Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Corporation Poker Tour Tonight

Starts in a little over an hour. Tonight it is Razz.

Full Tilt Poker
21:00 server time
password: anteup

I also downloaded Pamela tonight and am going to try and do a podcast with the Skype call. Probably only interesting to the few of us on the call but what the hell. If there is enough interest I might try and do something like Buddy Dank Radio does during the Mookie for future seasons and maybe during AIPS.

Friday, October 24, 2008

AIPS and NumBlowMe Recaps

Two not so great results for me last night. AIPS had 60 some runners. I played tight on my first table. I had Zerb there and he was able to accumulate chips from the donks early. The other people at the table were bad, and I mean really bad. About 1/2 hour in I finally picked up a few pots and was sitting on a stack a little over 2k when we hit the first hour break.

The second hour was not as kind. I just did not get any playable hands. If I would have been playing my bad hands like 8852 I would have flopped boats approximately 67 times. I never had a stack over 2500 the whole tournament. When we were down to 3 tables I played a hand vs Jerry (loser64) where I called a raise from the blind with A,2,x,x suited in the ace. Flop comes 8,7,6 and I have to nut low with a backdoor flush draw. His two remaining bets or so go in. I get counterfeited with a 2 on the turn and get scooped. That knocked me down to around 4 BB's and I was pretty much toast from there busting in 27th.

NumBlowMe was a fantastic tournament. On the first hand I shoved with 10,9hh and turned trip 9's to take a 12k pot. It didn't last long as I went busto and re-bought 5 hands in a row before I won a pot and was back to 10k. I won another pot and had around 26k when I decided to sit out and concentrate on AIPS as that was about the time I was making my run. At the end of the rebuy period I had around 24k, well below the average. I think the chip leader had around 500k.

In the second hour I was able to get a double to 50k fairly early and thats where I hung most of the hour. Early in the 3rd hour I got another near double and had it to 100k. I saw that stack bleed down to around 50k before I got another double. In the 4th hour I had it to 143k when the bustout hand happened. There was raise and a reraise to me. I shipped with QQ and got one caller with 1010. Turn comes the 10 and I am busto in 22nd. A hell of a time that's for sure.

Full Tilt Poker Tournament Summary NumbBlow (63820195) Hold'em No Limit
Buy-In: $0.10 + $1
Add-On: $0.10
Rebuy: $0.10
scottc25 performed 1 Add-On
scottc25 performed 11 Rebuys
Buy-In Chips: 1000
Add-On Chips: 1500
Rebuy Chips: 1000
99 Entries
Total Add-Ons: 69
Total Rebuys: 4417
Total Prize Pool: $458.50

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day 8

Probably not going to play any more of the double or nothings today so I will update:

Day 7: 0-0
Day 8: 5-4
Overall: 21-11

Total Profit: $43.30

I decided to download the poker client from Bodog today and give it a shot. I have never played at Bodog before except for a freeroll a couple years back. I have sports betting money over there. I played a $5 heads-up SNG. Yeah, I don't like the interface at all. By far worse than all of the ones I have played. Maybe it is just getting used to it. Depending on how much money I have left at the end of the NFL season I will play a few satellites into their $100k Sunday tourney. Last week they had 610 people for a nice $39k overlay.

NumBlowMe and AIPS

This one could be the greatest blogger event in history. I wanna see how deep he stacks are after the re-buy period is over. This one could last well into the night. Hope to see a lot of people there.

AIPS 3 - Event # 10
Limit O8
Full Tilt
pw: anteup

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Home Game

I'm delighted to report that I think I might have actually found a home cash game that I can regularly play in.  This game changes venues and I might even be able to host it a time or two if they are willing to travel out to BFE.

I went broke on the 3rd hand last night - as MM so kindly reminded me when I was trying to cajole Fike into rebuying - when my set of 8s ran into MM's turned straight.  The board didn't pair on the river and I was digging into my wallet for a rebuy.

