forward. Chip up a bit from the 5K I had to maybe around 6. Won a bunch of hands preflop without much contesting then came the first big hand, which made me glad I had done the rebuy/addon. Lucko has over 13K and open raises, the SB smooth calls and I wake up with KK in the BB. I went a little over 5x Lucko's raise. Lucko tanks and shove, SB gets out of the way and I call to see his QQ. My hand holds and now I am up to around 15K. I stay there for most of the tournament. Things get brutal, like always, at the FT/points bubble. I make a mistake in a SB/BB hand with Shabazz and all of a sudden I am in shove/fold mode. I manage to ride out that wave, getting a timely AK in the BB when PirateLawyer had KQ OTB and was pretty much priced in to call the all in.

Getting down to the bubble I manage to play good push/fold. Stealing enough to stay alive and maybe chip up a little. Problem is when the CL has 15BB, the entire table is only two hands form busto. Eventually TBA takes it on the chin and becomse bubble boy. My luck finally runs out when I call TJ's shove OTB with A8, only to see his A4sooooooooted river a wheel and out in 4th I go. I haven't not reviewed my HH yey, but I am 99% shore, every shove I made that got called last night I was ahead. And actually won......until I got ruckboxed. But no complaints. 2 Big Games, 2 cashes. Now my money total will look far less pathetic on the BBT leaderboard. And of course I make up no ground on anyone cause all those fuckers, TJ, Shabazz, and QueensUp were all the last three left. Dicks. GG by all, the April race should be pretty tight now. Who needs sleep!

Cya all tonight for Riverfuckers.

Tournament Structures

I play mostly online poker so I'm at the mercy of the online poker rooms.  When it comes to MTTs the structure is so important to my success.  I need a slower deeper structure since I'm not much a gamboler which you need to be in the faster tournament structures.

The PokerSlut Tour uses the standard Full Tilt Poker tournament structures.  For the most part I don't get complaints about the structure (yeah yeah yeah, you people that want the 10¢ NLHE rebuy can kiss my ass).

Recently the Poker Soup crew set up a private HORSE tournament on Poker Stars because the Poker Slut tour was taking Easter Sunday off and we needed to record a show.  It didn't take long for the bitching to start - this structure sucked.  Snuffy looked up a HORSE SNG structure for comparison.  The SNG was a much better structure.  You would think that Poker Stars would offer, at the very least, a comparable structure for it's private tournaments.

I use Tournament Director to set up my home game.  Since I've had several laptops in addition to the reloading of the OS on this laptop I've lost many TD databases.  Note to self: when the TD software updates it loses your files so back up before you update, doh.  Yes, that's right, I recently updated the TD software and, once again, lost all my files. 

I was stuck reloading my home game structure since I have a game coming up and want to be prepared ahead of time.  I got caught the last time with a blank database to start.  I like to offer a good, slow structure for my home game.  I want my guests to feel like they got their money's worth.  For my next game I've opted to go with a 25/25 blind instead of starting off at 25/50. 

We usually end up with about 100k chips in play and it lasts about 3.5 to 4 hours.  It will be interesting to see how long this lasts.  Did I mention that this is a rebuy?  Well, it's a 1 + 1r if you go broke before the end of the 4th level.  

Home Game is this next Friday night.  You're invited just let me know you're coming!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Less Than A Week Away Already???

I can't believe its already less than a week away before I leave. Kinda jumped up on me quick. So much to do before I leave. I think I have "finalized" my schedule of events.

  • Sunday 4/26 $330 NLHE Deep Stack - 10k in chips and 40 minute levels. Not bad for a smaller buy-in event.
  • Tuesday 4/28 $275 PLO w/ 1 Rebuy - I am looking forward to this event more than any other. I have always done well in live PLO events.
  • Wednesday 4/29 $330 Main Event Mega-Satellite - Shallow chips and a fast structure. If there is any that I end up passing on this will be it.
  • Friday 5/1 $2,200 Main Event Day 1b - I requested Day 1b. Guess I will find out when I get there. I picked the second day 1 because I wanted to know how many levels the previous day ended up playing and plan accordingly.
  • Sunday 5/3 $550 Teams Event - If I am not fortunate enough to final table, I want to play this one with NZ. You switch off every other level. If the first person up happens to lose their stack you get the other half and sit immediately. If they still have chips you get your other half once level 2 sits down. Sounds interesting.
So far I have sold 4% of myself for the Main Event. I am going to close of the selling by the end of the day tomorrow. I will try and post here as much as I can and will also Twitter during the events.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

O' How I Miss Thee

Via Pokernews, has ceased business as of yesterday. Not the most useful information these days since they no longer allowed Americans to play for a quite some time.

