Friday, January 30, 2009


Finally its fucking over. I am soooo happy. Thanks to everyone who followed along the last month. Some quick stats. I will dig into greater detail over the next couple of weeks.

# played: 900
# of hands played: 34,421
ROI : 1.5% (very sad)
Total profit: $70
Profit with side action: $175
# of unique opponents: 5,449

Home game tonight at Gambit's to celebrate. Lastly the final graph.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Boo Me

Bubbled the NumBlowMe

36 to go in the challenge. I only need to win 10. I should be done some time tomorrow afternoon.

a couple of interesting hands

I was originally going to just post this hand because it was so funny (click thru for the viewer, you know the drill):

But then this hand came up like two hands later:

Even though it's a rebuy, and I can just reload, I _know_ one of them has called my four bet with an ace and have to fold. I didn't expect them both to have one and hit their fscking two outer!

Run Good Lately?

I know someone who has:


a) Run Good
b) Good Run
c) Good Player
d) all of the above

I'm going with c)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Graph Updade

54 to go. I just have to average 18 per day and need to win 20 more to guaranty a profit.

Won Corp Heads-Up Tour last night. Beat: only 5 people played.

Congrats to NZ for the 2nd in the HORSE MTT.

PS HORSE 1K guarantee


Went on a massive tear in level 11 (LHE). With the blinds at 400/800 I had 3161 (just above the starting stack) and was near the bottom of the leader board. By the end of the level I had 19.5k and the chip lead.

67 To Go

833 played
$78.40 profit to date

After I am done playing today I will post up an EKG monitor a graph.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fair and Balanced???

I figured that since I bitched when I lost I should put up a winning story to balance out my chi. We are on the bubble of a double or nothing. There is a short stack and people are limping in case he gets it all in.

PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $5.00+$0.20 Tournament, 200/400 Blinds 40 Ante (6 handed) - Poker-Stars Converter Tool from

CO (t5632)
Hero (Button) (t2265)
SB (t315)
BB (t1560)
UTG (t3078)
MP (t2150)

Preflop: Hero is Button with K, K

UTG calls t400, 1 fold, CO calls t400, Hero calls t400, 1 fold, BB checks

Flop: (t2040) K, K, 9 (4 players)

BB checks, UTG checks, CO checks, Hero bets t400, 1 fold, UTG calls t400, 1 fold

Turn: (t2840) 5 (2 players)

UTG checks, Hero bets t400, UTG raises to t2238 (All-In), Hero calls t1025 (All-In)


River: (t5690) 8 (2 players, 2 all-in)

Total pot: t5690

Then the very next hand vs the same opponent.....

PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $5.00+$0.20 Tournament, 200/400 Blinds 40 Ante (6 handed) - Poker-Stars Converter Tool from

MP (t5192)
Hero (CO) (t5690)
Button (t75)
SB (t1120)
BB (t813)
UTG (t2110)

Preflop: Hero is CO with 9, 3

2 folds, Hero calls t400, 2 folds, BB checks

Flop: (t1240) 3, 3, 5 (2 players)

BB bets t373 (All-In), Hero calls t373


Turn: (t1986) 3 (2 players, 1 all-in)

River: (t1986) 9 (2 players, 1 all-in)

Total pot: t1986

So UTG goes from 3000 to out in two hands when there was a super short stack. I just don't understand his play in the first hand. Why are you in after the flop with a weak flush draw on a paired board. I'm not going to be betting there even if I only had trips. It has to be a boat or better. The second hand I can understand.

HORSEing around

I was playing a $5 HORSE donkament when I got dealt the mother of all hands in stud, rolled up aces. This quickly turned into aces full and I got some donk betting in to me when he hit trips 6s:

Monday, January 26, 2009

WSOP 2009 Schedule

The schedule has been released!

Click here to open the PDF file!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Time to Vent

This is just fuckin killing me. I really have to get this bet over. Here are the last 3 I played:

KK less than QQ all-in pre

On the bubble I'm 5th out of 6 but not safe. I ship KK and run into AA.

1st level I raise AA UTG to 80. UTG+1 calls with K6 off. Flop KKx. At least I wasn't stupid and lose all of my chips there.

