Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vegas Vacation Part III

4 Hour meetings retard poker blogging. It's not an excuse, just sayin'. As you were soldier.

Somehow after managing to sleep for only 5 hours I was awake by 1030AM on Monday morning. Blindguy and I tried to wander to Ceasar's for breakfast but were over taken by this massive covention of tools. Not tools the tools, tools the people. Anywhore, we wandered across the steet to Margaritaville for breakfast complete with margarita's. After that, headed back to Caesar's where we were in time for the opening of a new 4/8 table that everyone voted to make a full kill table. I was really hoping to clean up here. It was good table with some fun people and some definite dead money, but alas the theme of the trip holds, can't win the big pot. Case and point. I limp early with 57h. 3 calls to the button who raises and 6 of us see a flop of 862hh. I bet, get called, get raised, reraised, and I cap. Turn is the lovely 4s. I bet and only get called. And of course the river is the 3rd heart and knowing my flush is no good I have to check call. Guy had A10h and I lose close to a 200 dollar pot. Did manage to win a little from there, and even get up a little bit. Then couldn't hit a hand for the last 2 hours and ended up down about another 100. Pretty disappointing really.

From there we went to the Palms to eat at some Mexican place that I can't remember the name. What I do remember is the giant 25 dollar margarita's we drank. In our defense we had no idea they cost this much and they were easily the size of 3 regular margarita's. So that made dinner goot. It was pretty good on it's own. Stayed at the Palms for a little after that and lost some money in the pits at Pai Gow and Blackjack. Almost made it all back at a Blackjack and should have walked away, but didn't. Such is life.

From the Palms the old people went to bed. BlindGuy and I headed to the Piano Bar at NYNY which is always a fun time. We paid way too much for drinks there, but had fun and didn't lose money gambling, which was a plus by the end of the night for the both of us. Also there were random drunken (aren't they all) Canadians there who kept pulling me into their pictures. That was weird but fun. Unfortunately the girl with the white see through dress and the tiny thong was not Canadian nor did she want my picture.

Final report tomorrow. Promise. Because I'm already tired of doin this. Then probably a post mortem. That's all I can drag out of this for the time being.

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