My online started with Pokerroom. When I started I played the play money tables and the freerolls. In back to back Sundays back around 2002 or 2003 (can't remember exactly) I final tabled their Sunday freeroll twice in consecutive weeks. From both of those events I collected a total of around $60. That was the genesis of my online bankroll. Unfortunately I am no Annette15 and never reloaded again, far from it.

I used that money and started playing the $5 sit-n-gos. These were golden. In talking to Zooks today she remembers how good these things were as well. I took that money and ended up playing in a couple of WSOP satellites back in 2003 or 2004 (still not sure what year, leaning towards 2003). One satellite was $50 and the other was $20. Both paid only one spot, winner take all. I final tabled one of them but busted around 6th with top top. Interestingly enough that was the first time I broke a pair of headphones. The first in a long line of busted items.

I still don't know how I managed to final table that one. I knew about 5% of what I know now. I never knew the concept of bluffing back then. Didn't know about rakeback. Didn't know about Party Poker. Pokerroom was my Party Poker, my cash cow.

RIP Pokerroom, I will miss thee.

Da Monies

I finally made some last night. Started with a nice run in Skillz, then settled down and like all limit tournaments on FTP (or any site for that matter) by the middle of the second hour, every pot held grave consequences. This really takes a toll on you. I of course mde a few mistakes but was able to make up for them in desperation time. Just holding on in a few hands to get me back to workable? stacks. I honestly can not explain my mental state when 7 handed, at the money bubble, I was the short stack. If this ended up being my 4th on or near bubble in the last 6 tournaments, I honestly think I would have had a complete meltdown. Somehow I survived, getting my money in good and having it stay that way.

Made it all the way up to 3rd. Unfortunately the first hand of LHE I get KK UTG and raise. The BB 3 bets and I just call hoping to get a good flop to get the rest of his chips in. Of course the flop comes ace high. Against other players I would have just raised in the rest of my stack here but I was 99% sure I was up against an ace. Ultimately it didn't matter as I went out like 4 hands later. I don't know that I'm mad I folded there just a shitty flop. Anything else I can get the rest of my chips in he's priced in to call and I would have a decent stack. Not complaining after getting a top 3 though, it was desperately need for mental health.

Now, I am ready to drop dead, since I went to bed at 1:20AM. Evil monkey child decided to scream from 4:50 until 5:50. Did come in a little late, but really working about 4 hours of sleep right now. Can't wait for the Mookie! I need 2 more tokens for Sunday, so I'll be in the frenzy tonight again, joy joy. Maybe I can post and fold to the money tonight in the Mook........

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ho Hum Riverchasers

The most exciting part of my night on Monday was whether I was going to get my token for Riverchasers or not. Assclowns want to stall when the play is hand for hand. I'm making it my life mission to make these people feel like the true burden on society that they are. I believe Clark Griswold summed up stallers when he was recounting the fond memories of his boss, I would also like to look them "straight in the eye and I want to tell [them] what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, fore-fleshing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit [they are]." And really I don't have any more words to use when you stall and IT IS HAND FOR FUCKING HAND, YOU FUCKING MORON. THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN GAIN YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT. Sorry. I digress. I did get my token. I did, however, in two seperate 2 table tier 1 sng's find that AA < A10 and KK < A8, which may have slightly altered my mood.

Ah yes Riverfuckers. I did nothing. I chipped up here and there. Won enough preflop to stay afloat for awhile. Probably lost with AQdd when a tight player raised from late position and I just smooth called. I did shoot the pooch on this hand because I think I could have taken the pot on the turn. The third played in the pot fuckered me there and I didn't go with my gut. Got down to 2 tables and could win my race with AK vs AJ vs QQ, yup even lost the smallish side pot to AJ. No points, no money. Hopefully some of both will materialize thie evening.

