Friday, June 13, 2008

Vegas Vacation Part I

I'm really not sure how many parts this will be, but definately more then one. Let's start at the high water mark for this trip, Day 1. Awesome isn't it?

Airport was a breeze at 12:30 on a Saturday, wh0 woulda guessed. Room wasn't ready yet, unless I was going to share a king bed with BlindGuy. Since neither of us hit for that team we decided to wait and go play poker at Ceasar's. Caesar's poker room was an unmitagated disaster with the Mega-Stack tourny going on. Lists out the wazooo for everything. Luckily we had the good timing to be on the front of the 4/8 list and got sat when the new table opened. As per Zook's recount there was 1 lagtard and 1 'middle pair is gold' donkey at the table. Finished this session up. The only one of the trip. It coulda been alot better if a few of the big hands went my way. That's kinda the summary of the trip right there, but I'll expand, don't worry. Being that this is Friday and a multitude of braincells have died since Saturday I can't recall any specific hands. From there got some dinner over at the Rio and checked out the cash game situation. No dice there, waitlists out the ass, and 1 table of 4/8 going. Zooks and DraN decide to be old and go to bed, so Snuffy, BlindGuy and myself head to the Mirage.

Mirage table almost died on three seperate occasions but managed to stay afloat. We took 3 available seats to fill it, then there was a fair amount of turnover from there. Other then going 0-5 with AK on this table, well technically 1-5 because a pushed BlindGuy off a hand when I was bluffing with the best hand post flop. The hand of note that could have made this a winning session was where I raised 44 for value into 2 lagtards in the blinds knowing I would get paid if I hit. Sure enough, hit a set on a flop 974. SB check, BB bets, I call, SB calls. Turn is a 2, check check to me I bet, they call. River a 5. SB leads, BB folds, I raise, SB reraises, GO FUCK YOURSELF, I just call. She had A3 for no pair, no draw, and the river wheel. The she proceeds to mutter something about that's poker while she giggles. Yes you dumb bitch playing with no pair and no draw and pulling a river our of your ass is poker. Of course she spews off 70% of her stack and then leaves before I can get the rest of it. Still this was only a minor losing session, but theme of the week holds, can't win the big hand.

From there it was back to the IP for some drunken Pai Gow. This was the biggest win of the week, seeing me take down 170 at the table. Snuffy clobered a striaghtflush with the 5 dollar bonus bet and I seem to not be able to lose a hand. Blindguy made off with a profit as well. I managed to stay awake until 3:30 or so which was pretty good for the first night. Well since the other parts of this trip cannot end on such the upnote I will end this one on it.

Part II will feature Binion's PLO, Zooks booting on the strip and late night Planet Ho. I know, I know, you're fucking riveted.

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