Sunday, May 31, 2009

PokerSlut Tour and Poker Soup

It's that time again.  The Poker Soup guys (and gal) will be recording a show tonight from the PokerSlut Tour.  You can even catch a live stream if we've got it up and running (blame Blaz if we don't) at UStream.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Zorag Challenge

That's what I am calling it. Zorag is calling it King of the Mountain. Any way you slice it I love doing these little challenges. It gets me interested in playing and not just aimlessly playing. From his blog here is the challenge:

Over at, I am running a series of stakes that will culminate in the horse playing a $107 90 player triple or nothing sit and go at Poker Stars. So far, 1 person has completely busted, and the others are still running.

Here's the plan:

Stake Details:
Step 1:

Start with 5 x 2.20 Satellites to the 1/4 million. As you win them, unregister from the 1/4 million for the $T. Run these until you reach $25.00

Step 2:

At $25, start playing $5.40 double or nothings. Do this until the bankroll reaches $60. If bankroll drops below $16.40, go back to Step 1.

Step 3:

At $60, start playing $11 double or nothings. If the bankroll falls below $40, go back to Step 2.

Step 4:

When bankroll reaches $118, congratulations, you can now play a $107 triple or nothing.

If you lose this tournament, you will still have $11 left. You may cash out or start climbing the mountain again. If you lose the triple or nothing, there is no shame. You went the distance, you just didn't claim the prize.

Upon reaching Step 4, you may opt out of the challenge and Ring the Bell. You will be a quitter. Your name shall be carved upon the list of washouts. We shall make fun of you. The shame may be too much for you to show your face in the forums again. But you can quit at this point.

At any time, you may play a Step lower than your current one. If you want, you can play the 2.20 satellites all the way up to $118 before playing the triple or nothing.

I am going to take this challenge myself, and will blog my results. I have started by taking some of my FPPs and playing a 210 FPP to the 1/4 million. I have unregistered, and have $11 in Tourney Dollars to start my climb.

If you go to and sign up, be sure to type Zorag in for your referral.

I deposited $22 into my account yesterday, enough for two shots at the challenge. I figured the first step was a 1 table SNG with one winner and some cash for 2nd. Wrong. It's actually a 4 table SNG with 1st-6th getting a $11 seat and 7th getting the leftover $6. They are played with a torbo format so they go quick. I whiffed on my first two chances. I pretty much didn't play a single hand before we dropped a table.

On the third try I was able to win a seat. On the very first hand I limped with 66 and saw 4 people call before the BB min-raised to 40 and everyone called. Flop Q64. Sb min-bets and gets one caller before I raise to 100 and only the SB calls. On the 10 turn I ship and he calls with QJ drawing dead and I get the early double. After that I played very few hands and bled down to around 2100 when we were down to 2 tables. At the 100/200 level I shipped the JackAce soooted over a short stack shove of less than 2bb's. Unfortunately I ran into KK in late position but the boomswitch was activated and I binked the A on the flop good for a 5100 stack.

Reaching the final table I was 5/9 and didn't have to play a hand the rest of the way. All of the short stacks busted like they were supposed to and I won the seat. So starting with $11 for the challenge less the three $2.20 buyins and the $11 seat I am sitting at $15.40. I need to get to $25 to move to step 2 which if I get there should be a lot easier for me since I have played approximately 1 brazillian of the double or nothings.

My ultimate goal is to get the $300 and apply it towards the 200 seat WSOP guarantee on 6/14. I will write-up my progress as I go.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Things can turn on a dime

Wednesday started out just as miserable as Monday this week. Dropped a buyin at 1/2 6 max LHE table. Then reg'd for the 75 frenzy and was out in the third hand when I had QQ aipf vs 1010 and AQ, 1010 went runner runner straight. Monkey tilt was festering. Bubbling up. Well at that point I short stacked a .25/.50 6max PLO table and eventually doubled up. At the same time I bought in to a 24+2 sng for a token, top 2 get tokens, 3rd got 66 bucks. Well down to 3 handed, my 1010 was no match for 109soooooted aipf, with the river flush. At this point though, the cash was welcomed and I was less tilty then I thought I'd be. Then came the Mookie.