Kill me.

How Sick Is This?

Courtesy of F-Train at Poker News. He is covering the cash game down at the Aussie Millions

  • Sick, Sick, Sick

  • PLO:

    PLO is a game for sick, degenerate action-junkie gamblers. So it's no surprise that most of the big pots have come in this game (apart from Phil Laak stacking off preflop with ace-king). Add one more to the tally.

    Action folded to Patrik Antonius on the button. He raised the pot to $3,500. Andrew Robl was in the big blind and reraised to $12,000, clearing out Tom Dwan. Antonius called to a flop of {4-Diamonds} {A-Diamonds} {7-Spades}, and that's where things got out of control.

    Robl was first to act. He bet two-thirds of the pot, $16,000. Antonius took about a minute to raise the pot to $72,000. Robl had a tough decision, as he was only playing $103,000 behind. He eventually shipped it in and Antonius called.

    "How many times?" Robl asked. They were going to run it three times before someone else at the table suggested four would be better. They agreed to run it four times and then opened their hands.

    Antonius: {5-Diamonds} {6-Diamonds} {8-Diamonds} {9-Hearts}
    Robl: {A-Spades} {Q-Spades} {Q-Diamonds} {J-Clubs}

    Antonius turned over a monster draw and had the EV edge in the hand. The first turn and river came out {K-Hearts} {2-Hearts}; Antonius didn't fill. One-quarter of the pot was secure for Robl.

    The second turn and river were the {J-Diamonds} and {A-Clubs}. Antonius turned his flush draw, but Robl runner-runnered a full house. Another quarter of the pot belonged to Robl.

    The third board ran out {10-Hearts} {K-Spades}. Amazingly, Antonius missed again. Three-quarters of the pot was Robl's.

    The fourth and final board came {3-Spades} and {10-Spades}. Antonius missed for the fourth time in a row and the whole pot went to Robl.

    "How do you do it?" Phil Laak asked Robl. I'd like to know too!

How the eff do you miss that monster draw three times and when you hit you get a boat thrown at you? Sick indeed.

Nuff Said

Strategy Poast Conclusion

I ended up shoving pre-flop. Someone behind me who had me covered woke up with aces and I was done. As it turns out I don't think if I just limped or raised I was ever getting away from the hand because the aces would have raised or re-raised and it would have all been in pre-flop. The only way I am still alive is if they get cute and just call and the flop comes with a couple of overs.

Thanks for all of the input.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Strategy Poast

Yes, I typed POAST, cause that's what all the cool kids at 2+2 call it. We are in a double or nothing in the 50/100/10 level with 9 people left. What is your play in this spot?

PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $5.00+$0.20 Tournament, 50/100 Blinds 10 Ante (9 handed) - Poker-Stars Converter Tool from

BB (t1940)
UTG (t1420)
UTG+1 (t1520)
Hero (MP1) (t1265)
MP2 (t1715)
MP3 (t1370)
CO (t1485)
Button (t2775)
SB (t1510)

Hero's M: 5.27

Preflop: Hero is MP1 with 10, 10
2 folds
Hero ???????

Friday, January 23, 2009


I have the total to an even 700 now. That means that I have to average 25 the rest of the way. Sounds easy enough but since I am home the rest of the month a really can't play from 5pm till 1am. Probably gonna be a few late nights for me in the future.

The last few days have actually gone pretty good. I really haven't sat down and played 18 in a row which has drastically improved the win rate.

My stats for the month are 16.0/7.6/2.0

I suppose that is about what I expected.

Last night I played a the Wicked Chops freeroll along with a $3 MTT on FTP with Snarf and Zooks. I busted out of the freeroll in the middle of the pack around 700th or so when AQ is less than A10 all-in pre. I raised and was shoved over the top. I snap called what I knew was the best hand. GG me. In the $3 I steadily dropped in the first half hour down to around 1000 chips from the 1500 starting stack. I picked-up a few hands ate in the hour and I was around 70th going to the break with around 150 left from the original 415. Haven't played many non-blogger events lately and I was amazed at the horrid play. For example on a K,J,4 flop 10,10 ships for a big amount and is snap called by A,8. Well played.