All in all, it was a fun time.  The game has a "Hammer Rule": win a pot with 72 and you get an additional 2.5BB from each player.  If I recall correctly there were 3 payouts last night - one to ME!  I raised it up UTG and got, hmmm, only 4 callers!  (There were only 5 of us playing, duh!)  Flop came out ATX and I bet about 1/2 pot and they all folded.  "Is everybody out??" I asked.  Then I showed my powerhouse hand and collected my bounty!  Woooot!  I think these guys give me a lot of respect, too much mostly.

I grinded my way back up by stealing quite a few pots and value betting some of my weaker hands but mostly I wasn't called.  My rhythm must have been spot on last night.  I managed to get calls when I was ahead and folds when I was most likely waaaay behind.

Fike opened early and I called his raise with 4h5h.  The flop came KhQhT; he fires and I'm not folding my flush draw.  The turn is a 4 and he checks to me which is only an invitation for me to rob him blind: I bet, he calls.  The river is a 5 and I'm pretty sure I'm good here: he checks and I bet for value.  He tanks for a moment and calls me down.  "Two pair," I announce.  He taps the table and says you're good.  He realized I had the flush draw and wasn't going to fold only to back into a decent hand. 

I flopped broadway with AK and got a flop call.  I should have checked the turn because the chances were that I was so far ahead he wasn't going to pay me off if I didn't let him catch up;  alas, I bet the turn and he went away.

I bluffed at one pot on the river when the flush hit and everybody went away.  Another time they gave me too much credit but I'll take what I can get.  It took me the rest of the night to eke out a small profit.  Fike lost two buyins and Gordo dumped one.  MM was the big winner on the night but Derek also left a winner.

I missed the game last week which I heard was primo.  With any luck we'll pick up some more players as other extracurricular activities start to die out.  The only bad thing: this game is Tuesday nights - same as Corporation Poker.  I'm sure there'll be times when I can't make the cash game and you'll find me donking it up at the Corporation table.

Go Rays

OK this is my first non-poker related post on this blog, ever. Since it seems that everyone else in bloggerdom is a Phillies fan I thought I would throw some love for my home town team. My prediction is Rays in 6.

Day 6

Day 6: 4-2
Overall: 16-7

Total Profit: $40.10

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Corporation Poker Event #4 Tonight

Event #4 - Heads-Up NLHE
on Full Tilt
21:00 server time
password: anteup

Heads-Up and Day 5 of the Challenge

Sunday night was the Pokerslut Tour heads-up event. I won this event the first time it was played last season. I remember building a lead in every match and never really getting my money in bad. Sunday was completely different. I think the last time I have played a heads-up match was three months ago during the championship match. Needless to say I didn't like my heads-up play coming into this one.

I ended up drawing one of the two people that I did not want to face in the first round, nzgreen (Blaz would have been the other). His style of play lends itself very well to heads-up play. He is aggressive and is also able to lay hands down at the right time. I had commented to Zooks before that if I had unlimited funds, he would be the first person I would stake in tournaments.

As expected I was down more than 2:1 early. I lost the majority of my chips when I flopped an OESD after calling a raise and having to call hefty bets on the flop and turn. Missing I was down to around 600. Shortly after that I 3-bet shoved with J,3 on and A,J,x flop. Nz had the A but I hit the booooom when a 3 hit the turn to stay alive. It was short lived as I ended up slowly bleeding again and lost at the 30/60 level which is the 5th level. At least I made the $5 last a little.

30 Day Challenge Update

I played a grand total of zero SNG's on Saturday and Sunday and only played 3 yesterday.

Day 3: 0-0
Day 4: 0-0
Day 5: 2-1
Overall: 12-5

Total P/L: $31.30 profit

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day 2 Of The 30 Day Challenge

Quick update so far....

Day 2: 3-3
Overall: 10-4
Total Profit/Loss: +26.90

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Blaz would be so proud of me.

Click through for hand replayer.

