Friday, June 13, 2008

Snuffy's Day 7

The first thing played on the day was the 2pm $80 at Planet Ho. 50 some people paying 6 spots. I hat the stack up to around 6k at the first break. Near the end of the second hour and a stack of 4500 and 500/1000 blinds it was a luck fest. The average stack was 6k. I got my money in with Q,J and managed to suckout vs AA. With 12 people left I was a big stack then went through the blinds. When the final table sat I pulled a bad card and had to go through the blinds again right away. That knocked me down to 1.5 BBs and was knocked out in 9th. They made an 8-way chop when I was knocked out. Fuckers.

I went over to the Rio after that and signed up for a $125 satellite. I worked the stack up to 1800 with 5 people left. I was in the BB with K,6 and called a min-raise to 400. Flop came A,K,x and The guy led for 400. He was really active and I thought I was good there. I ended up dumping it and on the very next hand I get K,10 from the SB and he does the same min-raise. I called with K,10 and the flop came K,10,x. I checked, he bet, I shoved and he snap called with A,K. My hand held and I had about 3500. The very next hand there was a shove for 1100 and I called with J,J. The stack to my left with 700 shoved. The hands were AA and QQ. A 4 flush came and I had a the flush but the QQ had a better one. Back down to 1600. 4 handed I get 10,10 and call a shove from the same person who had QQ. She had JJ this time and I was out the door.

That was all of my poker for the day as I opted not to play the mega. I am contemplating playing the Razz event today. I may try a satellite and then decide what I want to do. If I do play and make day 2 I would have to reschedule my flight. Not e of wife if you read this. You will get something in return.

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