Saturday, July 31, 2010

Trying for APPT Auckland

Since more than a few of you know what I am trying for I decided to just post it. I wanted to have it a secret and say "Surprise" I am going to Auckland. I stared off with 5 buy-ins to the step 2's. I had originally planned on having about 10-11 buy-ins but life expenses got in the way and I was left with 5.

I was able to convert all 5 of them to step 3's. I won straight away in 4 of them. The 5th one i was kicked back to a step 1 and then won that and the step 2 to get it to a step 3.

Step 3's have been quite the grind. I won the first one I played and then lost the next. The third one I won. Here is where it gets interesting. The last 8 step 3's that I have played I finished between 3rd and 5th for a redo. Yes, 8 in a row. I had one really brutal beat when we were 3 handed. I was near even stacked with my opponent when I got it in pre-flop with AA vs 88. Board runs out 97610A. Thanks for giving me the ace on the end for fun. I have also had some nice 3 outer suckouts to stay alive in others so it all evens out in the long run. One thing about being in the step 3 wash is I am accumulating a lot of VPP's. In less than a week of work on these I am over half way to Silver Star. Too bad today is the last day of the month and I won't make it. A single step 5 and 6 pretty much gets you there though.

So now I have 2 step 3's and 2 step 4's. I am going to try and get this completed by the end of next week cause I would need to make some changes to my work schedule. One possible problem is that I have not seen a step 6 for Auckland go off yet. The most people I have seen registered is 4. If one doesn't go I will probable hold onto what I have and wait for NAPT Los Angeles sats to go. There have been some rumors on 2+2 though that there may be a NAPT stop before LA. Florida one time?????

AIPS is starting in less than a half hour and I am waffling on playing or not. It's 2-7 triple draw and right now they have 19 registered so at least it's a manageable field.

Sunday I have a round 3 and a round 4 FPP satellite for the PCA.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Quick Little Update

I am working on a fun task right now that I think only one or two of you know what it is. Good or bad I will disclose it in about a week or so.

Friday, July 23, 2010

PA Poker Part I....Hopefully

Alright my excuses are dwindling. I've pretty much played 0 poker from February to July. No time and mostly no real desire to play. I jumped back online last week for a nice little score. Why? Well Pennsylvania has opened up its casinos for table games and poker. Now being only a half hour from a room as opposed to a little over an hour has my itch back. Finally care to start playing again and being able to shoot out for a few hours after kiddies are in bed makes it a whole helluva lot easier.

The skinny. There are going to be three rooms eventually in the immediate Philadelphia area. There are others in the state but for my purposes, these are the ones that sooooot me. Harrah's Chester opened it's doors to tables and poker this Sunday. Parx Casino at Bensalem Race Track opened on Sunday for table games and their poker room is supposed to open mid September. Finally Sugar House Casino is in the finishing stages of being built on the river just north of the Ben Franklin and set to open fully (table games and poker) in mid September. Ultimately this will be my most likely destination as it is the closest to my house. Actually both rooms that aren't open are a bit closer, but for the time being beggers can't be chosers.

Last night, I trucked over to Harrah's Chester to see what the deal was. Interesting side note for all those married men out there, if you give your mother grandchildren she will drive you to play poker while she plays slots. Scouts honor. Casino itself was packed as was the poker room. I was about 40 on the list for 1-2 when I got there but they cleared it pretty fast and I had a seat in about 15-20 minutes. The room itself has 25 tables, and they crammed them in there. not much room to move at all. As of now they are not offering any tournaments but the should change when the crowds die down. I don't know if there is any talk of expanding the room. One of the nice things is they have the electronic tables to punch people in and out, so the open seat count is pretty quickly relayed to the front desk. Now given the crush of people that were there and the newness of the staff working there things were not without a hitch. I heard some grumblings from the players but in all honesty I didn't think they were doing that bad of a job. Open seats were getting filled fairly quickly and I didn't see many player/dealer/house confrontations.

