Monday, June 16, 2008

Vegas Vacation Part II

Last we left our hero he was actually winning something. Let's put an end to that shall we? Sunday was the PLO at Binion's at 4PM. BlindGuy and I headed to try and get some poker in at the Bellagio. The room was a mobscene at 12 and only had one 4/8 table with list out the ass. Also some dude making out with his girlfriend in front of the podium. WP. NH. GG. From there we got sidetracked at Bill's Gambling Hall and Saloon for 10 dollar Pai Gow. A few drinks and lies later I'm down 40 bucks. Not bad, was entertained, off to Binions.

The structure for the PLO was reasonable, 5K in chips, fairly slow structure. 25/50, 50/100, 100/200, 200/400, 300/600 etc. I don't get much playable early. Win a nice pot to A8d67 when I flopped the nut flush draw then bet the 2nd nut striaght on the turn with no callers. In this hand the PFR was behind me and I was hoping to get the big check raise in on his c-bet but he did not oblige. On the turn it checked to me with only him to follow so I fired about 2/3 pot and took it down. Bled for awhile, didn't play and AAragrag hand aggressive enough and it cost me some chips. This is a leak. I see a hande like AA39 no suits and I'm not looking to jam. I need to get over that. Then the hand that essentially crippled me. Folds to me OTB and I look at K8dQJ and open for a raise to 500 with blinds at 100/200. I didn't want to discourage action from the blinds in position. Maybe a small mistake there. SB folds and the BB calls. Flop come Q107 rainbow with 1 diamond. BB checks and I fire 1K in the 1100 pot. BB now checks raised to 4200 essentially putting me all in. Now I KNOW he has a set of queens. It's the only hand that makes sense. AAxx he reraises preflop. KKxx he's going to bet out for info, I would think, that would be a pretty strong move with just KK. In the end feeling almost certain he had a set I laid it down, leaving myself with only 2500. After he tells me he had the queens. I'm curious what some of you other omatards do in this situation. I never really pick up a hand from there on out and jam JJ108 into AAxx, outflop with a Jack and then turn is an Ace. IGHN.

OK, out of the tourny by 7 but won the last longer between DraN and Snuffy. Jump into the 3/6 OM8 game with a full kill (any scoop over 50). Proceed to then get about 3 A2 hands and about 3 A3 hands most of which were conterfeited. It was 5 hours of card dead with complete omatards at the table. It was painful. All said and done I lost 100 at the table. On the plus side I did have many coronas and watched Zooks get belligerently drunk on double vodka and crans. Also Lusky played with us and we had fun laughing at Zooks. Against better judgement Lusky decided to take on the -EV play of driving us back to the strip. Why you ask. Well when drunks are in fast moving cars on freeways then sed car slows down on the strip, their stomachs get twisty turny. What happens next you ask. Well the window gets rolled down and many people on the strip turn and point going, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" and "Hahahahahahahahaha", ans Snarf laughs and laughs after calling shotgun. Best +EV move of the trip.

At this point I was looking to further my buzz and Blindguy and I try to play some Pai Gow. In one of the sickest runs ever I watch him lose 140 at a 15 dollar Pai Gow table in about 40 mins. People this is hard to do. He was on Pai Gow tilt and went to be a little before 1AM. Snuffy called me from the Rio and said he wanted to play the 2AM at Planet Ho. I said why not and he met me back at IP and we headed over. We both had a shitty first hour, then we both got some stacks going. I get moved off my original table and get crushed at the new one. Crippling hand. Blinds at 300/600. Folds to me in hijack and I raise to 1500 with A3os. Button calls. Flop AK7 all spades. Check check. Turn 3. I bet 2K. Button calls. River 6. I check, button bets 4K. I call. He shows 910s for the flopped flush. Go out a few hands later when I have barely 2BB and find KK and it can't hold up against 4 other hands. Stay up for no good reason to watch Snuffy cash. Good karma maybe? Ha I wish.

More tomorrow.

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