Sunday, October 25, 2009

PokerSlut Tour XVI PLO8 DS

Double stack split pot game.  OMGWTF was I thinking?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

October - So Far

With the help of Table Ninja for Full Tilt (beta) and the promise of free Stox and/or Card Runners video training I've renewed my efforts to play more and improve my game.  The month started off well then went to crap.

Click to see bigger version.

My all-in EV went to shit after losing a couple huge pots when I was waaaay ahead - one at 100PLHE and one at 50PLHE.  I had a nice session today winning two all-ins and several decent sized pots.  I've resolved to play better, smarter poker.  Virge told me a long time ago that if you work on getting your non-showdown winnings to be about even the rest will fall into place.  I'm starting to believe him. 

I can't imagine playing 6-8+ tables without Table Ninja.  I use the right click to check/fold and sometimes use the best sizing options.  It makes multi-tabling so much easier.  That said, I did make one error at a table for a buyin that wouldn't have happened had I not be using Table Ninja but that was operator error and not the fault of the software.

I earned half of month of free Stox Poker last month and I'm well on my way to earning a full month next month via Truly Free Poker Training.  The best part is getting credit for partial months so those of you that play lower stakes can also take advantage of this offer. 

I've finally reached the target for my bankroll to play more of the 100PLHE.  I've found that the play is actually loser on the 100PLHE tables than it is at the 50PLHE tables - at least lately - but there are usually fewer 100PLHE tables running.  That works out well for me since I'm mixing in one or two tables of the 100s with my 50s.  I might move closer to a 50/50 mix with a few 50NLHE tables thrown in when I can't find enough PLHE running.

I know I've said this in the past but it is still true today: the PLHE tables are much juicier than the NLHE tables.  Check the table stats for yourself.  It is still surprisingly easy to get a player's stack with a big hand or less at the PLHE tables that you might think. 

Friday, October 16, 2009

Cap It or How To Play JJ

Ever remember the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons? They give you two possible titles of the cartoon. You can pick the one you want here. I have never been in a hand before where it is capped every street.

(rss readers click through for hand replayer)

I guess I run goot with JJ (see last post). Wonder if my opponent ever decided to slow down on any street. I know I was not liking the K river but eff it, lets' cap it!!!

Have a good weekend everyone.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So You Say Micro Limit Poo Flinging Is Beatable???

I would tend to agree with you. Case in point from a session yesterday:

(Click through for replayer)

It's kinda hard to figure out exactly what my opponent was thinking. I won't even go with calling 3 bets cold pre-flop. I didn't have enough hands on him for good stats but I think it's pretty easy to say he is a tad bit on the loose side.

Let's fast forward to the river. If he is looking to bluff catch, which in itself is questionable cause he can't even beat ace high or any pair, why does he not just call on the end? If he is looking to steal with king high why call on the river? Maybe I am just reading way too much into a hand. Zooks thought maybe my opponent thought they held the straight. Who knows. For sure some money still to be had out there.

I am thinking about having a lockdown day of my own on Thursday or Friday. I need to kill some vacation time and I want to get in an extended session. I may try and top it off with a live session if I can swing it.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

PokerSlut Tour XV $1 Rebuy

Say it with me!

Rebuy! Rebuy! Rebuy! Rebuy! Rebuy! Rebuy! Rebuy! Rebuy!
Rebuy! Rebuy! Rebuy! Rebuy! Rebuy! Rebuy! Rebuy! Rebuy!
Rebuy! Rebuy! Rebuy! Rebuy! Rebuy! Rebuy! Rebuy! Rebuy!

There.  Didn't that feel good?

Sunday, October 4, 2009