Question? I am assuming I can use tokens for the rebuy/addon for the Big Game on Sunday. It would seem that even though it is 24 for each you should be able to but this may be a bold assumption on my part. Having the tokens and not being able to use them is not really my concern as is not really being able to afford a rebuy and an addon straight up. If anyone knows drop a line, I did leave a comment on Don's blog but haven't heard back yet. See ya tonight for some ball-less HORSE.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pokersoup Invitational

Since the Pokersluts are off this week and we need to talk about something on the show we are going to have the Invitational Sunday night at 21:00 server time on Poker Stars. Password is pokersoup. Come on out and play. Maybe we will make fun of you on the podcast. We tentatively have a special guest. Tune in to find out who it is. If you don't show up we will certainly rip him/her.

Edit: Forgot to mention that the game is HORSE.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

AIPS, AIPS 2nd Chance and Mookie Recaps

Excuse my typos and spell check hates me right now.

I guess I will start with the easiest one first. I did not last too long in the Mookie. Early on I called a raise with A8 soooted and check called a AXX flop. Turn A and it goes check check. River Q and I snap call a bet only to see AK. Shortly after that I 3bet with JJ and flop comes K10X. I get donk bet into and call but have to fold to a bet on the turn that essentially put me all-in. My last hand I 3bet shoved JJ and ran into the raisers AA and I was out early in the first hour.

AIPS second chance event went pretty good. I came in with the game plan of building early or busting. The former happened. Once I had a stack built I pressured about 80% of the pots. When I had it they called and when I didn't they folded. Even the times when I had just 3 high cards I would either pair up on 4th or my board started to look so scary (along with my opponents bricks) that I won the pot right there. When we were about 6 handed at the FT I had over 10k with my next highest opponent around 4k and everyone else was short. Starting heads-up I had about a 3:1 chip lead over Zerkaboid but it quickly evaporated. I was able to get back to close to even a couple times before we finally chopped it.

AIPS Event #3, Stud was an interesting affair. There were 98 runners, far less than Gambit's and Zorag's predictions like I knew it would be. Top 16 paid and we started with 2500 chips, 15 munute levels and starting at 25/50. I think this was a fantastic structure. The early levels actually meant something.

Early on I went with the mindset of gambling it up a little more than usual. Nice table draw right away. The tourney was ripe with donkeys but I pull an opening table that included Blazman and loser64. Shortly after the late registration was up Snarf was moved to our table. Four people who actually know how to play. Epic table draw fail. After about 15 hands I was all the way down to 1850. I found opponents who couldn't find the fold button when they held a low pair and would catch the 2nd pair on 7th. Shortly after that it would turn around for me.

Seat 5: scottc25 (1865 in chips)
Seat 6: BlackCatt (3995 in chips)
*** 3rd STREET ***
Dealt to jwthoma [6c]
Dealt to snarf2597 [Kh]
Dealt to blazman [9h]
Dealt to RETODD71 [Ts]
Dealt to scottc25 [4s Qs 8s]
Dealt to BlackCatt [Jh]
Dealt to kubol70 [5d]
Dealt to volnandes [8h]
kubol70: brings in for 15
volnandes: calls 15
jwthoma: calls 15
snarf2597: folds
blazman: folds
RETODD71: folds
scottc25: calls 15
BlackCatt: raises 35 to 50
kubol70: calls 35
volnandes: calls 35
jwthoma: calls 35
scottc25: calls 35
*** 4th STREET ***
Dealt to jwthoma [6c] [3h]
Dealt to scottc25 [4s Qs 8s] [Ks]
Dealt to BlackCatt [Jh] [9s]
Dealt to kubol70 [5d] [Qh]
Dealt to volnandes [8h] [7d]
scottc25: checks
BlackCatt: bets 50
kubol70: calls 50
volnandes: calls 50
jwthoma: calls 50
scottc25: calls 50
*** 5th STREET ***
Dealt to jwthoma [6c 3h] [4c]
Dealt to scottc25 [4s Qs 8s Ks] [Th]
Dealt to BlackCatt [Jh 9s] [7h]
Dealt to kubol70 [5d Qh] [3c]
Dealt to volnandes [8h 7d] [5s]
scottc25: checks
BlackCatt: bets 100
kubol70: folds
volnandes: folds
jwthoma: calls 100
scottc25: calls 100
*** 6th STREET ***
Dealt to jwthoma [6c 3h 4c] [Kd]
Dealt to scottc25 [4s Qs 8s Ks Th] [Qc]
Dealt to BlackCatt [Jh 9s 7h] [8c]
scottc25: checks
BlackCatt: bets 100
jwthoma: folds
scottc25: calls 100
*** RIVER ***
Dealt to scottc25 [4s Qs 8s Ks Th Qc] [Tc]
scottc25: checks
BlackCatt: checks
*** SHOW DOWN ***
scottc25: shows [4s Qs 8s Ks Th Qc Tc] (two pair, Queens and Tens)
BlackCatt: mucks hand
scottc25 collected 1040 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 1040 | Rake 0
Seat 5: scottc25 showed [4s Qs 8s Ks Th Qc Tc] and won (1040) with two pair, Queens and Tens
Seat 6: BlackCatt mucked [Js Kc Jh 9s 7h 8c 7c]