The actual poker part of this post. Obviously I played 1-2, which I still think I suck at but am trying to improve and last night I felt like a did a better job. There wasn't much to talk about really. Key hand of the night I get AA UTG and I have about 250 behind (started with 200). I limp, another limp, 1 off the button pops to 15, I reraise to 35, first limper calls, original raiser calls. Flop is K96 rainbow, I bet 80, limp/caller folds, original raiser calls. Turn comes out a Queen, I'm not thrilled with this card. I tank for a bit here, wondering if he could have kings but thinking AK is a stronger possibility. I don't like the Queen but calling 80 there with QQ seems a bit of a stretch. I'm also thinking 66 and 99 are possibilities too. I decided to check and he insta shoves, at this point my gut just told me he's not doing that with a set and I snap called. River blanks and he turns over K10. Um yeah, exactly what I thought. There were three other hands that I think I misplayed that cost me. One that I should have bet the turn OOP when I hit, that cost me money. One where I bluffed at a small pot that probably wasn't worth it and didn't tell any kind of story that would make someone think I had a hand. Finally one where I had a good feeling I was beat but couldn't let the hand go.

All said and done it was a good night. I walked off +225 for the night so I can't complain. Starting to get excited to play again which is nice and now that I have children that get at least a medicum of sleep there is a little time for poker. Come September I'll definately be doing my best to check out the other rooms.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Results

Saturday I started out playing at Tampa Bay Downs. I got in a 2/4 LHE game for a short while waiting for the 1/1 game. People in this game as expected are horrid. One of the few hands I played I raised AJ in EP and got a few callers. Flop is 8 high and it gets checked through. Turn J and I bet and get one caller. River brick and the blind leads and I call. He turns over KK. You can't make that stuff up. I was called to 1/1 after a couple laps after I dropped $25.

I played the 1/1 game for about 90 minutes dropping $15 before I decided to play the satellite into the $350 tourney the next day. Total investment of $55 including both add-ons. There was only three of us on my table to take all add-ons. Action was fast and I folded for the first two levels before my table was the first to break. From there I was able to build a stack without putting anything at risk and I breezed into a seat which I ended up selling for $320 the next day.

I was a little late getting over to Derby Lane and I missed the Hooterific dinner with Gambit. When I got there Fasso was playing 4/8 O8 and Gambit was in a 1/1 game. I was able to get an immediate seat at the 1/1 game and bought in for $60. I actually didn't realize the max there was $80 instead of the $60 it is at Tampa Downs. In the first lap I picked-up AA and was able to get a full double. Not long after that I took another $60 off of someone in no particularly memorable hand and was up to $180.

I was somewhere around $250 deep when I played a hand with a husband and wife at the table. They were by no means teaming up. I raised to $7 with AKss and was called by the sb (husband) and the ep limper (wife). Flop J109 rainbow and its checked to me. I fire a $12 cbet and am called in both spots. Turn is a lovely Q completing the rainbow. Husband in the SB leads for $30 and wife quickly calls. I jam putting them both in. Husband snap calls Hellmuth style and wife snap calls as well. Husband tables AK with a total of $80 behind. Wife tables K7 with about $170 behind. River 4 and I scoop the nice side pot and chop the main. His wife took off in a huff.

I ended up being as deep as 4425 on the night before I took a couple of beats and ended up leaving with $295 in front of me good for a $235 profit.

Saturday results: +$465

Sunday was a fairly slow day. I went to Tampa Downs to sell the tournament ticket and sat in the 1/1 game. They had aces cracked till 1pm. I did pick them up once and had them cracked for $100. I ended up winning exactly one hand in 90 minutes but thanks to the aces cracked I won $80 on the session.

later on in the day I went out the Hard Rock and played 1/3. I was only out there for about two hours before I lost interest in playing and walked with an $18 profit.

Sunday results: + $98

I was planning on taking Monday off but I got the itch to play later in the afternoon. I opted for the $40 tournament at Tampa Downs. Starting with 6k with 79 runners and 9 spots paying. I was able to work my stack up to 9k by the first break without anything exciting. With about 4 tables to go I was down to around 8bbs and shipped A6 over a EP raise. He was folding his limps quite a bit to pressure. He didn't this time and called with AJ. I spiked the 6 on the river for the double. From there I was able to build up a bit and when we got to the final two tables I was in average chip position with around 12bbs.

With 15 left I was whittled down tow around 10bbs and jammed the button after it was folded to me with A10. The short stack with 3bbs called with J8. I flopped the 10 but the bb rivered a straight and I was crippled. From there I could not find a spot to shove. There was either multiple limpers who were not going to fold or there was a raise in front. When we came back from a break the blinds were 1500/3k/500 and I had 9k in the cutoff with 13 people still left. First hand back it was folded to me and I jammed 94off (for less than 3bbs) and saw the button, sb AND bb fold. How does bb fold there? I showed and took the free 7500. Very next hand folded to me and I jammed QJ off and everyone folded with the bb open folding K7. Weeeeee. Next hand I have A9hh and jam again. Short stack calls and the bb snap calls. Short stack hand A3 and bb has KQ. River bricks out and all of a sudden in three hands I go from 9k to 60k and above average. Shortly after that we reached the final table.