First hour was pretty quiet really. Didn't have much in the way of hands but was able to pick some good spots, get a hand every now and then, and chip up to about 5K or so by the first break. Second hour started out about the same. I won a key hand pretty early when my KQ was able to fade a FD when we were all in on the flop. This got me to very playable stack then a little more then halfway through I started getting a nice run of cards. I think I won about 4 hands in a row at one point with most of my raises getting called preflop, but taking it down after. Right before we went down to 2 tables I won a big race against AK with 1010, this jumped me to about 4th in chips.

Once I got moved to the new table, I think I busted the first 2 people and before I knew it I was sitting in first with about 16 left. Gettig down to the FT table bubble, I bled off a little and was getting played back at, so I locked things down, and kinda cruised into the FT. Once there, chips started flyin. I ended up falling a bit behind the leaders mainly because I didn't have anything I wanted to play for my whole stack. Picked some spots, just bobbed and weaved trying to move up as best I could. Eventually we get to three handed with me, Blaaaaargh, and QueensUp. QueensUp was putting the full on blitz to blaaaaargh, I can only imagine because he had a seat and blaaargh did not. Queens takes him out on a flip and we are heads up with me at about a 6-1 disadvantage. At one point I clawed back to about a 2-1 deficit but alas it was not to be. Lost a flop 44 vs A9 and that's all she wrote.

Now what? Well I'm a little disappointed to not get another win but this is my second, second in a little over a week. So am I quite pleased with that. Now I've moved about 5 points behind Jordon for the coveted 5th money spot on the BBT leaderboard. Barring a win in the BigGame I got no shot at the May leaderboard, but 350 cash would be very nice. I do still need a token, although given this nice run last night, the pressure is off a little. I would obviously just buyin if I had to but lets hope it doesn't come to that. GL to everyone else the rest of the way. Should be a fun finish and a very interesting TOC.

Thanks to BDR and Numb for the PokerSoup pimp last night.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Miserable Monday

26 Dollar Frenzy: get short, shove A2 into 99, flop an ace, river 9

Memorial Day 10K Guarantee: get it all in preflop with QQ vs AK, river ace

75 Dollar Frenzy: 10 from token shove the button with Q7, BB calls for 80% of his stack with A5, flop 7, turn Ace

RiverFUCKERS: Tony Eusebio goes shove monkey at the FT/money bubble, I pick up QQ and call, K5 > QQ with river king.

Still tilty. Don't know about Skillz tonight. Should play, still have an outside oustide chance of getting to money but last night was a huge wasted opportunity. Still need that big game token as well. Don't feel like doing that either.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pokersoup Invitational Tonight

Tonight our guest is Poker Grump. Since the Pokerslut Tour is off for Memorial Day weekend we are going to have another Pokersoup Invitational tonight.

Pokersoup Invitational
Full Tilt
21:00 server time
password: pokersoup

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Live Tourney

Taking advantage of the holiday weekend I got to the track for their $30+10 tournament. $5 dealer toke gets you an extra 1k for a total of 7k and 20 minute levels. Blinds doubled in each of the first 5 levels. After the 400/800 level you go to 600/1200 then 1k/2k, 2k/4k. Not great. 70 some odd runners and it paid the final 9.

In the first two levels I think I played 2 hands with nothing to show for it. In the 3rd level and around 4k in chips I raised with 88 to 700. Next to act re-raises to 2500. Its ship or fold time. I opt to ship and I see a call and QQ. I can suckout goot though and turn the 8 and get the double. In the 4th-6th levels I stayed pretty steady. Going to level 7 at 1k/2k I had 11k. There were 3 tables left at the time.

I figured I would bust out fairly soon with my monsterous 5 bbs. First hand at the level the player tp my left raises to 5k and I look down at KK. I ship and he calls with KQ. My hand holds and I am up to 26k and healthy. Soon after that hand I get moved to balance out the tables. I hung steady for a while and when we went to 2k/4k I found AQ in EP and shipped. An older lady who I saw play 2 hands (both KK) re-shipped and I thought oh shit. She ended up snap re-shoving AJ. I held and was sitting on nearly 80k and in great shape. Down to 2 tabled I get moved back to the other table to balance again.