Not exactly what I was shooting for but I will take it. The pot was a decent one since so many saw 5th street. I shipped up slightly over the rest of the first hour and held a 3200 stack heading into the break. I was able to build up my stack in level 5 and then I ran a failed bluff into loser64:

Seat 1: jwthoma (7975 in chips)
Seat 5: scottc25 (4270 in chips)
*** 3rd STREET ***
Dealt to jwthoma [2d]
Dealt to snarf2597 [Qh]
Dealt to Chipman92561 [7c]
Dealt to rdgvll97 [8d]
Dealt to scottc25 [Ad 7d Qc]
Dealt to BlackCatt [2s]
Dealt to volnandes [2h]
jwthoma: brings in for 60
snarf2597: folds
Chipman92561: folds
rdgvll97: folds
scottc25: raises 140 to 200
BlackCatt: folds
volnandes: folds
jwthoma: calls 140
*** 4th STREET ***
Dealt to jwthoma [2d] [3c]
Dealt to scottc25 [Ad 7d Qc] [4s]
scottc25: bets 200
jwthoma: raises 200 to 400
scottc25: raises 200 to 600
jwthoma: calls 200
*** 5th STREET ***
Dealt to jwthoma [2d 3c] [6h]
Dealt to scottc25 [Ad 7d Qc 4s] [9s]
scottc25: bets 400
jwthoma: calls 400
*** 6th STREET ***
Dealt to jwthoma [2d 3c 6h] [8h]
Dealt to scottc25 [Ad 7d Qc 4s 9s] [3h]
scottc25: bets 400
jwthoma: calls 400
*** RIVER ***
Dealt to scottc25 [Ad 7d Qc 4s 9s 3h] [2c]
scottc25: bets 400
jwthoma: calls 400
*** SHOW DOWN ***
scottc25: shows [Ad 7d Qc 4s 9s 3h 2c] (high card Ace)
jwthoma: shows [Qd Qs 2d 3c 6h 8h Jd] (a pair of Queens)
jwthoma collected 4140 from pot

Didn't work too well. I was trying to rep exactly what Jerry had in the hole. Fail. I was down to 2200 or about 5bb's after the hand. I was able to win a few pots after that uncontested after 5th street and slowly build back up until I ruckboxed in this one and got the double-up I needed:

Seat 2: volnandes (5960 in chips)
Seat 8: scottc25 (2300 in chips)
*** 3rd STREET ***
Dealt to Patlabor [Ad]
Dealt to volnandes [Jd]
Dealt to Mobile Geek [5h]
Dealt to BlackCatt [Jh]
Dealt to detourglr [5d]
Dealt to Rat214 [4s]
Dealt to mdktwo [As]
Dealt to scottc25 [6d 8s 8d]
Rat214: brings in for 120
mdktwo said, "chases with 44s lol"
mdktwo: folds
scottc25: raises 280 to 400
Patlabor: folds
volnandes: calls 400
Mobile Geek: folds
BlackCatt: folds
mdktwo said, "yll last long lol"
detourglr: folds
Rat214: folds
*** 4th STREET ***
Dealt to volnandes [Jd] [Ah]
Dealt to scottc25 [6d 8s 8d] [5c]
volnandes: bets 400
scottc25: calls 400
*** 5th STREET ***
Dealt to volnandes [Jd Ah] [2d]
Dealt to scottc25 [6d 8s 8d 5c] [7h]
volnandes: checks
scottc25: checks
*** 6th STREET ***
Dealt to volnandes [Jd Ah 2d] [4h]
Dealt to scottc25 [6d 8s 8d 5c 7h] [9d]
volnandes: checks
scottc25: bets 800
volnandes: calls 800
*** RIVER ***
Dealt to scottc25 [6d 8s 8d 5c 7h 9d] [Qd]
volnandes: checks
scottc25: bets 660 and is all-in
volnandes: calls 660
*** SHOW DOWN ***
scottc25: shows [6d 8s 8d 5c 7h 9d Qd] (a straight, Five to Nine)
volnandes: shows [Qs Jc Jd Ah 2d 4h 6h] (a pair of Jacks)
scottc25 collected 4960 from pot
mdktwo said, "lol"

