Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend Poker Action

Well the stars aligned a little for me this weekend and I was able to squeeze in a little poker. Friday afternoon I returned to the 6max PLO tables for the tune of a buy in and a half. This was a nice treat to change the pace. Not much of significance to write about there, just made some solid plays, nut peddled when I could, and took some nice pots. Feeling embolden on Friday night I played the donkament and the 4K PLO for a little Vegas warmup. Donkament went as donkaments go. Got a little traction early but pissed it away, then never really got going after the rebuy period. I think I went out on a race but maybe not. Don't really remember.

The 4K PLO saw the number make by 8 bucks, only 167 runners, which is a pretty good size for me. First hour didn't see me do much of anything. Entering the second I had about my starting stack. I don't remember the blinds, early in the second hour so still pretty small relative to stack size, anyway I called a smallish raise from the button in the BB with A8d95. The SB also called and the flop came an almost perfect Ac7d10d. Figuring the button most likely hit an ace I went for the checkraise here. This turned out to be perfect as the button bet pot, the SB called, and I repotted putting in almost my entire stack. In a complete unexpected move they both folded. I didn't know people did that in PLO with chips in the pot. A few rounds later I made consecutive preflop raises, the second with AAxx, and took out someone who thought I was stealing. This got my stack up to around 10K. Unfortunately this is where things petered out. I really couldn't get any traction. I stole enough and hit enough to keep my stack afloat but barely. Now the hand I went out on, I'm curious on some opinions because I think I made the right move but I'm still second guessing. The UTG (who I had played most of the time with and was running about 55VPIP) raised with blinds of 500/1000 and I have 10K we are 3 from the money. I am second to act after him and I look down at AJdK10. Now I figure this to be ahead of his range since 1) we are near the bubble 2) he has a bigish stack and can afford to steal 3) he's playing 50% of the pots and raising almost any broadway paired hand. I go with my read and repot committing all my chips. The best laid plans of mice and men..........the guy to my immediate left insta repots. Not good. Even worse is the AA hand he turns over, AAKJ. Thank you Full Tilt. Opinons? Can I really fold that hand there? Calling is not an option as I see it but maybe I'm wrong.

Saturday saw another buy in+ take down at PLO. I feel like I am playing pretty well when it comes to PLO right now. On top of that running pretty well too. Hopefully this translates in Vegas to a nice cash at Binion's and a registration at the WSOP. I can hope can't I? I'm pretty happy with my play at this point and not burned out at all which I think I was a little last year when we headed to Vegas. Here's hoping that helps.

I'm slammed with shit to do this week before I go. Probably very little poker this week. Riverchasers on Thursday may be the only tourny I make. Maybe CHIMPS Tuesday but we'll see where the week goes.

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