Nearing the end of the second hour I worked my stack to around 9k. When we reached the money with 45 left I had 7k and was in good shape. The downfall came when I raised and cbet 33 and had to fold to a shove. That left me with around 3k and I ended up busting in 35th for a micro cash and $1.33 profit or so. $0.60/hour is a good win rate right?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

An Edler Like Comeback?

Although not as epic as his comeback in the number of people or money but good none the less. Playing a double or nothing I was crippled down to 35 chips with 7 people left. Then this happened (click through for the replayer)....

Next hand:

Then the next hand:

I get to fold a hand then the next after that:

Three hands later I won.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I hate AA

It's been a while since my last post. I had a shocking time of it in December and my bankroll took a massive dive, so I didn't want to vent here and thought it best if I not post at all. No one wants to read about bad beats - they're just a part of the game we all know and love (and sometimes hate).

I had a two week vacation holiday over the Xmas break and used this time to get away from the virtual felt as well. I did play in the PokerStars Guinness world record attempt. Busted out around the 12k mark well short of the money. I think they paid the top 8000.

I seem to be turning things around in the last few weeks. I've been taking baby steps - buying into smaller SNGs and MTTs and trying to satellite into tournaments I used to buy in to.

This afternoon I played The Mookie and didn't even last one orbit. I lost a small pot on the first hand in a blind vs blind confrontation and then picked up AA when I was UTG. I made a standard 3x raise which was 3bet to 270 by the CO. I was listening to Buddy Dank Radio at the time and Iron Maiden's The Number of the Beast was playing so I made it 666 to go. I normally wouldn't make a bet this small, but thought it would be amusing for anyone at my table who was listening also. I was chuckling to myself so too bad if they didn't. I shoved the 5 hi flop and got called by QQ. He spiked a queen on the river and I took Gigli honors honours.

Mookie got heads up with Lucko but ended up the bridesmaid. Lucko had a massive chip advantage to start, but Mookie managed a double to get even at one point. On the last hand Lucko rivered a straight to outrun Mookie's turned 2 pair, much to the rail's chagrin. Unlucky Mookie, I'm sure you'll nail one this year.

(It goes without saying that I don't really hate AA, but it makes me laugh every time I hear someone say it)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Poker Soup Live

We will be broadcasting live tomorrow during the Corporation Heads-Up Tour. Here is the link:

If you sign-up for an account we can see your comments. If not you can still post and it shows up as anonymous.

This outta be fun.

Poker Soup - The Podcast!!!

We have been recording during the Corporation Poker Tour and the Pokerslut Tour the last couple of weeks. It takes Blaz a little bit of time to edit these to make them listenable. Its a work in process for us. I have been told that they are amusing.

Maybe if we get enough interest we will be broadcasting live one day ala Buddy Dank. Here is the link:

Day 19

Had a large volume day and actually pulled a profit. Went a total of 31-25 on the day for an $18.80 profit.

Overall I have played 628 and I am showing a profit of $114.40. I'm on a decent pace to get this done. I hate life right now though, that is all.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Graph Update and Pokersluts

I'm a little bit on the uptick over the weekend. I pulled a small profit each day. This week I'm out of town again so I should put in a number of games. I'm looking good on the numbers played. I have a whopping 3.21% ROI. Woot!!!

Pokersluts tonight and I ended up finishing in 3rd. I was able to get to the final table just slightly above my starting stack. I was able to get the double and then double again when I flopped an OESD and FD and got there vs top set. After that I spewed and busted out in 3rd for a little bit of money.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Double Update

Been a few days so I figure I should give you an update. Tuesday was more of the same as I went 18-18. Yesterday started out good then I went on super monkey tilt. I played horrible and ended up going 17-25. At least I recognized it at the end (How could I not?) and called it a night early. I was planning on playing deep into the night.

Today I decided to take a slightly different tact. Instead of exclusively 6 tabling I decided to drop down to four. I am ahead of the necessary pace so I wanted to concentrate more on how I was playing compared to playing by wrote. I ended up playing about 1000% better. I did sprinkle a couple of 6 table sets in when I felt good. It ended up going well and I posted an 18-13 day. I'll take it after playing and running bad forever. I'm 83-86 over the last four days.