After that hand I was in better shape headed to the second break. There were around 32 people left so I had to survive 16 more spots for the money and the cash. As we reached the bubble I was able to build myself back to 8200 when I played this hand.

Seat 7: PottyTrainMe (26455 in chips)
Seat 8: scottc25 (8200 in chips)
*** 3rd STREET ***
Dealt to marcusc22 [7c]
Dealt to Lager Snob [5h]
Dealt to kaysha61 [Jh]
Dealt to BurnsMyToast [Jc]
Dealt to PottyTrainMe [Qh]
Dealt to scottc25 [Ah Qs Jd]
Lager Snob: brings in for 300
kaysha61: folds
BurnsMyToast: calls 300
PottyTrainMe: calls 300
scottc25: calls 300
marcusc22: folds
*** 4th STREET ***
Dealt to Lager Snob [5h] [2h]
Dealt to BurnsMyToast [Jc] [6c]
Dealt to PottyTrainMe [Qh] [Th]
Dealt to scottc25 [Ah Qs Jd] [Ac]
scottc25: bets 1000
Lager Snob: folds
BurnsMyToast: calls 1000
PottyTrainMe: calls 1000
*** 5th STREET ***
Dealt to BurnsMyToast [Jc 6c] [4h]
Dealt to PottyTrainMe [Qh Th] [6h]
Dealt to scottc25 [Ah Qs Jd Ac] [Kd]
scottc25: bets 2000
BurnsMyToast: folds
PottyTrainMe: raises 2000 to 4000
scottc25 said, "hmmmm"
scottc25: folds
Uncalled bet (2000) returned to PottyTrainMe
PottyTrainMe collected 8800 from pot
PottyTrainMe said, "i play so fn bad"

I was able to find the fold button. Based on his comments after I am pretty sure he had the flush already on 5th. He mentioned in chat that he thought I was pot committed. Later on the bubble I had buried jacks and won the hand on 4th street to keep me alive and find my way into the money. After the bubble burst I won a few more hands and worked my stack up to 10k when the bustout hand occurred:

Seat 7: PottyTrainMe (40745 in chips)
Seat 8: scottc25 (10040 in chips)
*** 3rd STREET ***
Dealt to marcusc22 [5s]
Dealt to rdb64 [8c]
Dealt to OffDeadline [2c]
Dealt to Rant2112 [3c]
Dealt to BurnsMyToast [8s]
Dealt to PottyTrainMe [Qc]
Dealt to scottc25 [Jd Tc Td]
OffDeadline: brings in for 360
Rant2112: folds
BurnsMyToast: folds
PottyTrainMe: raises 840 to 1200
scottc25: calls 1200
marcusc22: folds
rdb64: folds
OffDeadline: folds
*** 4th STREET ***
Dealt to PottyTrainMe [Qc] [Qs]
Dealt to scottc25 [Jd Tc Td] [Jh]
Pair on board - a double bet is allowed
PottyTrainMe: bets 2400
scottc25: calls 2400
*** 5th STREET ***
Dealt to PottyTrainMe [Qc Qs] [4d]
Dealt to scottc25 [Jd Tc Td Jh] [6s]
PottyTrainMe: bets 2400
scottc25: calls 2400
*** 6th STREET ***
Dealt to PottyTrainMe [Qc Qs 4d] [7c]
Dealt to scottc25 [Jd Tc Td Jh 6s] [6h]
PottyTrainMe: bets 2400
scottc25: calls 2400
*** RIVER ***
Dealt to scottc25 [Jd Tc Td Jh 6s 6h] [2d]
PottyTrainMe: bets 2400
scottc25: calls 1520 and is all-in
Uncalled bet (880) returned to PottyTrainMe
*** SHOW DOWN ***
PottyTrainMe: shows [7h 7s Qc Qs 4d 7c 3h] (a full house, Sevens full of Queens)
scottc25: shows [Jd Tc Td Jh 6s 6h 2d] (two pair, Jacks and Tens)
scottc25 said, "gg"
PottyTrainMe collected 21040 from pot
PottyTrainMe said, "gg"
OffDeadline said, "gg"

