Monday, June 9, 2008

Snuffy's Day 3 - Plunge Into Hell

Guess I will start with the non-poker gaming.

-200 at the IP in PaiGow and 3 Card Poker
-150 at Binion's playing various table games (got free t-shirt WOOT)

No on to some poker. The first thing of the day was the 4pm PLO tourney at Binion's. $160 buy-in got you 5000 in chips. At the end of level 3 I worked my stack up to 7200 and was playing fairly solid/tight. The first bug hand was against a player who was making a few moves and betting non-nut hands strong. I hand Qxxxhh from the big blind. Flop came K,10,6hh. He checked I bet, he bet pot and I put him in. He had the Axhh. Down to around 3k when my final hand came up. I had AQxxcc. Flop comes j,6,6. Check Check. Turn Q with a 2nd club check check. River club. He bet 1/2 pot. I pot it and it all gets in. He has J,6.

There was one interesting hand in the early going I had 9,8,7,6 sscc. Flop comes 10,6,3ss. He fires 1/2 pot and I call. Turn is the 7. I check knowing he is firing here. He checks behind. I know here is a play I know I did bad just because of inexperience. River bricks and ace. I bet $1100 and he makes the crying call with 10,10xxss. He had me crushed on the flop but managed to lose the minimum.

After the tourney I played in a 1/2 PLO 1/2 PLO8 $1/$2 game with $200. Every hand I played in PLO8 I bricked off and lost it all. After that I decided to head over to the Rio to play some 2/5 NL. $600 later I left.

Snarf and I walked down to Planet Ho for their $60 2am tourney. Surprising they had 44 people. They paid top 6. At the break and 200/400 I had 2500. 1st hand back I have QQ and ship and get called from 66. My hand holds. I got moved to Snarf's table but he was moved quickly to balance the tables out. Down to 20 people I picked up QQ, JJ and KK to increase my stack. We make it to the FT and I am an average stack. I am playing to win because limping into the money for a pittance is not an option. I got AA in the BB but there was only one limper. I checked to the turn when I fired 3500 into a 2500 pot and was raised to 7500. I shipped for my last 15k or so and he tanked and folded.

7 handed I tried picking up pots only to have the CL to my immediate left come over the top twice. Blinded down I got it in with 10,10 on a 9 high flop only to see 10,10. The short stack busts and then the blinds kick up to 2k/4k and i have 19k. I have A3ss from UTG and shove. Folds to BB with 14k who calls with QQ and now I'm crippled. I bust the next hand and finish 6th for $126 plus the $20 last longer with Snarf

So far today I have played the $225 tourney at Caesars and the 1/3 NL games. More about that tomorrow. Needless to say if I am typing this now I did not do good in either. Two pots in the last two days for $700 and $600 not going my way.


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