Sunday, June 8, 2008

Snuffy in Vegas - Day 2

The first thing of the day was the TOC at 2pm. Our table was playing fairly small in the early going. About 1/2 hour in I picked-up 4,4 and played a limped pot. Flop comes 3,2,2. Check check. Turn is something like a Q. Checked to me and I try and take to pot with a 2/3 pot bet and get called. River is a 4. First to act leads out. I raise, he re-raises I shove and he calls with 3,3. D'oh. That got my stack up to 6k and was able to see a lot of hands after that.

In the second hour I picked-up J,J and raised. I was 3-bet and decided to flat it. The flop comes 9 high. I check raise and he shoves. I make a really bad call. I really don't know what I could beat here. 10,10 would be the only thing and that is unlikely. A completely terrible play by me. He had K,K but FT decided to love me and the turn was a J. After that hand I was up to 11k and the chip lead. Fast forward to the final two tables and I have around 14k good for a top 3 stack. I get 10,10 and raise and was 3-bet. I called and we took a J,9,8 flop. I bet out he raised and I shoved He called with K,K. I will take this shot here. 10 outs for a monster stack. I didn't improve and was knocked all the way down to 3k and 14th/18.

I was able to play the short stack and win all of my flips to make it to the final table. I believe I was 7/9 going in. I managed to work my stack back to 15k or so good for 4th or 5th/7 left. The CL who was raising almost every hand made a standard 2.5x raise UTG. The short stack shoved for around 8k and I re-shoved from the BB with A,K. The CL called and showed 5,5. Really a terrible play IMO. Best case scenario you are facing 3-4 overs and worst case you are completely crushed. The short stack had A,9. Flop comes blanks, turn 9, river blank and just like that I am done. I win that hand I am on 38k and the CL with 6 left and I REALLY good shape for at least a 2k package. Oh well, 3 hours while in Vegas down the drain.

I walked over to Caesar's where everyone else was and sat in the 4/8 game. I bought in for $200 and promptly dwindled it down to near dust. I got the last of it in with J,10 vs A,K and K,x. I hit the jack and tripled up. I made a late rally and ended up losing only $80. After that we headed over to the Rio cause I wanted to play some single table satellites. The line was out the fuckin door so that was out. I sat in a 2/5 NL game and immediately when I got chips the rest of the crew wanted to leave. I stayed for about three laps and won a total of $125. That 2/5 game was golden. The standard raise was $15-$20. Really small for a game like that. Wish I coulda stayed in that one. One play I made in that one was from the BB with A,J. UTG raised to $15 and got 4 callers. I made it $75 to go and everyone folded. Yep, good game.

After we got back we went over to the Mirage and played 3/6. I donked off $120. Note to self, STOP FUCKIN PLAYING LIMIT. While Snarf and Blind Guy were still playing I wandered in the casino and sat at a 3 card poker table. After about 5 hands I squeezed A,A. I didn't look at the 3rd card. The dealer flips over trips!!! Good for a little over $300. I ended up leaving with that $300 profit. After we left Mirage we went back to the IP to play Pai Gow. About 10 hands in I hit the straight flush for $250. After playing a couple hours I walked away up $270. Games of chance are my friend.

Off to my toy store today, the Gamblers General Store, for lots of shit that I don't need. I might try and play a single table sat before we head to Binions for the 4pm PLO tourney. My plan is to play at least one tournament the rest of the week now.


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