I don't think I can fold anywhere in the hand, especially after I hit the second pair on 4th street. He had a lot of chips and could have had the naked queens in that spot. I busted in 15th for a min-cash and a few POY points.

Mr Bubble

Skillz Stud - Out on money bubble
Mookie - Out after points bubble but 5 or 6 short of money
Brit - Out on money bubble
Skillz PLO8 - Out on money bubble
Mookie - Out on FT bubble, 2 off money


Last night I did nothing for an hour and a half. Won my race with 88 vs AQ. Tripled up when my KK held against 77 and JJ. Stagnated short handed moving to FT. Buddy picked up a hand in the BB when I shoved my 33 into his 99.

I feel like I am missing out here. I'm making good runs and coming up short. Am I playing too tight in the later stages and letting myself get too short? Am I just getting unlucky? Am I just an asshole? All of these and more could and probably are possible. I'm either going to start making some top 3's or going out 67th of 68, there can be no inbetween,

Monday, April 6, 2009

Another Week of Blogger Goodness

Didn't start out too well for me in the Brit yesterday. Button limps, SB completes and I check Q,2. Flop QQXss. I bet out and SB calls. Turn 3rd spade and it all gets in. He has it and I am crippled and bust shortly after.

I am really looking forward to Skills PLO8 on Tuesday as that's what I won my BBT seat last year in (when it was played for Riverchasers). Riverchasers starts in 20. We shall see if I can improve on my 9th place finish from last week. If not its reload time for me in Tilt.

Brit and BBT

Final tabled the Brit yesterday. Very quiet first hour, maybe sat on 1700 or so. Got in good in the second hour when my AK held all in pre against KQ, got me up over 4000. Picked up a flurry of hands, got to around 7000, then busted two right before final table and went in with about 10K. Pretty quiet there, raised with KQ OTB after a coupla limps, got one call. Flop was 10-10-4 and got donk shoved into me and had to fold. Dwindled down, mostly through card deadness, got back to around 7K with 7 left. UTG raise to 2.5x, shove from player shoving light, I reshove with JJ. He has A8os. Flop J109, turn Q river K, IGHN. More ghey ass bubble shit. Technically 2 off the bubble, but still ghey.

Hopefully cash game run is turning around. Lost a 60 dollar razz pot playing 1/2 Razz on Friday. People seem to want to go 4 bets when then need to catch 2 of 3 perfect to win.....and get there. Had a decent little cash session yesterday, scaled back in limits. Made the cash in PokerSluts PLO by pretty much never raising and trying to outplay postflop. Worked enough to cash but didn't really have enough of a stack get into top 3.

Up to a tie for 12th in BBT standing with Buddy. Bittersweet really. Climbing the ladder in points but not getting the cash. You play to win the game and not cashing is not satisfying, no matter how many points I'm getting. I'll be there for Riverfuckers tonight. I'm wondering, if I just put my nuts in a vice for Tuesday night's PLO8 Skillz, will it lessen the pain of playing this? It may be worth a shot......

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Two Live Sessions on the Week

I was able to get in two live sessions of 1/2 this week, both lasting between 3 and 3 1/2 hours. The first session was pretty meh. I played my fair share of hands for limps but never connected early. I was down to $40 from my original $100 and reloaded my stack back to $100. I gambled it up a little more than I usually do with the short stacks as the following two hands show.

I have J10dd and limp. Short stack shoves for around $25 total and gets two callers before it gets back to me. The other two players are deep enough and I close out the action with a call. Flop A,J,X and it gets checked around. Turn is another brick and it gets checked to me. Last to act I bet $30 and the other two folded. River is a Q. I asked the short stack if he had an ace and he said no. I tabled my hand and it was good. Short stack had 1010. the player on my right who folded said he would have rivered a queen. Good bet me.

