Sunday, May 30, 2010

PokerSlut Tour XVIII HORSE

Grab your beer, drag your laptop to the backyard, fire up FTP and ride that HORSE!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Dream Crushing Starts Now

I stole that title from F-Train. It's just so appropriate today. Day one of the WSOP. Everybody has dreams of making a run at the beginning of the series. About six weeks from now about 95% of the entrants will want to jump off of the top of the building.

I remember the first ever WSOP event I played five years ago. I had just received a bonus check from work. I had the great idea of going out and playing a $1500 donkament. Back in 2005 you started with t1500. I don;t even remember how long I lasted, maybe the 3rd level or so. Back then there was no Deep Stack Extravaganza, no Binion's Poker Classic, nothing. hell when I arrived at my first WSOP I didn't even know there was anything called single table satellites. As beginners luck happens I won the first $175 STT that I played. I remember when I was heads-up we did a save and the loser got his money back. When I won it I actually had to walk all the way back to the casino and get money out of the ATM. I remember calling my wife back home at 3am telling her that I won. Oh the sweet, innocent years. I was trying to decide between a $1500 LHE event the next day or a Razz event three weeks from then. I opted for Razz and my life hasn't been the same since. Good or bad, you decide.

Right there I got the poker bug and I haven't been able to get rid of it ever since. After I returned home from Vegas that first year I saved up as much cash as I could for the next 12 months in anticipation of the 2006 WSOP. I was able to bring out nearly 5 figures along with a healthy $4,500 sitting in my Neteller account. Looking back I sure with some of the smaller tournament series were happening back then. I might have saved some cash.

Here's to all of the broke dicks (copyright Pauly) taking their shot in 2010, I salute you!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Prop Bet

There is a prop bet being finalized right now regarding the step tournaments on Full Tilt. More details when I get them. I will revise this post.

Revised: Pointledge, Budgetcoach, Loser64 and myself are playing 10 step 1's to see who can get the furthest. If you get a redo that counts as a try. We can try a cashout when we get to step 4 by playing a satellite with it. Two tries in for me I have a loss and a redo.

Monday, May 24, 2010

End of Steps and A Wild WSOP Plan

I ended up cashing out $200 and took the last $100 to play some more steps. I ended up buying in directly into a step 3 twice and had one win. I used the step 4 ticket to play a $750k satellite that gave away 3 seats and 4th got $111. I ended up finishing 5th. The same short stack got it in pre-flop twice dominated (A8 vs AQ and AQ vs AK). They flopped a pair to suckout both times. One other time on the bubble a short stack won a flip to stay alive. When I got my money in with AQ I lost to AK. With the rest of my $100 I registered for the rest of the PokerSlut Tour and some leftover cash for the Mookie this week.

I always come up with some great plans for WSOP time. I think I have come up with another winner. I will have enough for about 4 or 5 single table satellites. My goal is to work the balance up to $2k in lammers and come back and play the $2k mega-satellite. If I could win that I would play another one the next day. If I can hit two in a row I would play again. Three in a row I would go ahead and play the main event. Looooooooong shot to be sure but you have to have a dream, right? If I can get it up over $1k and not all the way to $2k I would come back and play in a $1k mega.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

PokerSlut Tour XVIII PLO DS

PLO DS Tonight!  Get your gambol on!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Am Seinfeld

I swear to god I'm the fucking Jerry Seinfeld of poker. If I win big I turn around and lose bit. If I post a win I can virtually guarantee a loss next session. Yesterday I went to the horse track to get a cash game session in. Early on I dropped $40 so fast I don't even remember how I lost it. I topped back off to $100 and then proceeded to flop top set on an 863 rainbow board and ended up losing to the BB who had 97 when the 5 hit the turn. All of the money went in on the river. I had him on two pair. Obvious fail. After the hand I top off with the rest of my cash and raise to $10 after a couple of limpers with 1010 and get one caller. Flop 977 and he leads into me. I jam for my last $40 or so and see A7. Lost $200 in less than 30 minutes.

Late registration was still going in the $40 tournament so I played it. Might have been my best performance in a tournament in my life. there were 44 runners and when we got to the final table I had a whole 6bbs but based on my hands you would be shocked I would even be there. I had to run one 3-barrel bluff with air. My best hand before the final table was 99. I had no ace/face hands no other pairs above 55. Complete shit.

