Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mr. Quads

I played in a $45 (yep, $35+$10) yesterday in Jacksonville. There were 21 people. We started out table 11 handed. They decide to do this the minute they start the tourney. Getting people squared up, getting another chair and and getting chips too 3 minutes off of the clock and only 18 minute levels. Thanks fuckers. I received an early double-up when I limped with 4,4 in about a 17-way pot. Flop came A,10,4. All the money got in on the flop and I was up against Ace rag. Turn 10. River 4 for the unnecessary quads and I am up a little over 4k right away. Over the next couple of levels I get K,K and A,A and busted one more.

When we break for the final table I have 8k in chips with the average stack a touch over 4k playing 200/400. I draw the button and don't get a playable hand in the first lap. Fairly quickly we are down to 6 people. The tourney only pays top 2 and there is one massive stack with around 20k. He promptly knocks out all but one of the rest and we are 3 handed with stacks of 25k, 10k and 7k. I bleed a little then get it in with A,9 and am facing the CL's Q,Q. Before this hand happens they get a calculator and figure out what a 2 way chop would be once I'm eliminated. I told the, poker karma is gonna fuck them for that move. Flop 9 turn 9 and I am in 2nd.

Still 3 handed and 400/800 the cooler comes. I have 9,9 in the BB and the CL limps from the button. The SB folds and I check. Flop comes 8 high and i lead for 1600 and get min raised. I shoved and he calls with 10,10. Bubble bitch I am and get nothing.

I go sit at the cash games and after a couple hours I am down to $32 with $150 invested. I flop a set vs two pair and get a double-up. I work the stack back to around $150 and hold steady for a while. When we drop to 5 handed I fall to around $110 but when the table fills again I am at $150 when the title of this post comes into play.

I pick-up A,A UTG and raise to $10 and get 3 callers. Flop comes AQ4hh. Checked to me and I bet $15 and get 2 callers. Turn quads me up and its checked to me and I bet $15 again. One fold anfd the SB check raises to $45 and I Hollywood and call. There is a bad beat jackpot here of $30k when Aces full of jacks are beaten by quads or better. Please have the Q,Q here. The river is the best card in the deck....Q! He leads for $50 I shove over the top and he insta-mucks. Fuck! Thought we had it there.

In the same lap I get presto (5,5) in MP and the same player raises to $10 UTG. I call along with 3 others. Flop comes 9,5,5. He leads for $10, 1 caller and I call. Turn is a K bringing a 2nd heart. He leads for $10 again, 1 caller and I min-raise to $20. He calls and the other player folds. The river is the Kh and he check calls my $25 bet.

Quads 3 times in one day live huh? I ended up cashing out of the game for $340 for a good profit on the day.

One other interesting hand came up in the first 10 minutes I was at the table. I think I probably played it bad on every street. Wait till you hear the end of this one. I get K,K UTG and limp. Unfortunately nobody raises and we see a 6-way flop of A,J,6. I lead for $8 and get 1 caller to my left. the 8 hits the turn and I check. He bets out $15 and I decide to check raise to $35 and he snap calls. The river pairs the 6. I check and he takes about 3 minutes and puts me all in for my last $45. I start talking over the hand and say how badly I played it. The dealer asks me to be quiet during the hand. I'M IN THE FUCKING HAND!!!! Apparently its not allowed here. What's up with that. I thought I was in Jacksonville and not Europe. I fold showing him the Kings and he turns over.....9,3 off. What!

I know I played this hand really badly but WTF was he doing. Let's go through the hand from his perspective. He limps UTG+1 with 9,3 off. 6 to the flop he calls an $8 bet with air and 4 people left to act. He then bets the turn when I check which I think is fine but when I raise to $35 how does he possibly think I am going to fold to anything on the river? The only way he can win on the end is with a shove. Just wow. I think there were about 37 wrong decisions between two people in that hand.


  1. That last hand was one of those poker mind phucks.

    It seems some people don't care about playing poker as much as they like phucking with our minds.

    You folding the K's reminds me of the High Stakes Poker hand between Hellmuth and Matusow...

    Matusow held KK and Hellmuth 2 7. The table was playing the 2 7 game where anyone who wins with 2 7 gets $500 from each player.

    The hand went all the way to the river where Hellmuth bets big. Matusow thinks awhile before laying down the KK.

  2. 9-3 off....

    "The Bammer"

    Powerful chit there !