Double or Nothing

Grinding my bankroll up, $4.80 at a time. That's what I am planning to do. I want to play 100 of the double of nothing SNG's over at Poker Stars within the next 30 days and see how much of a profit I can pull. I am playing the $5+0.20 turbo ones. So far I have played 8 of these with good results. So far I am 7-1 with the loss being a brutal beat when QQ was no good all-in pre-flop vs Q,J. Like I didn't see that coming. I really can't complain as I survived one earlier in the day when my A7cc beat AQ. At least I have an excuse for that one. The SB min-raised into my BB when I had 7.5 BB's left.

Here was the best hand of the day so far:

I should be easily able to pound out 100 of these in 30 days. I am comfortable playing 3 at a time right now. It can get a little hectic, especially when you have to go to the bathroom really bad, but I can manage. I'm curious to see my record after the first 100 and then decide if its really worth trying to build the roll back up this way.

SmBoatDrinks Wins Event #3

Congrats to SmBoatDrinks for taking down Event #3 and the enormous sum of $20 for 1st place (plus any bounties). Blazman finished on the podium for the third straight week finishing 3rd. He will still be the point leader, if and when I ever get that updated.

As a matter of fact. If it is not updated by 8am tomorrow morning I will give someone a $1 4 team NFL parlay on Bodog for free. First person to post on the blog after that time (sorry Zooks and Snarf, you are not eligible) if it is not updated at the Corporation Poker Series web site will win. There, that should get me motivated enough to do it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Blaz Wins Again

Two for two for Blazman in the Corporation Poker Tour. I promise (crossing fingers) to update the site some time this week after week 3, which is Stud8 tomorrow.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

AC Trip Report

It's been a week since Snarf and myself went to Atlantic City so I figured it is about time for a trip report.

We got into town around 2pm and went straight to the Borgata after checking in to my free room at the Courtyard (thanks Marriott Rewards). I was able to get a seat immediately in a 1/2 NL game. The stacks at the table varied from around $700 down to $100. In the second lap around the table I saw the biggest pot of the trip when three people got all of their $300-$400 stacks in on the flop. It was middle set vs bottom set vs 2 pair. The middle set held and took down a $1k pot. As for me on the three hour session I had it as high as $300 from my initial $200 buy-in but steadily dwindled it down to $150 before I left. I was dealt pocket pairs around 8 times in the session never connecting on any flop. That's the same thing that happened in my last trip to AC when I went 0-22 in flopping sets and when i finally did the 23rd time I went broke.

After the Borgata we headed over to the Showboat. Their poker room is now down on the main floor. Before playing we at at the House of Blues. Pretty meh in my opinion but I used my comps so it was free. I sat in a 1/2 game and continued my futility at flopping sets until finally I picked-up Q,Q and raised it to $12 and got 4 callers, ick. Flop come A,Q,10dd. I finally flop a set and have to play it really fast because of the board texture. It was checked to me and I bet $65 and took it down. After that I played pretty poorly and was down to $130 when my last had comes up. I have Q,10 off and call a raise to $15 from the BB. The raiser was opening a lot of pots and I would see hands like J,9 suited and the like. Bad call on my part cause what am I really ahead of here anyway. Maybe the bottom part of his range. Flop comes 10,x,x. I check and he bets $15 and I put in a raise to $60 pretty much saying I am going with this hand to the end. He tanks and asked if I flopped a set. After a little over a minute he calls. The turn is a 9 and I ship my last $55 in. He says I knew that was coming, I call. River is a Q and I think I'm good now. He flips over 10,10 and I am felted.

Is the hollywooding really necessary on the flop there? I am pretty much committed to my hand when I put over half my stack in on the flop. Would have been nice of him to show his hand on the turn when he is holding the current nuts. Only excuse is that I could tell he wasn't the most experienced player in the world but I thought he knew better anyway. I got up to let off a little steam and eventually we walked down to Caesars.