With 9 left at the final table I shoved 99 for 6bbs with no calls. Last hand before end of 500/1k level I got a free look in the BB with 105 four ways. Flop Q86 got checked through. Turn Q and I fired 2500 in the pot and took it down. Shortly after the break I called a raise with QJ and on the J high board a big stack put me in and I called. He had AQ and I held for the first double. When we were 7 handed it folded to me in the SB and I shoved 1010. BB called with A4. I flopped a 10 and got the double and crippled the BB. Next hand he posts 4k dark from the SB (playing 800/1600). Big stack raises to 4800 and I flat the button with JJ. SB is all in and the BB jams for 11k. Big stack tank folds and I call. I am up against K7 and 88. I hold and take em both out and we are in the money.

I took out 4th when I called a raise with K8ss and called his shove when the board came 8 high. He had AQ and I held. 3 handed I was the short stack but would be able to take a lead before I gave some back to the shorty and after the hand we looked at the stacks 95k(me)/90k/80k. We decided to chop it 3 ways for $305 each. After tip a $35 profit on the day.

I was really please with my play 3-handed. I held over my opponents big time. I was able to take almost every pot as the other two were waaaay to tight.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Summer of George - The Conclusion

Armed with the last of my live roll of $140 (let's ignore the $200 on the way from Full Tilt) I set foot in the Hard Rock poker room at 10pm and was able to get a seat right away. An initial scan around the table didn't look great. Only 2-3 people in the $100 - $200 range and everyone else less than that.

In the first lap around the table I managed to lose $30 of my initial $100 and topped off to get back leaving $10 in my pocket. Shortly after that the table looked like it was going to break when we were down to five people but two more showed up within 10 seconds of us breaking the table so we played on. I hung around even after that for a while before I was able to pick up a double and get it to $185. The very next hand I raise AK and get 2 callers and cbet the J94 flop with the flush draw and overs. I get shoved on by a $35ish stack who had flopped a set. I bricked off and was back down to $125. From there I dribbled down to $90 when I topped off with my last $10 and the tables started to turn.

I was in the BB and raised a five way limped pot to $12 and got two callers. Flop comes QQ9cc, I lead for a weak $10 looking to get some action and the player to my immediate right raised to $25. I opted to ship my remaining $60 or so and he went in the tank and eventually found a call with.....44. Weeeeeee. I had the double and was up to around $175 or so. That was the start of one lap around the table that proved to be key.

In the same lap at the table I flopped middle set on a 632 hand. The blind who was a solid player led the betting the whole way with $15, $27 and $35 bets in the flop, turn and river. I really should throw in a raise on the turn but for some reason I had 54 in my head. Horrible thought process as he never leads the flop with that hand, like, ever. The river call is fine as its a way ahead way behind spot. Maybe only call he can make of a raise on the end is a flopped two pair type hand. When I called he wrapped the table, I showed the set and he mucked. The third hand in the same lap I limped in a multi-way pot with A3dd. I flopped the flush draw and called $10 and $15 bets on the flop and turn. The flush hit the river and he checked to me. I opted for a slightly larger bet of $30 and he tanked and called. My hand was good and just like that I was all the way up to $326.

The next big pot was when I limped 75hh and I saw a 6-7 way flop of 998hh. One of the blinds leads for $15 and there was one caller to me and I called as well. Turn was the 10h. Blind leads for $25, call and I'm not thrilled with my hand but I call. River is an off-suit 4. Blinds leads $35, call and action is on me. I'm REALLY not thrilled with my hand but with that much in the pot I just can't fold there and call. Opponents show 93 and 9K and my flush is good for the biggest pot of the night. Only one other significant hand after that where I called a raise to $11 with AQ along with one other. Flop AK10 and I call a $20 bet another with the other opponent. Turn K brings a flush draw. Same player leads $25, call and I put em both in (they both had around $50 behind). Call and call. One also had AQ and the other had KJ for a turned two pair. River bricked and we chopped-up the $100 from the other player.

At around 2:15 I decided to end it with $476 in front of me. Short of the $500 goal set out at the beginning of the night but close enough. All in all quite an interesting day playing poker.

The Summer (or night) of George

Wow, this is actually my second Seinfeld reference on the log in the last three months. An old co-worker of mine used to say that you can reference everything in life to a Seinfeld or a Simpson's episode. So true.

Yesterday I took the afternoon off and headed to the track. I brought $200 with me in the hopes of starting to build up the live roll again. The first buy-in was gone in a little over 1/2 hour. I was down to around $70 before I played Q5 from the blind for a free look. I flopped middle pair and improved to two pair on the turn. Unfortunately so did my opponent and buy-in #1 was down the drain and time to reload for another $100.

The second hundy lasted marginally longer. I decided to play a hand blind limping in MP and planning on lot looking until there was a bet in the hand. Flop comes AKx and its checked around. Still blind in the hand the turn is a Q. Checked to late position who bets $6 and everyone folds to me. I look down at 109 and decide to loosen the image a bit and call. River hits the 4 outer for me with the J. I pot to lead out for $15 and get a tank call. That's when the table fish chimes in talking about hitting the four outer, etc, whatever.

