Friday, June 20, 2008

Reading Souls

One good thing after coming back from the WSOP every year is that the local games seem to be soooo easy. I was able to get in a quick 1 hour session after work yesterday and played some 1/2. I picked-up KK on the third hand and raised to $12 after 3-4 callers. I caller to the flop and I took it down. On another hand I limped with 65cc and saw a flop of Q105cc. I lead for $10 and got 1 caller. Tuirn is an off-suit 2 and I check and he checks behind. River is another off0suit deuce and I check. Opponent fires $10. Really strange bet there. $10 seems too small fro a value bet. If he had a Q or 10 I think he bets the turn. I make the hero call and he says busted straight draw. I ended up winning $45 in the short session.

I looked back on ll of my sessions in FL since the beginning of the year and I am 11-5 showing a profit of $818. I sessions are always of the short variety, usually less than three hours. I am going to try and make an effort to play a MINIMUM of once per week. Try and get that roll back up in time for next year.

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