At my new table I was the 2nd biggest stack as we reached the final table bubble. When we were 12 handed I was in the SB with 76 and it folded to me. Short stack was in the BB and I opted to just call and see a flop, BB checks. Flop comes AKK. I min-bet for 4k and he tanks. "I know I'm ahead." He ends up FOLDING 88 FACE UP. Hahahahha. I showed my hand. How does he not ship pre-flop and how does he not call on the flop. If I have an A or a K in my hand pre I am raising it up. Shortly after we reach the final table.

I was sitting on the 3rd highest stack at the FT in the 5 seat. The CL was in the 3 and 2nd in chips was in the 4. Couldn't have drawn a better spot. We played a lap or so before there was an UTG limp and a short stack shove. Folds to me and I have KK and call. I'm up against 1010 and my hand holds. That's the last hand I played at the final table. We got down to 6-handed and ended up doing a 6-way chop for $320 which was between 2nd and 3rd place money. At the time I was down to 70k playing 4k/8k and in 4th/6.

I think that makes 3 straight FT's for me at the track. Not a bad little run. For making the FT I received a ticket for their freeroll today. This is the same thing Gambit played last week. Unfortunately we have a home game and I won't be able to use it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Noble or Douchebag: You make the call

In the column of too little too late, last night I managed a second place finish in Skillz. My bad runs at the cash table must have balanced themselves out last night, because I ran pretty well. Stayed out of trouble and after a quiet first hour, hit a run of cards to get near the top of the leaderboard and stayed there most of the evening. Went on life support a few times down to 7 and 8 handed but eventually "sucked out" if you ask Smokkee but I would say they were flips and I just hit my card later in the preceedings :)

At any rate, because Jordon is destoying all things BBT this month my chance to finish top 5 and get some cash are close to null and void. A win last night would have closed the gap and still given me a shot. At any rate I get to HU with LJ, who does not have a seat at about a 4-1 chip disadvantage.

Well when we get to HU, she asks if I want to chop. Now I imagine she had something creative in mind with the payouts and the seat but I declined it. Noble or douchebag? Here's why. I knew I needed the points to have a shot at movin up. You can argue that getting the extra cash payout could mitigate that but there's still a pride thing in finishing in the top 5 for this thing. Part of that pride is not rolling over, taking the money, and giving the seat away. Plus I don't feel like it is mine to give away, everyone else won their's. I can honestly say the money wasn't important last night and the prevailing thought on my brain was, "If you want the seat you have to beat me for it." So maybe I am more of a douchebag then noble but I accept it.

Friday, May 15, 2009

OK Vegas After All

Wife gave me the OK to go. Only problem is cashflow. I will be on the extremely short stack when I am there. I might be counting the bulbs on the strip with Clark and Audrey before the end of the trip. Some cheap things though:

  • 50,000 miles on USAir and I have a round trip ticket, IN FIRST CLASS!
  • 3 nights at Harrah's for $120.
  • $108 in comps at Harrah's properties. You can find me each night at the Caesar's food court eating dinner.

I will be there 6/30 - 7/4. I will get back home in time to see the fireworks with my son. I am foregoing a room on Friday night. If I get tired I guess I can just sleep in the rental car. Looking to turn $125 into a main event seat. GL me, I am really, really, really gonna need it to pull that off.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Did Something Online For A Change

Chopped the AIPS second chance last. Not a tremendous feat though. 15 people or so playing LHE. I also final tabled AIPS (LHE again) and finished 4th. My short-handed game with 5 to go was absolutely abysmal. I don't get too much practice playing short-handed LHE and it showed. Not a good excuse as I am sure my opponents had zero experience either.