Very next hand the table fish is in the straddle for $4. I limp with QQ knowing with near certainty he is raising it up. after about 4 limpers he raises it up to $15 and it's up to me. I opt for the $100 shove and everyone else gets out of the way. He tanks and somehow finds a call with KJss. As I said in my twitter feed, do I even need to type what happens after that? Well, I will anyways. Clean flop K turn and I am walking out the door with nothing instead of having a little over my buy-in sitting in front of me. It just fucking blows playing on a short roll.

I can really keep it together when I am in a poker room or a casino. When I was one outed a couple months back I took it in stride. By the time I got back to the car it all came out. Sometimes you just gotta steam a bit. When I was sitting at home I was planning out my Summer of George. The reference was when George Costanza got a severance check from the Yankees and was gonna have a summer of fun. I was planning on blowing through the rest of the live roll (a whole $140) and the rest of the online roll or making one hell of a run.

I opted for taking the live roll to the Hard Rock after my son went to bed. I was going to stay until I went busto or run it up to $500. More to come this afternoon.....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

PokerSlut Tour Win

Sorta. SmBoatDrinks and myself chopped it up when we reached heads-up. Since I had more chips when we chopped it shows me first but we were within 1k of each other when it ended. I have better things to do than play out a $5 tournament. Looking good on the bets for this season so far.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

PokerSlut Tour XVIII Limit Holdem

Time for that slow painful death spiral known as limit poker.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Step 3 Line Check

Six people left and we are on the bubble for the step 4 ticket. A redo is already locked-up.

Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em Tournament, 250/500 Blinds (6 handed) - Full-Tilt Converter Tool from

CO (t2930)
Hero (Button) (t3220)
SB (t7135)
BB (t6760)
UTG (t4275)
MP (t2680)

Hero's M: 4.29

Preflop: Hero is Button with A, Q
1 fold, MP bets t2680 (All-In), 1 fold, Hero ?????

If MP wins the blinds they will move up and I will be 5th out of 6 (slightly ahead of cutoff). What's your play????

Friday, May 14, 2010


I am up in the Buffalo / Niagara Falls area so I was able to put in a live session yesterday at Casino Niagara, also known as the red-headed step child to Fallsview Niagara Casino. Casino Niagara was the original one in town until the new casino was built a handful of years ago. Casino Niagara has the 1/2 game and Fallsview has 2/5 5/10 and 10/25 games. When I got there they had 4 1/2 games going and was put on the list in 14th spot. Luclily there were a number of call-ins ahead of me and they opened a new game within 15 minutes of arriving.

Thanks to Canadian casino guerrilla math my $100USD was good for $97CDN (good addendum to this story later), so I bought in for the full $97. In the second lap at the table I had limped 86ss and it was raised to $15 so I pitched it. Very next hand I get 86hh and limp again only to see it raised to $10. I played it vs the crasian raiser and we saw the flop 3 ways of K88. HE leads for $15, I call and the other player folds. Turn is a 4 and he grabs a stack of reds to put me all in. I call for the $75 or so in front of me and he turns over AK which doesn't improve and I get an early double.

I sat on $200 for quite a while folding like the nit that I am. I picked up QQ on the button vs an aggro 20's player. First hand that I saw him play he raised to $6 with K5 off, flop top and bottom pair and check the flop and turn before finally betting the river when he was behind. I flatted his $12 raise (he had $42 behind) and we took the flop heads-up. Flop comes Kxx and he checks. I bet out $25 and he shoves for his $42. I call, he doesn't show and the board runs out xQ and I flip over the set and river his KJ. Meh, ahead pre-flop, right?

Not long after that hand I play a pot vs the other tough tricky player at the table 3 seats to my right. He was a solid player, knowing when he can steal, etc but I had position on him and used it a number of times before this hand played out. The 20's kid opened to $6 again and tricky guy called and I called with AQ from the blinds. Flop comes 10,5,2 and 20's checks, tricky bets $12 with most likely air, I flat and 20's gets out of the way. There is the spot where I think I can throw in a check-raise to win the pot, and that's exactly what I SHOULD have done, but didn't. Turn pairs the 10, I check and he bets $22. I'm thinking over the hand and I really really don't think he has the 10 in that spot. Just the way he bet seemed like he had air. I tanked to a bit and decided to call and plan on calling most river bets with my ace high. If he valuetowns me with a 5 or something goofy like that so be it. The $30 river call when the Q hit made it much easier. He ended up having a weaker ace than I did. He said "you are not calling unless the Q (or A) hits the river, right?" I told him that I was pretty sure I was calling a river bet.