As it turned out I destroyed the guy on my right every time he was in a hand. When he would have been best I bet him out of the pot. When he was all-in with an overpair i had a pair and a flush draw and got there. I think I personally had him reload 3 different times. Unfortunately they were all smallish pots and I lost all of those chips to various players.

The other gambling hand was when I had 55 and limped. A short stack ships for $26 and another short stack ships for $16. Its back to me and I decide to gamble it up. $26 stack had A,K and the $16 stack had K,3. I like it. Flop comes KK5. Live poker is so rigged. Turn 9 river 3. I lose the main but win the side pot for a $10 loss on the hand. Worst hand going in wins, standard.

After bouncing up and down for the whole session I ended up losing a whole $10 on the session. Two losing sessions in a row for me.

The second session on the week went much better for me. From the get go I won a pot and never fell below my $100 starting stack. I think I made a set 3 times and had AA KK and QQ once in three hours.

First significant hand I have J10cc and limp. Flop comes 10,9,3. I lead for $10 and get one caller. Turn 10. I check and my opponent bets out $20. I raise to $55 and he ships for a total of $80. I call and he has 10,6. My hand holds and in the first two laps at the table I am already up to $175.

My other two sets felted players with $50-$75 ish stacks and within 90 minutes I had $350 in front of me. The last couple of hours was a steady build up winning the limped blinds when I raised to $14 with QQ and KK. I did lose a pot with JJ when I bet $12 pre and got one caller. Turn KQx and I cbet $16. Opponent ships $100 in and I fold and see AK.

At the end of the session I had $435 in front of me for a nice little session. With the $100 buy-in its hard to have those massive winning days. At least that had been the case for me. When I left the table I think the next biggest stack only had around $150 in from of him. I was pretty much the only person to win a big hand during the session. Total profit on the day was $305 (forgot to mention the $30 I lost at 2/4 waiting for table to open).

Glad to have a few extra dollars for the BBT and the Sydney trip.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Dookie in the Mookie

Because the Dookie was super turbo last night, I was warmed up from uber donkament ealier. This caused my luckboxing skillz to be in full form and I TOOK THAT FUCKER DOWN. That's right bitch, I PWN 2 dollar mtt's with a 2 dollar buyin and 300 chips. It was weird though actually having to play poker when HU cause there were just enough chips. GG to CloserX5, believe he at least pointed in Mookie as well.

Onto the Mookie. Got a big stack early when I doubled AA vs QQ. Stayed in the top 5 for most of the second hour, stealing just enough to stay where I was while completely card dead. Got into the points, things stagnated around 16 and then I effed up. I go short through a coupla missed steals, blah blah. Shoved two hands in postion to get back up, then had AK UTG. I had about 7500 in chips, the blinds were 400/800 with 150 ante, so pot was 2200 I think, I decided to just shove. Hopoing to get an over call, but willing to just add the blinds and antes, and that's what happened. OK. A few hands later it folds to with KQ in late position sitting on about 7800 or so. This time I decide to raise to 2200, leaving myself and exit strategy I guess. Mistake 1. BoatDrinks calls in the BB, and the flop is J9xhh, he checks. Despite my exit strategy I shove. Mistake 2. I have no heart, he calls with top 2. I am a fucking moron. If I just shove I have to think I jsut take it down preflop. If I check the flop I can fold when I miss gutter and over cards on the turn and still have 5500 or so to shove still in latish middle postion to get it back. But being the fucktard I am, I make two mistakes on the same hand and deserved to lose. I hate that shit.

This week, 1 FT, 2 points finishes, no cash except for bounties in skillz. Disappointing from a cash standpoint, since I've been taking a bath lately, but have improved to 14th on the leaderboard. Minus any child related drama will be playing mon, tues, wed next week hopefully sunday. Thanks for the blog props on BDR last night. Much appreciated.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Selling Pieces for ANZPT Main Event and Prelims

I am looking to unload about 10% of myself for the ANZPT Sydney pain event. US$16 will get you 1% of me. I may consider selling percentages of some of the prelims if interested (although they are small). Send me an e-mail to

Mookie Warm Up?

Saw this gem on FTP tonight. I am going to play it. Come join and put yourself on tilt before we even start the Mookie.