At Caesars I was planning on playing some limit but there was a list. There was no list for 1/2 so I sat there. I bought in for the usual $200. Out table got as low as 4 handed and I was down to around $140 or so before they combined tables to get us full again. Snarf moved over from his table and sat in the game. My only interesting hand was when I had 8,8 and called a raise to $15 from the UTG short stack. He only had $20 behind which made it a really bad play. Thankfully the BB called as well. The flop comes J,8,X and I check, BB checks, and the short stack shoves for his $20. I flat call and to my pleasant surprise the BB shoves for around $80 total. I call. BB had A,J and short stack had A,Q. Both were pretty much drawing dead and when a blank hit the turn I scooped a nice pot. We ended up leaving shortly after that and I got up with a $110 profit.

One last stop on the night we walked down to the Tropicana and sat at the same table in a 2/4 limit game. This was one of the more fun times I have had playing poker in a while. The stakes didn't matter so I could play the maniac perfectly. Calling 10,5 suited to a raise and getting there on the river, etc. One other good one was having Q,2 from the BB and flopping the boat and getting raised when I lead the flop and 3 betting. I also got in a raise on the river vs the same person who had the naked queen. Good times indeed. I think we played around 3 hours in the game and I left with around a $50 profit. All told on the day I lost around $100.

The rest of the trip was a disaster playing in the pits but I had fun none the less. One highlight was the buffet at Harrah's on Sunday. When we were there they had breakfast and lunch out. Well worth the hefty $32 price tag. Thank you comps again for paying only for the tip.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Poker After Dark Home Game

I have been watching the latest Poker After Dark and starting thinking - scary, I know - that it would be fun to try this at one of my home games.

I fired up my best friend, Google, and started my quest for the official PAD tournament structure.  I did find one reference to it but it wasn't a terribly reliable source.  Finally I posted on 2+2 and the forum at Poker Road Radio

During last summer's WSOP I had participated in a couple of Poker Road Radio's AIM chat's during a broadcast.  This morning I noticed that PRRadiochat was online.  Being my usual bashful self I accosted the poor guy:

gadzooks64: Hey, I'm looking for the Poker After Dark Tournament structure... can anybody over there hook me up?
prradiochat: trying to find it...
gadzooks64: Thanks!
prradiochat: 100/200. 150/300, 200/400, 300/600, 400/800, 600/1200, 800/1600, 1k/2k for sure
gadzooks64: OK.  Antes?
prradiochat: none, 20k chips  after 1/2k, i think it goes 1,500/3,000, 2/4k, 3/6k, etc
gadzooks64: OK, I had found this:
gadzooks64: 100-200
gadzooks64: but not at a real reliable source
prradiochat: i went thru this week's show, and all those levels thru 800/1600 were there
prradiochat: the rest are logical
gadzooks64: ok, awesome!  Thanks!
gadzooks64: right
prradiochat: np
gadzooks64: I'm going to have a home game with it
gadzooks64: should be interesting
gadzooks64: going with 30 min levels though cause we don't have all night
prradiochat: i think they use 20 min levels
gadzooks64: srsly?
gadzooks64: I read 45
gadzooks64: but that seemed long
gadzooks64: 20 seems short
prradiochat: they usually have to do 2 or 3 shows a taping
prradiochat: so it's a fast structure
gadzooks64: wow, cause it seems they try to make it seem slower
prradiochat: maybe it's 30 minutes for levels...
gadzooks64: they have to get 5 hours of show
gadzooks64: and they show almost every hand
prradiochat: well there's plenty of commercials/filler
gadzooks64: true
gadzooks64: I think 30 min levels will be good
prradiochat: should work for you
gadzooks64: yep
gadzooks64: Thanks, I really appreciate it!
prradiochat: glad to help

I (heart) Poker Road Radio!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Anyone know Howard's email?

As previously mentioned by Snuffy, he sent .02 to KidPoker at Stars to have his boomswitch turned on. Whether this worked or not, I don't know. What I do know is that I'd liked to have my doomswitch turned off. So if someone knows Howard Lederer's email address please let me know. Thanks.

