Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 2 Table Draw

Here is my staring table draw:

Stanley Tavanese – 47200 - Amazon / 354 / 1
Bryan Barrile - 63000 - Amazon / 354 / 2
Humberto Brenes – 20700 - Amazon / 354 / 3
Keith Ferrera - 36500 - Amazon / 354 / 4
Matthew Livingston – 7100 - Amazon / 354 / 5
Robert Engle - 29100 - Amazon / 354 / 6
Scott Carlson – 6600 - Amazon / 354 / 7
Foster Hays - 9700 - Amazon / 354 / 8
Adam Bage – 82100 - Amazon / 354 / 9

Quick WSOP Update

First off congrats to Numbbono who cashed in the $1,500 HORSE event yesterday. He finished in 54th place for just under $4,200. Glad I had 5%.

I am on to day 2 in the $1,500 NLHE event. I have a woeful 6,600 (6.6bbs) entering the day. The event drew over 3,100 players and we have 490 remaining. Top 324 will cash.

Needless to say I need multiple double-ups early on.

My chip counts throughout the day yesterday:

1st break – 8,850

2nd break – 9,950

Dinner break – 18,800

4th break – 20,500

End of day – 6,600

In the 9th level I doubled up two short stacks. I can’t even remember one of them but the other was for like 6k when the tightest player at the table moved in from the cutoff and I had JJ in the big blind. Just no way I’m folding in that spot.

gogo me

Friday, June 3, 2011

October Trip

This one should be a ton of fun. It will be a three city tour taking place around early to mid-October. I will be spending 5 days each or so in Tokyo, Macau and Hong Kong.

My original plan was to make it to Macau for the APPT event in November. The APT was also planned for the same time. When the APPT folks decided to schedule the Main Event for the week of Thanksgiving I gave up on that idea. Also happening in the last couple of days is the close of the poker room at the Hard Rock in the City of Dreams resort in Macau. This used to be the home for the APT and now they have to scramble to find a location for the event.

I have now opted for the Macau Poker Cup Championship series in October. The series has 12 events with the Main Event carrying a $20,000 HKD ($2,600 USD) price tag. I probably won’t play that one unless I can satellite my way in. A couple of tournaments I am looking at are the 6-max NLHE and the PLO events.

The first stop of Tokyo is still up in the air. My co-worker at Rakeback was planning to go to Tokyo around that time and I decided to take a look at flights to see if it would work. Surprise, the cost difference was only around $150 or so. I hope to make this happen.

The second stop will be Macau for around five days or so. I really want to see if the cash games are everything that people make of them. Last time I was there back in 2007 it was the start of poker in Macau. I played the first ever APPT event there and the only cash games were on the electronic tables.

The last stop will be in Hong Kong. One of by big regrets the last time I was in Macau was my failure to go check out Hong Kong. I mostly hung around the casino and never went out and did anything. I won’t have that issue this time as I know people in the area.

One thing I really want to do is put faces to names at the Rakeback offices. I just hope they don’t put me to work when I’m there Smile

WSOP in T Minus Five Days…

My annual WSOP trip is just a short five days away already. Now that the WSOP has started I can feel the excitement building up. Getting a chance to play tournament poker on a daily basis will be good. Now I will probably swear off tournaments by the time I leave, but that passes in about two days after I fly back home.

My schedule will be more of a play as I feel type of thing. At most I believe I will play a single WSOP event, unless I run like god in single table satellites. The most likely event would be either the $1,500 NLHE on Saturday or the $1,000 NLHE on Sunday. If I can find a cash in that event or a significant hit in one of the other events I play, I would look to play the $1,500 Stud 8 event on Tuesday the 14th.

As always you can follow my Twitter account to see how I am doing. Also, I will be posting any blog worthy news over at under the WSOP Diaries headline. You can check out my writings along with Numb’s as he plays his first ever WSOP event this year.

If you follow my Twitter you probably saw my next scheduled trip. I will do another blog post here shortly on that. Really excited about that one.