Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Snuffy's Vegas Adventure - Day 5

After actually getting before midnight I was able to get a good 8 hours of sleep. I walked over to Venetian to see if they would run any satellites for the Noon. There were not enough signed-up and it wasn't going to get going until after the Noon event started. I went over and signed up for the $300 Noon event at Caesars. Same structure as the $200 one but 12.5k in chips to start.

After what I did in the $200 event I was going to be patient in this one early and pick my spots. In the first level I limped in late position with K7dd and say a 5 way flop of A,J,6dd. One of the blinds lead for 200 and I was the only caller. Turn was a king and he bet 200 again and I called. The flush comes on the end and now he decides it a good idea to raise it to 1000. I bumped to 2300 and he makes the crying call with A,6. He played that one pretty bad. He would show later how bad he really was and busted out fairly early.

At the first break I had it up to around 17k. In the second level (50/100) I picked up K,K and raised it to 350 and got 2 callers. Flop come 8 high and I lead for 900 and get one caller. This guy played fairly straight forward but I did not have any specific reads. The turn was a Q and I saw that he had around 7k left. I bet out 3500 marrying me to the pot if he shoves and he did. I called and he showed Q,J. That hand got my stack to around 28k. Later in the level I picked-up K,K and put a lot of pressure on the turn and got a guy to fold leaving him 5k. The very next hand the same guy raises and I call with A,Q from the BB. Flop comes Q,x,x. I check and he shoves. I call and he has 10,10. After that hand I was up to 42k.

The player to my immediate left when I won a big pot he did shortly after that. The seat 2 to my left was filled by a 30k stack. So in the 3rd level I had 42k, one to my left had 38k and the next had 30k. Everyone else at the table had no more than 15k. Luckily we were fairly early in the breaking order. We pretty much traded chips amongst each other. I had to make the occasional 3-bet bluff to stay afloat. When our table broke I was still around 40k.

Moved to the new table and I doubled up an 8k stack when A,K lost to A,A. That knocked me down to 30k. I then tried a semi-bluff on someone who doesn't fold which was bad. I fired on the flop with an open ender and checked the turn. I fired on the end when i missed and was called by 2nd pair. I actually had 14 outs. After that hand I was down to 14k and in deep trouble.

I was moved again to a new table but was not able to pick anything up early. I was blinded down to 11k with the blinds at 600/1200/200 and I shoved with the first ace I saw. My A,6 did outrun K,K and I was bounced 6 1/2 hours in.

After the tourney I sat with Zooks in a 4/8 game and was able to win around $120. After that we met up with Snarf, Blind Guy, Virge and Bleu and went to the IP for some table games. I played this ghey WSOP game and dropped $200 in about 20 minutes. Waiting for my drink I decided to play another $100. I got it back to even but left the table down $150. I went to sit with Snarf at a Let it Ride table and won back another $50. Finally the Pai Gow table opened up and we sat there. The first 5 hands I won a bonus and after a couple hours I ended up the night with a $90 profit.

A losing day overall but not really that bad. I am going to play in the $300 mega over at the WSOP this afternoon. I may play some single table satellites as well.


  1. Can you give us an idea of what buy-ins they are running at the Rio for the single tables? And how is the new satellite-only room working out?

    GL man.

  2. Same as last year. The cheapest one I have seen go so far was a $175. I have seen


    Same structures as last year.