I will look through the hand history and see if there is anything interesting when I get back home. Probably nothing there, LHE is not too exciting. Won $31 playing 2/4 LHE at the casino this morning before I had to go to the airport. Highlight was putting in a 5-bet on the river with JJ on a 965J9 board. He had 95 cause we all know that's a solid hand to call two bets cold before the flop.

Maybe LHE is my game.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Plus - Saw only 23 people reg'd for Brit so I decided to play yesterday
Minus - Spewed with KQ to Buddy's AQ on a queen high flop 5 minutes in
Plus - Had a decent little run in 6 handed LHE
Minus - half fell alseep and forgot about PokerSoup thingy last night
Plus - woke up in time to help fleece a donkey of 75 bucks at a 1/2 6 max LHE table to win over a buyin

Very good day cash game wise. Blogger events still being ghey. With only 1500 chips in the Brit, it's hard not to go broke with TP. Part of that problem is, "Do you really want to stay and fight with 800 chips 5 mins in?" Maybe this is more of my problem.

50/50 on Riverfuckers tonight. In work earlier then normal. See how I hold up.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

We Will Be Live Tonight!!!

PokerSoup Invitational Sunday Night

Sorry for the blurry jpeg. Get the details here. We are scheduled to have Tiffany Michelle on the show tonight. Blaz is working on possible getting a live feed going tonight as well. If it happens I will post the link on here. If not, you can always check here in a day or two to download it.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Getting Back At It

My hiatus away from poker lasted all of a couple days for those keeping track. I played Blogger Skillz on Tuesday night along with the Booze Cruise with nothing to show for it. I took a shot at Mini-FTOPS PLO Event #2 which was PLO Knockout. I picked-off a short stack of 110 chips early with single suited aces. Hey, only a $22 tournament now. Bustout hand was a beauty.

I have single suited aces and pot it from up front, cutoff re-pots and I re-re-pot it for $2k with 5k behind. Cutoff flats and has me covered. Flop comes about as bad as it can in KQ5 rainbow. Fuck it, I'm getting it in. He has KQ87, always a fuckin' awesome re-pot and flat the re-re pot hand. Out in the first 45 minutes.

I have been back playing the double or nothings on Stars lately trying to clear a $100 bonus. Right now I am 39 points shy of clearing it. So far so good as I am 7-1 over my last 8 and 8-4 over 12. Might have to go back to grinding those as it seems to be the only thing I can win at, albeit a marginal winner.


Work is crazy. Home life is almost as crazy as we have something to do almost every weekend while trying to find time to work in between them. This is on top of getting home later each night to help the wife do the normal everyday things plus the other stuff that needs to get dome for a evil monkey's first brithday party (who has been far less evil as of late).

Why I decided to play all 4 events this week I don't know. Alright well it's mainly an effort to catch the top 5 overall in points and get the cash. However after just a dismal performace this week, it's not a good idea. I'm playing like shit, tilting to easily, and generally not having fun this week. All of which sucks, because I have really been enjoying the BBT to this point even when I have run bad. Plan is to just play Skillz and Mookie next week. Almost a full week off should do me good. Hopefully that will invigorate and I can come back strong to finish the month.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Main Event Recap

I laughed, I cried, I busted. That about sums it up. 20k in chips and one hour levels. Day one was scheduled for 9 levels. I made 8 of them.

At my starting table was a nice lady in the one seat. She was a solid player. The three seat turned out to be a terrible local. I can't even remember the four seat. Seat 5 was Chris Levicq. He goes by pokerdomeAA online. He won like 7 seats to this thing. Seat 6 was a lady I played an interesting hand with. Seat 7 was a Scandi looking dude. 8 and 8 were non-descript and 10 was an interesting player I played two hands with.

Early on I was able to build up a stack with zero risk. I won about 5k in the first pot of the day. I called a bet with A10cc and saw a flop with two crubs. Chris Levicq c-bet, seat 10 called and I called. Turn is a brick and it goes check check check. I hit the nut flush on the river. Seat 10 leads for about 2k or so. I raise it up to 5500 and eventually he folds Q7cc face up.