Probably not going to play too much over the weekend. I'm in Atlanta next week so I will be playing more then.

For the second time ever:

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Go here


Vote to legalize online poker.

That is all.

As you were.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Corp Heads-Up and Day 12 Update

Played a ton of em today. More of the same today. I ended up going 30-30. Meh. I had a decent comeback at the end of the day to get back to even. I ran like complete dogshit today. I am running so far below expectations I can't fathom it. Still waiting for the boomswitch. Think I will ship KidPoker his $0.02 so its turned on.

Don't forget the Corporation Heads-Up Tour is on again tomorrow at 10pm on FTP.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 11 Update

Done for the day. I am running 40 games ahead of pace. Probably will have a high volume of games this week.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Updated Graph

Had to battle with Poker Tracker a bit to get this to work. Running on two different computers is harder than I would have thought. My laptop doesn't want to save hand histories after I close out Stars and then restart and play. Something to do with security settings I guess. When you manually import hand histories it does not put them in the processed folder. Live and learn.

Seriously Beat Down - Days 6 and 7 Recaps

I am on the back side of variance the last couple days. It was been a monumental disaster. A combination of bad play and bad luck. Wednesday I went 22-20. Thursday I went 32-40. Epic fail if I do say so myself.

What would be a post without bad beat stories. I have had KK run into AA a total of 4 times in the last two days. How is that even fuckin' possible? Good news is that late in the day today I had AA vs KK. Of course the K came to fuck me over but that's just minor details.

Bad beat of the day:

1st hand I get KK. There is two limpers and I raise to 90. Folded to the SB who min-raises me back. everyone folds and I call. Flop comes 9,8,x. SB checks and I bet 360 into the 400ish pot. He calls. Turn is a 10. He checks and I ship. He calls with the mighty Q,J off. Beautiful fucking hand. I swear this is almost as bad as the play in the Mookie. Almost.

Over the last four days I am showing a minuscule profit. Like $34 over the last 203 tourneys. Get this thing over already. I might just take tomorrow off. I seriously need the break.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


From the first time I heard about the PokerTek electronic poker tables I have been dying to play on one.  Unfortunately the closest tables were 3-4 hours away at Four Winds.  Not a trip I was going to make JUST to play poker.

Recently the Excaliber in Las Vegas became a test site in conjunction with the Las Vegas Gaming Commission for the PokerTek electronic tables.  Oddly, I was more likely to get to Las Vegas than to Four Winds Casino (all PokerTek tables) in Michigan even though Four Winds is significantly closer to me.

When a few other Drunken Euchre couples mentioned going to Las Vegas over the holiday break I was very excited.  I even managed to talk TOH into going!  I had only two goals for this trip: play the Venetian noon tournament and play on a PokerTek table at Excaliber.

Before getting to play poker, TOH and I ate lunch at Dick's Last Resort.  The wait staff was rude, the drinks plentiful and the food was good.  But, the best part?  It was a short walk from there to the Excaliber Poker Room.  Wooooot!

TOH settled in with a beer and watched the football game on one of the many screens around the casino while I stuck my card into the slot - backwards, of course.  I was quickly told by an older woman to turn my card around.  I settle in and get my bearings.  One benefit of the PokerTek tables is they are profitable for the casino even at lower stakes.  I sat at a $.50/$1.00 table.  I don't know of anywhere to spreads that low of stakes for cash games with live dealers.

While the screens are supposed to be touch screens they respond better when you use your card to select your choices.  I struggled to get my screen to show me my cards using my hand; I eventually gave up and just used the card with my hands cupped around it.

The system was struggling for some reason for a while after I sat down.  It would come to a screeching halt for about 30-45 seconds several times but it always managed to come back.  I'm not sure if the tournament that started as I sat down had anything to do with it but it didn't last all that long.  Once the system stabilized, it moved everything along at a brisk pace.  The PokerTek representative was very friendly and helpful.   I asked him if the deck was set or continuously shuffled; he replied the deck was set and even "dealt" burn cards.  The technician had been living at the Excaliber for the last four months yet HE HAD NEVER EATEN AT DICK'S.  For shame.

