Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 6 Interim Report

Figured i would pound out a few words so I have less to do tomorrow. I was pretty much on my own today so I spent all of the time over at the Rio. I played a $225 satellite this morning I got my stack to 1600 with 7 people left and 100/200 blinds. I raised to 600 with 4,4 and had one caller. A stack who had us both covered shoves. If I fold that leaves me with 1000 and only a few hands to choose from I shoved and the caller decided to shove as well. I was up against AK and AQ. Flop 755 turn K and I am done. If I win that one I have 4400 in chips with 6 left and one critical stack. I could almost walk to a chop there.

I played in the $330 mega. It had around 85 people and gave away 2 seats and some cash to 3rd. You get 2k in chips and 1/2 hour levels so you really have to play fast. I got my chips in early and my 9's held vs K,Q and had 3600. Very next hand I get A,Q in BB and call an UTG raise. Flop comes Q,X,X and I check raise to 1100 and he shoves. I make the easy call and he had kk. I didn't last much longer and busted with 6 tables still going.

After that a little later in the day I played a $175. I was never able to get anything going and ended up calling a shove with Q,J on a 9,8,x board. I busted in 7th. Time to move over to the cash games.

I bought into the 2/5 for the full $500. Within a lap around the table I was down to $400 when my top pair was run down by the bettor in the hand's runner runner straight. I sucked down all the way to $200 when I shoved with top pair to get to $250ish. I then played the biggest pot of the day and ACTUALLY WON IT! I had 10,3dd from the SB and called a raise to $20 from a straight forward player and one lag tard. Flop comes J high with two diamonds. I check call a $40 bet. The turn gives me the flush. I check raise a $70 bet all-in for around $170 more and he calls. The lag was all in for less than $70. My flush was good and now i had a decent stack. I worked it up to $815 before all of the easy money was off of the table. It started getting nitty and I left.

I went and watched about an hour of the 2/7 final table. It was 4 handed with Matusow, Lindgren, Lisandro and Greenstein. Not the most exciting thing in the world but there were a ton of pros watching it. I sat near Rich Belsky who is Matusow's manager. Talk about a full time job there. Matusow came over and said this game is worse than razz. I couldn't agree more.

I am taking off to play in the 11pm tourney over at Caesars. Hopefully I can rap this day up good. Tomorrow's plan
is to play the 2pm tourney at the Ho and then some cash games / single table sats at the Rio afterwords. Depending on how it goes I am going to play the 9pm mega.


  1. Enjoying the reports. Good luck at the tables! Seems like it's only a matter of time before you earn some profit at those single-table sats.

  2. Thanks for the reports! Jealous that I'm not out there...perhaps next year I'll have the roll for it.

    Question on the first hand with 66. With blinds at 100/200 and you have 1600, you have less than 10BBs left. Wouldn't folding or shoving be the better play? Sure, AK is still going to call but at least you make it a harder decision for him. Possibly even make that AQ fold as well which increases your chances. Or you can fold the low pockets and avoid the coinflip for your tourney life.

    What do you think?