I end up working my stack up to around 35k when I take the rest of seat 10's chips. I have A3cc and limp. Flop comes K103cc and I lead into the pot and seat 10 calls. Turn is the 7c. Checked to me and I bet about 1/2 pot. River Q. Seat 10 now leads for around 3k. I put him in for his last 6k behind or so and he tanks forever and finally calls. I show him the nuts and he mucks and leaves.

In the second level (before I bust seat 10) I get in an interesting hand. Lady in seat 1 raises and I call with AJ. Seat 3 calls and we see a flop 3 handed. Flop J,5,4. Seat 1 leads for about 700, I raise to 2200, seat 3 flats and now seat 1 puts in a 3bet to about 6k. I fold and seat 3 ends up getting the last of his chips in. She has 55 for the set and the other guy had the same hand as me AJ. He busts and just like that she has 40k. I always have to work my stack and others go crazy with top top and double someone.

In the second level Jamie Pickering gets moved to my immediate left. Just fucking great. I think he opened the first 5 pots after he sat down and won all of them. I know he is obviously opening light which should have played into this hand. I have 55 on the button. Folds to the lady in seat 1 and she raises to 525 when we were playing 75/150. I flat on the button and Jamie raises to 2000. Seat one flats and I muck. Knowing his range I think this should be an easy call. I was just scared of seat 1. Flop comes J,8,5. FML. Jamie leads for 5k and takes the pot. There was some lost chips there. I ended up with 36k at the first break.

In level 3 Jamie on my left kept me in check the whole way and I ended with 34k. Level four was much of the same for the most part. I was able to get the stack to around 40k when the last hand before the break the lady in the 6 seat raises to 700. I call in position with AKhh. Heads up flop comes AJ6ssh. I call her 1500 cbet. Turn is a very interesting 6h. She leads for 3k. If she has AA in this spot god bless her. I put in a raise enough to put her all-in for 10k more. When she tanks and says really I know I have at least a chop and am freerolling for the whole thing. After quite some time she ends up calling with QQ. What? I ended up catching the unnecessary flush on the river and at the end of level 4 I am all the way up to 63k.

I the 5th level I start opening up lighter. I raise 105cc (crubs always get there right?) and the short stack calls. Flop is A high ragged and he calls. I am done with the hand until the 2nd crub hits the turn. I bet again and he calls leaving 2200 behind. River bricks off and I ask how much he had and put him all-in. He actually thought before calling with A9 and I double him up. After the hand I was down to around 53k.

Next big hand was against Chris Levicq when I raise to 800 with QQ. He raises to 2200 and I 4bet to 6200. He ships and I barely have him covered. I fold my hand face up and he shows me a single ace. 100% there is another one under there. When he showed the one he didn't have to hunt for it. Down to 45k.

Right before the break Jamie is shoving 10k all-in about 80% of his hands. He wants to build a stack or go. He shows J7 off 62 soooted etc. Last hand before dinner break an EP player raises to 1200 and I flat on the button with AQ. Jamie ships 13k form the SB. BB tanks and eventually folds what he said was JJ. Don't know how you do that there. Original raiser folds and I have a pretty easy call. He wakes up with AK. I turn a 4flush draw but miss and am down to 27k at the break.

Level 7 I stayed steady. Level 8 comes and a crasian lady in her 20's is moved to our table. She is winning playing the aggro monkey which leads to my demise eventually. I raise 76ss and get called by her. Flop comes AK10hh. I cbet and she raises. I call and float. Turn is a 6. I check and she bets. I seriously thought about calling here and trying to take it away on the river. I think better and fold. She shows Q9hh for nothing but a draw.

About three hands later she raises to 2400 again and I call out of position with KJ. Flop K75hh. I check call her 500 cbet fully intending to get it all-in on a non-ace turn. Turn is a 8. I check and she fires 15k which has be covered. Didn't take me long to call and she shows AQhh. River 3h. Fuck me. I win that pot I am back north of 40k and in great shape with one level to go in the night.

Oh well, all I can do is go with my read there and I was correct as an approximately 76% favorite. Thanks everyone for the sweat and the well wishes. Time to take a few days weeks or months off of poker.