That hand took me north of $300 and an almost guaranteed winning session as the biggest stack at the table was only around $150 or so. The last significant pot was vs a younger kid who raised to $6 pre and I called with 76ss. Flop comes A24ss. I call his $8 cbet and call $15 when the Jc hits the turn. An interesting 3s hits the river and he fires $25 (leaving $30 behind). I don't think he can value bet an ace or some odd two pair there. I opt just to call thinking I'm going to see a bigger flush. Nope, he rivered two pair (presumably A3) and I take the pot. I really suck at extracting max value in these hands and I apparently give 1/2 players waaaay too much credit.

I played for a couple laps after that and got up with $390 for a nice profit on the day for 4 hours or work or so. Later on in the night I went to Fallsview and played my favorite 1c 100 play video poker (winning $6) only to lose a total of $30 over there on random shit (including ice cream). When I take my $360CDN to the cashier I get back $349.25USD. The fucking get you coming and going. Can we please tie the US and Canadian dollar together for once, similar to the Bahamian dollar? One time!

Oh yeah, also played Mini-FTOPS Stud8 last night. I hung within 1k of the starting stack for over two hours before losing a bit pot and losing my internet connection back to back. In total it dropped 3 times and was slow the rest of the time. Right before the 3rd break I got the internet working again and had 1k left. In back to back hands I upped it to 2100 only to spew it back to 700 the last hand before the break. I called it quits and went to bed.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Decided on a whim to play Event 24 low today which was $11 2-7 Triple Draw. A touch over 3000 runners and it paid 450 spots. Two hours in it was up and down the leaderboard. I easily slid into a cash with around 20k playing 1k/2k. The hand that crippled me I had a made 8 after the second draw and my opponent had 1 1/2 bets left and got it in and drew 1 to a wheel on the end.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Second Verse, Almost Like The First

I think I can say that the first go around playing the steps on Full Tilt was a smashing success for me. I was able to accumulate 4 step 4 tickets (still have 1 left). The 3 that I played I won 2 $750k seats good for T$216 each and lasted a single hand in a step 4. Right now I have around T$400 in the account.

The next thing I think I'm going to do is invest 10 buy-ins directly into the step 2's and try and build them into more step 4's. Where I go from there is kinda up in the air. I will most likely play $750k satellites till I hit one. After that I might try and build one up to a step 6 or I might try and satellite into the $1k WSOP qualifier with a step 4. If I were to hit that one it would be awfully tough for me to play it and pass up on T$1060. If I don't play one I guess I can't win a WSOP seat though.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Steps Progress

Looks like I haven posted any progress in the last few days. Like I thought I would be way too tired for the Mookie Wednesday night since I ended up getting home around 2am late Tuesday night / Wednesday morning. SCOOP sucked. I had my starting stack at the end of the first hour. In hour two I called a raise with KQ and rivered two pair on a K55XQ board. After calling the bet on the river I just knew I was going to see AA and my guess was correct. I lost half my stack there. The other half I lost right before the 2nd hour break.

Steps have been OK to me. I decided to play a satellite to the $750k to try and get something for the effort. The satellite only had 13 runners and paid 4 seats with 5th getting $33. Early on there was a player to by right raising every blind vs blind hand. I took a stand in the 2nd level and shipped 1010. He found a call with Q10 and I held to get an early double. We hit the final table shortly after that and I think I played a grand total of two hands there and won the seat and T$216.

Right now I have the following:

Step 4 - 2
Step 3 - 1

This weekend I am going to try and get that 3rd step 4 and the go ahead and play one and probably play a $750K satellite with one more and then start from the beginning to get more 4's. If all else fails near the end of the WSOP satellites I will either try and get to a step 5 and play a $216 sat the the main event or play a $75 to get into the $330 or the $1k WSOP satellite. Only time will tell but I like the progress so far.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I will be using my $11 SCOOP ticket that I earned in the WBCOOP tonight. There is a $11 NLHE tournament at 20:00. Perfect timing since I am in Jacksonville with nothing to do after work tonight.

Steps look like this so far:

Step 4 - 3
Step 2 - 2
Step 1 - 1

I will probably try and grind my 1's and 2's tonight to try and get them up to some 4's. My plan is to have 5 step 4's before I play them. It might not happen as I am getting dangerously low in the Full Tilt account.

Mookie on Wednesday is questionable at best as I will be driving back home and will most likely be irritated/tired from the trip.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

PokerSlut Tour XVIII Stud

Oops!  Ignore previous post!
Tonight's game is STUD!