Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Snufy's Day 4

Well it didn't go a whole lot better on day 4. Money wise I didn't lose nearly as much as I did the day before. I played the Noon $225 at Caesars. Great structure, 7500 in chips and 50 minute levels. When we started we had only 6 people at our table. 4 of the other 5 played standard 10 handed poker so me and the other guy traded off winning the dead blinds. I got my stack to around 8500 when I played my absolutely worst hand of the trip.

Still in the first level of 25/50 I limp on the button with A,K and we see a flop 4 ways. Flop comes K,J,2. The SB leads for 250 and its folded to me and I raise to 900. He re-pops for 3k. HE was a very solid player and right then and there I should have dumped or shoved. The dump would have been the clear line but I ended up calling. The turn bricked and he shoved. Now this is CLEARLY a fold in this spot. I decide to call and he has K,2. Terrible terrible play. I guess I wanted to pick up some chips.

Down to 675 I picked-up Q,Q the next hand. There was a raise to 150 and I shipped it in. One player behind overcalls before the next player shoves. The original raiser fold along with the overcall. He had A,K and the board bricked pout and I more than tripled-up. I pretty much didn't play another pot for the next 45 minutes. I was down to 1075 and was in the 100 BB with Q10dd. There was a raise to 450 and a caller. I have zero FE and will have to face 2 others. I fold only to see the A,K,J flop. Just for good measure I picked-up the FD on the turn.

About 3 hands later I picked-up 2,2 and was up against A,Q. Flop comes A,A,K and I am out the door.

After busting I sat in a 1/3 NL game and worked the stack to a little over $400 from a $300 starting stack by running one good bluff and getting K,K to fold on a J high rainbow disjointed board when I held K,J. I was down to around $270 when I decided to gamble with A4cc on a K83cc board. The other guy had K,8 and I missed.

That was it for poker for me for the day. We went to eat at some Mexican Restaurant at the Palms and played some Pai Gow after. Including dinner I profited $5 there WOOT!

I am signed up for the $330 at Caesars today. If I bust early I am going to play the 3pm Omaha8 event there or possible a mega-satellite at the Rio.

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