Once I got the logistics down it was game on.  I checked out the names on my screen.  All but one were in the form of John D., Amanda C., etc., except for the guy on my immediate left.  He was "Alpha Dawg".  Orly.  I looked over at him and, I kid you not, he was an older retired gentleman - easily older than my parents (yes, I am OLD).  I lean back and look him in the eye and say, "So, is Alpha Dawg your given name?" while giving him a friendly smile.  I'm so smoooooooooth.  He chuckles and admits that it is his online screen at PokerStars; he lives in Vegas and plays at the Excaliber a couple times a week.  

Alpha Dawg is not the only regular at this table.  There's an older woman who's husband is playing at another table who is clearly a regular.  I suspect at least one other if not two more players at the table are regulars.  The guy on my right is a tourist.  To his right is a young guy who's girlfriend is two seats to his right with the older woman between them.  The guy across from me is from Florida but this isn't his first rodeo so to speak.

The first thing I noticed is that Alpha Dawg likes to make big raises and overbet the pot.  He must be doing well because his stack is over the max buyin of $100.  The older woman is just under $140.  Most everybody else is somewhere around $100 so I bought in for $100 as well.

The first hand I raise is AJ.  I c-bet the flop and get called by a younger guy I suspect is a regular.  We check it down after that and my AJ wins the pot.  I was shocked.  From that point on I never got below my buy-in.  I won a couple hands with QQ and AK.  Only one remarkable hand for the session.  I picked up KK UTG and raised.  I get 3 bet by a guy with about $40 total.  I shipped it when it got back to me and my KK held up against his AKd.  I left at the end of that round since the girlfriend had gone busto for the second time and was closing up shop.  I knew her boyfriend wouldn't be far behind and I wasn't interested in staying a the table with the local sharks.  I ended up +$55 for the two hours I played.  Not bad at all.

At one point I caught Alpha Dawg checking his stats page and asked him about it.  He showed me the information.  As he pointed to his Hand Played statistic he told me he liked to keep that at no more than 33%.  Orly.  I peaked at my stats: 20% VPIP.  Yes, I'm a nit ;).  When I left Alpha Dawg was down to about $90.  Guess he was playing over 33%.

I was tempted to play the SNG that needed only one more player when I was cashing out but decided TOH had earned a reprieve.  I haven't encountered any poker rooms that offer SNGs except as satellites into one of their higher buy-in tournaments.

Overall I loved playing on the PokerTek tables.  They did take a little getting used to.  Once, when I had QQ, I hit the $5 button and it appeared to not register so I hit it again and hit the confirm before I noticed that my raise was now to $10.  D'oh.  That happened to me a couple of times, the first time was during that initial phase when the table was lagging badly.  I think I just need to be more careful before I hit that confirm button.

The best thing about these tables is the number of hands per hour.  It is significantly more than a live dealer is capable of dealing.  There are no errors in hand reading, no pots awarded to the wrong hand.  Yet, you can still stare down your opponents, look for their tells, and needle in ways you can't online.

Don't get me wrong, PokerTek tables aren't limited to the lowest stakes.  The Excaliber was also spreading $1/$2 NLHE and I was told even up to $2/$4 NLHE.  Nor are they limited to NLHE.  The lease includes the software for all the games.  I didn't ask about Pot Limit Omaha but I had heard they also spread that down to the $.50/$1 level if there are enough interested players.

There is one clear benefit to all the players: no need to tip the dealer.  I don't begrudge dealers their tokes but it does chap when you've been running card dead or you get a dealer that's curmudgeonly sitting across the table from you.

I think these tables are going to be a huge hit with the players.  Yes, it's true, the purists will never admit that they like them, but it's hard to refute the benefits.  Bring some chips from the cages to riffle you have to; you can always throw your toke my direction if you are so inclined.  After this experience, you'll be hard pressed to find me playing cash games anywhere else but at a PokerTek table until I get one for my basement!