Sunday, June 8, 2008

Vegas Day 2

After figuring out that my both of my roommates snore I gave up on sleeping and just laid there for a while. I knew we were going to play cash games at Caesar's while Snuffy played the BBT3 TOC for a chance at a WSOP ME Seat. I was looking forward to playing some live cash games with non-effer/non-blogger types. I was sure it was going to be interesting.

Snarf and Blind Guy made it to the IP where we met them for some lunch before heading over the Caesar's. The poker room was packed when we got there. A tournament was taking up almost all the tables; what few were left were cash but there sure weren't many. We heard the floor staff discussing which tables would be breaking next and what games they were going to spread on them as soon as they opened.

It wasn't too long before we were seated at a new 4/8 limit table.

Seat 1: Snarf
Seat 2: Complete Lagtard
Seat 3: Easy money that decided to move to a 2/5 NL table
Seat4: Yours Truly
Seat 5: Blind Guy
Seat 6: ImaBetaBot
Seat 7: Decent Player
Seat 8: Decent Player
Seat 9: Snoop Doggy Playa
Seat 10: Albino Black Guy

I knew this wasn't my usual effer/blogger cash game when Seat 3 showed J2c from UTG in the first hand. He, of course, left a few hands later to go buy in short at 2/5 nlhe table where I'm sure he was eaten alive.

It soon became obvious that Lagtard was enjoying the fact that he was tilting Snoop and the rest of the table by 3-4-5 betting with total shit cards. Snoop was one of these "I don't believe you so I'm going to call", "Don't try to bluff me cause I'm going to check-call your ass all day until I have to rebuy" kind of guys. We sat there in utter amazement at these two guys.

I played all of 3-4 hands willingly of which only the first one was truly a playable hand.

1) I raise UTG with AQo and get one caller. Flop comes 8 high with two clubs. I lead and get raised. Calling that was my first mistake. The turn was an A (woot, right?). I check intending to check raise but he CHECKED BEHIND. The river was a blank so I lead and HE RAISED ME. WTF? I call. He had hit a set of As on turn. D'oh. Minor spewage the way it played out so I guess I can't really complain.

2) After folding literally a Brazillian hands I decide I'm going to call Lagtard's UTG raise with KJc. Next thing I know ImaBetaBot is 3-betting it and Lagtard is 4-betting. Well shit. Damnit I want to see a flop here so like a blithering idiot I call two bets cold and end up calling a total of 5 bets preflop at that's Caesar's structure for limit games. The flop is AQX. Crappy flop for my hand but I do have a really shitty draw. I call Lagtard's lead and ImaBetaBot raises. Well shit. It get's back to me and I give up on the hand. The turn? A Ten. Yep I would turned the nut straight in a huge pot. Sigh. Turns out ImaBetaBot had AA for top set and Lagtard had complete trash I'm sure. I should have just folded when it got back to me preflop.

3)I pick up QTs and call a Lagtard raise. Well this time Seat7 decides to get involved and 3bets it. At this point it was obvious that players really wanted to get into hands with Lagtard because if they hit anything they were likely to win a HUGE pot. I ended up in a capped preflop hand with QTs. Yet another donktastic move on my part. Flop was 9TJ rainbow. Ok, I flopped middle pair and an oesd. That's about as good as it's going to get for my hand. Betting goes crazy and I'm in for the ride. The turn was an 8. Woooot, right? I just hit the second nut straight. SECOND NUT STRAIGHT, BABY! Lagtard ends up all in and the river is capped between me and Seat 7 who turns over KQo for the flopped joint. This guy capped it with KQo because he knew he was way ahead of the Lagtard's range - in this case KTo. Another D'oh moment brought to you by your favorite Donkidiot. I'm here all week. Try the veal.

Snoop and the good players were really trying to get into pots with the Lagtard and I don't really blame them he was spewing chips at an alarming rate. Snoop himself was spewing as well. The beneficiaries were pretty much everybody but me.

At one point the Lagtard told me that he had played the WSOP $1500 Limit event the previous day and had finished 200th. He even said, "I played just like this and built up a nice stack then donked it away." LMAO!

I decided to walk it off at the Forum Shops when I get a text saying that Mimi Rogers showed up in the Poker Room for something related to the WSOP Ladies event the next day and ImaBetaBot wants to get my picture with her! Details can be found at my other blog.

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