At the start of the final table we took $5 off of each spot to pay 10th. I drew UTG. On the second hand a short stack shoved into my bb and had KK. I held vs his AQ and was now a bigger stack at the table. About a lap later I raised A10 to 10k at 2k/4k in ep and the bb called. Flop come 987 and the bb shoved for 22k. I called and saw 66. Turn 5 and I doubled him up. About 4 hands later the UTG shoves and I get KK on the button and call to see AQ. I hold again and I am back to where I started. We dropped two more players fairly fast and were 6 handed. We ended up working out an even chop for $261 each.

Monday results: +$200

Total profit: $763

After some living expenses I have about $660 profit left. I never did jump up in staked but I have been happy with the results. I have one more day of play on Wednesday (taking today off) before the family comes home and its back to normal life. Been a fun few days.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

1667% ROI

I am going to try it this weekend. Within 24 hours I am looking to turn $60 into $1k. I am going to start out in the 1/1 game and try and work my way all the way up to 5/10. If I bust along the way who care, I will only have $60 invested.

I am going to start out at Tampa Bay Downs and eventually move over to Derby Lane and meet-up with Gambit. By the end of the night I plan on being at the Hard Rock. Should be a fun little 24 hours.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Um Hi

I'm not dead. Mostly.

I decided last night a Rush Tournament sounded cool.

Think I'll take 6 months off before I play again.

Recap: Hi, not dead, rush tournaments more gooder.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Baby Steps

Tripled the roll on FT though.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Commerce, Congrats, New FL Limits and More Steps

Tons of odds and ends to get through today...

My trip to the OC after Vegas allowed me to hit the Commerce for the first time. I first put my name on a 200nl list but then I remembered they had odd blinds. I asked the floor and the blinds were 5/5. A little higher than I was looking for so I put my name on the 100nl 2/3 list and was able to get a seat almost immediately. Everything that everyone has told me about the place is true. Craisians everywhere! It took me a total of about three hands at the table to figure out who the droolers in the game were. In particular there was a Russian/Eastern European in the 1 seat. In two separate hands in the first 1/2 hour at the table I was able to nearly double against him. I went from my $100 starting stack to $285. My second near double all but busted him. He left the table but wanted the seat locked up. Yes!

About 15 minutes pass and he buys back in for $100 with 20's 10's 5's and 1's. The very first hand there is a raise to $15 and a caller to him. He raises to $35 and gets called in 3 spots. Flop comes QJx. He ships his last $65 in and gets called in 2 spots before there is an all-in and another caller. One of the players had K10 and the other flopped two pair. River A and K10 takes it. Russian/Eastern European slams downs the AA in disgust and walks away saying "keep my seat locked up". He ended up throwing his cards so hard they almost hit me in the 4 seat, landing on the rail. We waited for 45 minutes but unfortunately he never returned.

After our Eastern-European friend left the table turned into one of the nittiest ever. The 30-something guy to my left played the nuts and nothing else. When he was in a pot you folded. An older gentleman who took the 1 seat was nitty along with another older guy in the 2 seat. In one hand I had AK and the guy in the two seat raised to $15 with about $40 behind. I raised to $45 straight and he tanked for about a minute before folding QQ face up. Yeah, that tight. I told him he could pick either card cause they were both the same, he picked the ace. I bled down slowly over a couple more hours and ended up walking with around an $85 profit.

Congrats to CK for her 4th place finish in the Venetian $500 event for a little north of $20k. Great job! It figures the year after I buy pieces of her in a few events that she hits a big score. I run good.

As of 7/1 the new limits have arrived in Florida. We now have all of the games offered in Vegas. I stopped by the room near my house for a second to see what they were offering. Looked like the biggest game in the room was two 5/10 no-limit games. I was ale to play my first action 7/2 albeit only in the 1/1 $60 buy-in game. After having my roll depleted by Vegas and life expenses that's all I could afford. As expected the play was absolutely horrendous. I turned my $60 starting stack into $149 in less than 90 minutes before I had to leave. I might stick to that game for a little bit while building back up to the 1/2 game.

