Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 6 Conclusion

There were 55 people in the 11pm tournament. I lost 400 of my 4000 starting stack on hte first hand for a good start. Still in the first lap I flopped a flush but didn't get paid and flopped a set and got paid a little. The rest of the tournament was pretty boring. With 4 tables left and 200/400/50 blinds I had an easy shove with a stack of 2900 and AQ. One of the limpers took a full minute before calling with K,K. Sure as hell looked liek a slowroll to me. Slowrollers get what they fuckin deserve.

Blinded down again with two tables left and 400/800/100 I limped with Q,J knowing I am shoving my 5500 stack if anyone else does. A LAG shoves and I call. He has Q,9 and I get the double again. With 14 people left I had A,Q and there was a 1000 limp. With my stack of around 11k I should have just shoved there. I raised to 4k with AJhh and got a the limper to call. Flop comes Q,x,xhh. I shoved and she calls with Q,10. I pick up a straight draw on the turn but miss everything and was out in 14th.

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