Last night was brutal. And I played for about 30 mins. Out in a SNG when KK gets four flushed by AK AIPF. Then in cash game I make a move with TP shit kicker but 2nd nut flush draw after a weak flop bet. Turns out one of the callers (preflop and post flop) played QQ like pus-sah and flopped a set. I hit my flush on the river.....at the same time he hit his boat. That not so bad. I made the move, I can deal with that. Then shortly there after AK < AQ when his flush gets there. Then the apex of the evening when I reraise to 3 bucks preflop (25NL), get called. Bet pot on a somewhat scary 568cc board, get reraised all (figure this for a FD), so I call my last 8 bucks or whatever it was (not much considering the size of the pot) and he flips over.......35cc...for 3 bucks preflop. Turns a 5, rivers his flush. Thank you Full 'Go Fuck Yourself You Assclowing Mother Fuckers' Tilt. I'm in a great frame of mind of Saturday poker in AC now!

Eh, it could be worse. I could be a Cubs fan. Who woulda thought being a Phillies fan would ever trump anyone else's team?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Can Win Playing Limit!!!

I played one last session this week in advance of by trip up to AC over the weekend. I decided just to play the cheap tournament. I busted out if it early after the first break. Nothing too exciting. My bustout hand was 2nd pair with an OESD and I lost to top pair.

Before the tourney I played 2/4 LHE for 20 minutes. My 10,9hh rivered a flush top two pair in the first couple of hands. Two hands later I get KK in the BB and its limped 5 ways to be. I raise in case I actually hit a hand and everyone calls of course. Flop comes 9 high and I lead and get two callers. I lead a brick turn with both calling. The river is checked around and my hand is good. About 5 hands after that I get JJ and 2bet. The button 3bets and I just know this is a monster based on how this game is played. 3 ways to the flop of 10 high and I check call. Heads up and I hit the set on the turn and put in a check raise and lead the river and crack A,A. A couple hands later it was tourney time and I had a profit of $60.

Aftetr the toruney I played some more 2/4 for about 45 minutes and collected another profit of $12. Cracked aces again in that one when my K4 sooooted flops trips and riveres a boat vs A,A and an all in K,Q on the turn.

All told I won $7 on the day. Woot!!!

I was reading the PokerRoad foruns and someone mention that they now have "Double or Nothing" sit-n-gos on Stars. 10 players and 5 win. That's it. I kinda like these. I played one so far and was down to 270 at the 10/20 level when my FD, gutter and one over didn't catch top pair on a 9 high flop. I only had to get one double-up when Q10>44 and from there I just chipped up and ended up in the top half for the win. These seem like heads-up SNG's but with less variance. Standard SNG strategy seems to be of even more importance.

Atlantic City this weekend. Like Snarf, I am really looking forward to getting an extended session in of 1/2 NL. If I run good I am going to play some 2/5 as well. Should be fun.

Blazman Wins

Congrats to Blazman for winning the 1st event of season 4 of the Corporation Poker Tour. Full results can be found here (whenever I get around to updating the site).

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Teh Suck

Poker is Teh Suck for me lately.

St. Louis

Met up with fellow effers Zerb and Khanwoman in St. Louis a couple weekends ago.  The plan was to play the 4pm tournament at Lumiere.  Turns out they changed the time to noon without telling anybody.  I got there about 1pm only to find out that there wasn't going to be a tournament for us to play there that day.  I sat at 1/3 NL and spewed playing small pairs and hitting nothing but 2 oesds that never got there.  I managed a small come back then spewed the rest of my stack when ATs < A8c when he hit 4 to a straight on turn and flushed me on the river. 

Khanwoman really wanted to play a tournament.  Turns out Harrah's had one running at 9pm and was only about 30 minutes from where we were.  After an really good dinner at Asia at the Lumiere we head over to Harrah's. I sat a 1/2 NL table and made all of 8$ before the tournament started.