I witnessed one lol thing and one rofl thing in the game. I saw a dude win a $60 pot and tip $5. Shortly after that he won a $45ish pot and tipped another $5. I weep every time I see that. It's bad enough you have a 10% $5 rake plus a $2 high hand rake in the game. I swear Florida dealers have it made over their Las Vegas brothers and sisters. The rofl was truly one of the funniest things I have ever heard at a table. There were 3 limpers before the small blind raises to $3 and naturally everyone calls. Flop comes out and it gets checked through. Small blind check folds the turn and says to the player next to him, "To be honest I was just trying to steal the limped money". Buhahhahaha. He raised 3x (to $3) after 3 limpers. Does he honestly think everyone is gonna fold?

I have been perusing the steps and satellites on Poker Stars lately looking to see if I can win my way into a LAPT or ANZPT event. Unfortunately the ANZPT events do not utilize the step system. Their seat only satellites run around $265 and their package satellites are around $415. I even sent a PM to the ANZPT Tournament Director Danny McDonagh to see if he could do something. He said he actually tried the same thing with no luck. At least he tried, which is commendable. I really wanted to use the steps to try and win a seat. Guess that is just not going to happen for me and I am resigned to try and win a LAPT (or possibly an APPT) seat since they do use the steps.

My current step plan is to play a step 2 about every other week and try and build up some step 3's. Nearing the end of the year I will then try and press them into some step 6's for a shot at a seat. So far I am 2/2 in advancing. I probably won't play another one till around the end of the month.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rest of the Trip Report

Only about 2 weeks after my trip. Not bad.

Sunday I opted to play the $200 superstack event at the Rio again. Also playing were Zooks, T and Predator. You start with t15k and 30 minute levels. Within the first two levels I had an opponent flop a set on me twice when I opened the pots. I was able to lose near the minimum in both. On the first one I cbet the flop and was called. The turn and river went check check (lol). The second time the board was checked down the whole way. Love it when people don't cbet vs me. At the end of the second level I was only down to t13,800.

In levels 3 and 4 I played one significant pot. I called a 3x raise from the SB with 87hh along with one other limper. Flop comes A97 with a heart. I check called the cbet with the back door draws and bottom pair. Turn pairs the 7. I checked without looking at the turn card (not before the turn, just not looking). I tend to do this quite a bit for some odd reason, not sure why. I always do it out of position with a pocket pair as well. If I don't hit after a couple times then I start looking. It's the inner OCD in me I guess. Here is where my mind gets muddy but I believe I check called the turn and then was able to get a check raise in on the brick river for almost my whole stack and got a call. I showed the trips and my opponent slammed the table. At the end of the 4th level and the first break I had t27,150.

In the 6th level I was dealt 1010 three times in one lap. I tried all three ways to play then raise, call a raise and limp. All of them ended the same way, me losing chips. Right after those three hands my table broke and I was moved to Predator's table. The very first hand I raise with 109hh and was only called by Predator on the button. Flop 9 high and my cbet takes it. I raised one or two other times the next lap or two and was able to grind the stack back to t28,400 at the end of level 8 going to 400/800.

In level 9 or 10 I called a raise from a fish with 33 and flopped bottom set with two hearts. I check called the flop and turn but a heart hit on the river absolutely killing my action. I had to lead the river for fear him checking behind. If the fd doesn't hit there I know he is betting the river and I can put in an all-in bet and most likely get a call. He folded to my river bet and I was sitting somewhere near t40k. Shortly after that hand I called a raise with 88 along with the player to my immediate left. This guy was a complete maniac. he could have a wide range in a multitude of spots. Flop comes 653 rainbow and I check. He open shoves for around 12k, original raiser folds and its back to me. I just don't see how I can fold in the spot. I think I am way ahead of his range. He could have A6, two overs or an open ender along with overpairs like 99 and 1010. I discounted overpairs based on his play cause he tended to shove those hands pre-flop. I ended up making the call and saw that he flopped top set with 66. Turn 7 brings me a lot more out but the river K hits and he doubles. I was knocked back down to around t25k after that hand.

After that was just blinded down and couldn't find any spots. I shoved JJ once and AQ once with no callers. Finally last hand before dinner break at 1k/2k I shoved over Predators raise with 22 and a 22k stack. I was shown A10. Because Predator runs like god I see a 10 in the door and an A on the turn. River bricks off and I am done. Predator ended up going on to finish 6th for something like 4k.

After the tourney I was pretty pokered out but did hop in the 1/3 game at the Rio and booked a small win. I also drove over to the Excalibur for one more session but after about 45 minutes I was just done for the trip. I booked a small win and called it a trip.

Not a profitable trip but a fun one anyways. Back to grinding with the new laws here in Florida. More about that in a few days.