Server Time: 21:10
Buy In: 6+.50
What: An MTT
What Kind: NL Hold'em you dummy
What else: Did I mention it's super turbo KO with 300 chips to start?

Come on, you played blogger stud last night. Could this possibly be worse?

Missing Studly Skillz

Made a nice comback last night in the Skillz. Got clobbered the first hour when I think I lost with 2 pair about 5 times. Most of which were aces and kings up. Basically committed to a AcQc7C hand early in second hour and hit against 2 opponents, got em back a little. Made some headway late in the second hour/early third when I started getting those nice starters again except people knew where the fold button was. Made the points, collected a few bounties, made the final table.......This was stud, I knew it would end badly. In the pantheon of ghey ways to go out on the money bubble this is near the top. I knew I was committed to this hand when I completed being so short, I also was pretty damn sure he was on a FD and wasn't going anywhere after 4th. Doesn't make me feel any better about it though.

See ya tonight for Mookie, where I will probably go out about 57th of 84.

Full Tilt Poker Game #11444629090: Blogger Skillz Game (80235241), Table 1 - 1000/2000 Ante 150 - Limit Stud Hi - 0:19:15 ET - 2009/04/01
Seat 1: DDionysus (10,112)
Seat 2: NYRambler (16,241)
Seat 3: ElSnarfGrande (6,033)
Seat 4: wiscophat1 (30,043)
Seat 5: lightning36 (23,942)
Seat 6: dueyv9 (38,224)
Seat 8: BigGatorG (25,405)
DDionysus antes 150
NYRambler antes 150
ElSnarfGrande antes 150
wiscophat1 antes 150
lightning36 antes 150
dueyv9 antes 150
BigGatorG antes 150
*** 3RD STREET ***
Dealt to DDionysus [2d]
Dealt to NYRambler [7h]
Dealt to ElSnarfGrande [Ts Qd] [Ks]
Dealt to wiscophat1 [Ah]
Dealt to lightning36 [6d]
Dealt to dueyv9 [Th]
Dealt to BigGatorG [6h]
DDionysus is low with [2d]
DDionysus brings in for 300
NYRambler folds
ElSnarfGrande completes it to 1,000
wiscophat1 has 15 seconds left to act
wiscophat1 folds
lightning36 folds
dueyv9 folds
BigGatorG calls 1,000
DDionysus folds
*** 4TH STREET ***
Dealt to ElSnarfGrande [Ts Qd Ks] [2s]
Dealt to BigGatorG [6h] [4h]
ElSnarfGrande bets 1,000
BigGatorG calls 1,000
*** 5TH STREET ***
Dealt to ElSnarfGrande [Ts Qd Ks 2s] [7s]
Dealt to BigGatorG [6h 4h] [Jc]
ElSnarfGrande bets 2,000
BigGatorG calls 2,000
*** 6TH STREET ***
Dealt to ElSnarfGrande [Ts Qd Ks 2s 7s] [Ad]
Dealt to BigGatorG [6h 4h Jc] [Td]
ElSnarfGrande bets 1,883, and is all in
BigGatorG calls 1,883
ElSnarfGrande shows [Ts Qd Ks 2s 7s Ad]
BigGatorG shows [Kh 8h 6h 4h Jc Td]
*** 7TH STREET ***
Dealt to ElSnarfGrande [Ts Qd Ks 2s 7s Ad] [5c]
Dealt to BigGatorG [Kh 8h 6h 4h Jc Td] [4d]
ElSnarfGrande shows [Ts Qd Ks 2s 7s Ad 5c] Ace King high
BigGatorG shows [Kh 8h 6h 4h Jc Td 4d] a pair of Fours
BigGatorG wins the pot (13,116) with a pair of Fours
ElSnarfGrande stands up
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 13,116 | Rake 0
Seat 1: DDionysus folded on 3rd St.
Seat 2: NYRambler folded on 3rd St.
Seat 3: ElSnarfGrande showed [Ts Qd Ks 2s 7s Ad 5c] and lost with Ace King high
Seat 4: wiscophat1 folded on 3rd St.
Seat 5: lightning36 folded on 3rd St.
Seat 6: dueyv9 folded on 3rd St.
Seat 8: BigGatorG showed [Kh 8h 6h 4h Jc Td 4d] and won (13,116) with a pair of Fours