For future reference, the night time weekend tournaments must be for idiots.  We paid $90 each to play this thing only to find out it was 15 minute blinds and 1500 in starting chips.  Granted the starting blinds were 10/15 but still.  They ramped up fast.  Totally not worth the money IMO.  I would have much rather stayed at the 1/2 table with my 90$.

After I busted out of the tourney I sat at a 1/2/5 PLO table with a bunch of regulars.  I should have known better but it turned out to not cost me very much.  I played a mere 2 hands one to a $15 raise.  I whiffed on both flops and promptly folded.  What amazed me the most was how much these people sucked.  Their hand selection consisted of any two suited cards with a pair, any suited A, any big pair, any two pair hand... you get my drift.  I was shocked.

The biggest hand that went down was really amazing.  The younger guy on my left raised pf and got called in two spots.  Flop: TT4, two clubs.  He leads with a pot bet, fold, shove by one of the older regulars.  Young guy tanks and the older regular gets all chatty.  Says he's on a flush draw blah blah blah.  Young guy eventually calls all in and shows AA66.  The older guy says he's on a flush draw and shows J9c then slow rolls his 44.  What a dick.  Young guy knows he's drawing to 4 outs.  Lucky for him the river brings him an A for the bigger boat.  The older guy walked off while his buddy tells the kid, "You gotta know when he sticks his chips in he's got it.  Blah blah blah... even I don't call in that spot blah blah blah".

Let's recap, the guy called a raise with Jc9c44.  Stellar move.  Then talks the kid into calling saying he's on a flush draw.  Slow rolls the shit outta the kid.  Then storms off when he gets sucked out on.  GG, sir.
Cash at Moran's

My mother's shuttle arrived at 10:20pm the night of Moran's cash game.  I figured that was a perfect excuse to go play: it would keep me up long enough to go get her.  One guy had already busted out of the game by the time I got there.  We were 5 handed.  I tried to play hands in position but still couldn't manage to hit anything.  I spewed.  It was only a $20 buying and I left down $7 but I had a good time so I can't complain at all.

Gordo's Home Game

Next I went to Gordo's home game for a $15 buy-in tourney.  There were 16 runners and I definitely got the best table.  These guys were a riot!  Here's just a small sample of the table banter:

R to G: who was that guy at your last game?
G: Max? 
R: it starts with a G
G: I have no clue...
R: Marshall!
G: Yeah cause that starts with a G
S: yeah a silent G, no gh!

I have no idea why but that was friggin hilarious to me.  Good thing the table banter was so good because my cards were proportionally as bad.  I saw one pp (66) and one suited A (A9h).  The rest was pure crap.  I did get to see a cheap flop from the small blind with 89s; the flop was nasty and it got checked around until the river where I bluffed at it only to get called by a naked A.  I play so goooooooot.

I ended up shipping with KTo only to get called by the UTG limper who had.... wait for it.... K8soooooooooooted.  Of course the bitch hits her flush on the river.  NH, GG, IGHN.

Fike's Cash Game

It's a $20 buyin with 6 players.  I spew a little at first then buckle down and win a few pots.  I did make one nice bluff but I shouldn't have shown it like I did.  A few hands later I pick up AKs UTG and raise it up only to get 3bet by a guy who would do that with a wide range of hands especially considering the bluff I had just shown.  I figured I was in pretty good shape here and shipped it in.  I totally underestimated his stack;  I had him covered but not nearly by as much as I thought.  He insta-called with his 66.  He flopped a 6 and that was the end of that.

It was nearly quitting time when I raced my AK and lost.  I had about $6.50 left and shoved it with AJo only to win the blinds.  At this point the guy on my right had started shoving every hand.  I picked up A8 and figured I was probably in pretty good shape against his range and called his shove.  He turns over 99.  Rut row.  Flop brings a 9 and the river quads him up just in case I didn't feel like a big enough idiot already.

Ok, maybe it isn't poker that teh sucks.  Maybe.