Monday, June 30, 2008

Riverchasers, MSOP and Sluts

Alright, in the last week or so I've been having a nice little run. At least in the SNG realm. At one point was 5 of 6 with 4 firsts and 1 second. These little runs are always nice and as always you need some luck to go with them especially with the turbo variety that I enjoy. Since all was going well, I had a little time this weekend with no real plans, and was a in a generally pleasant mood, I decided to get into the MTT game.

Thursday night, Riverchasers. I don't feel I played particualarly well in this. I got a bevy of cards early ( AA twice and KK once) and played them well enough to get people's stacks in. Made a couple of smooth calls with the aces that I don't normally do. This lead to getting people's entire stacks or getting my entire stack in, which may not have happened otherwise. Also they actually held up too, which is always nice. Through poor aggression in a few spots and some bad hands I was able to piss this away though. Fast forward to the final table and people are donating their stacks to Hoy. This makes it so much easier to play shorthanded, sigh. Down to 5 handed I managed to get lucky in a recockulous setup hand where I had QQ OTB and the BB had KK. The lady on the river saved me. Then got unlucky when I put the BB all in with A10 and he had A4 and won. Then got unlucky with A9 was less then K6. Then got lucky when A10 was > K9. See how this goes. Eventually I make the money 3 handed in third place. My death blow comes when in the BB of 800 the SB min raises and I shove for 5400 with 88. SB IN-STA-CALLS with A3. Flop is Q42. Turn J. River, wait for it, wait for it..........5. TY, GG, IGHN. I won't even attempt to understand the insta-call for 2/3 of his stack, so let's move on.

Saturday afternoon, MSOP Event #458302 or whatever, 15 dollar NLHE. I was bored. The kid was asleep. The wife was dozing. I decide to play. I double up twice early with AA and KK. The AA on an all heart board me holding the ace of hearts when JJ with the jack of hearts shoved to the all under board. This was a loose-ish call by me but in an event with 2200 people I am willing to take that chance with the redraw in order to get the big stack. Turns out I didn't even need it. Had it up to 9K then ran JJ into AA on an all club board. I had the only club and with only one over out there I put him to the test on the turn. He called with AA and no club. Didn't get there, but I like my play there especially with a big stack. If I get him to laydown, I'm up to almost 12K before the first break. As is I ended the first break with around 8K. By the second I was up to around 11K and in the top 150 stacks or so of the 800ish remaining. Then I could get nothing going. This happens to me more then it should. In the late middle stages of tournies I have problems accumulating chips. I pick the wrong spots to be aggressive or don't be aggro enough. Eventually my treading water catches up to me, I get move to the table of the 3 bet shove every hand. I go out racing with the JackAce soooooooted against 88. This was disappointing. I was on track to make a deep run in this thing and got derailed. Need to go back and read my Harrington for this stage in the tournies. I think my biggest problem is that I end up being the one making the first raise, not the big resteal second raise. Instead I am the one getting hit by the resteal.

Sunday night, PokerSluts, OM8 - the call of the donkey. I get the fortune of having 2 aggro players to my right. This makes life good but not great as I fold alot of marginal hands early that I may otherwise would have played. On the up side my big hands hold and I start to get a nice stack. I could bore you with some hands, but no one really cares and I can't remember that many. Two big hands back to back on the bubble (6 handed) where I had AA29 ss made nut nut and then with AK36 ss OTB flopped nut nut draw and rivered the wheel. Then shit went to hell in a handbasket after the bubble broke. 2 river beatings. 2 bad plays. I went from 2nd in chips to out the door in no time with the large blinds. Last night I felt I was playing pretty well then I half self destructed half got unlucky. This is a losing recipe every time.

All in all not a bad few days. Hopefully things continue in the right direction. Will almost certainly play Riverchasers on Thursday since there is no work Friday. I must keep my cash streak going. CHIMPS will be tough on Tuesday but we'll try to make that happen. And on another plus side my baller bankroll that was 27 dollars at Stars is now up to 48 dollars. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

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