Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Strategy Question

Strategy time for everyone. This one is fairly simple. What do you do?

(Note: I deleted starting stacks for the 7 folds as it doesn't pertain to the hand)
Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em, $0.10 BB (9 handed) -
Full-Tilt Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com
SB ($19.19)
Hero (BB) ($10.59)
Preflop: Hero is BB with J, 8
7 folds, SB bets $0.20, Hero ???

Monday, March 29, 2010

Vegas Plans

It's already a little under three short months away so I thought I would post The Corporation's plans for Vegas during the WSOP.

Zooks: 6/15 - 6/21 staying at Harrah's with T and Suzan.

Snuffy: 6/16 - 6/21 staying at Exaclubur (hotel subject to change)

Snarf: hahahahhahahahahha, I asked if he had any thoughts of going, "Thoughts, yes. In actuality, no."

Another mini get together will happen in just under two weeks April 8-11 in St. Louis for the WSOP-C event at Harrah's. I will be there along with Loser64 and Budgetcoach.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

PokerSlut Tour XVIII NLHE DS

We're back at it tonight!

Snuffy's edit: I am looking to book action on this season. I'm looking for odds for me to win it all or I will take anyone on head to head for the season.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Something Bad, Something Good

I went to go play yesterday. My plan was to get a couple of hours in before the heads-up tournament started at 4pm. I had already bought my $125 ticket to the event a couple weeks ago because I expected the 64 player cap to be hit. I show up just before cash games start and I wander over to the bulletin board to see if they have the number of entrants listed. Looking at the board I see that the event was YESTERDAY. Fuck Fuck Fuck. There is $125 down the drain. I now know how much I need to make in the cash games to break even on the day. The goal would be $125 and get the hell out.

I was on the 3rd 1/2 table to get going about 10 minutes after they opened. Early on there was a raise to $6 and I called with KJdd along with 4 others. Six ways to the flop it comes AhQh10d. The raiser leads for $10 and I go ahead and raise it up to $25, everyone folds back and he tanks and folds AK face up. Just like that I am up to $140. I fold for about the next lap and a half and then pick-up 66 UTG+1. UTG raises to $12 and I FOLD!?!? What the fuck am I doing? If I can't call $12 with 66 in a 1/2 game why am I playing? After I fold I see 5 people call the raise and the flop naturally comes Q65. Here is where it gets interesting. SB leads for $12, next to act who is a total fish shoves for his last $40. It gets back to the pre-flop raiser who has $80 behind and he decides to send it in. Back to the SB who shoves for about $60 or so. What do they roll over? SB has KQ (lol) short stack had Q10 (double lol) and original raiser has KK. Turn brick river 10 and the fish gets shipped the pot. Shortly after that he gets up and moves to the 5/10 game ($100 buy-in, triple lol).

If I call the raise i would take down the approximately $150 pot (I assume the SB woulda folded). I seriously contemplated getting up right there. If I am playing not to lose I really should leave but do I? No. Turned out to be a great decision.

Thanks to my ongoing IM session with Zooks I have every big hand I played, and there were a lot of them in a short period of time. Sitting on around $140 I limp with QJ suited and go ahead and flop the flush. I bet the flop and got 1 caller. Turn brings a 4th of the suit and I bet again and get called. River brings a 5th of the suit and I check it back and my hand is good, he flashed the 10 for the 3rd nuts. Up to $172. Not long after I limp A3dd and the flop comes down J33 in a multi-way pot. I bet out in late position and the 4 others in the hand all fold.

My first losing hand I raised to $10 with QQ and only the player to my left calls leaving$25 behind. Flop comes A106dd. Playing with him for a while in the past I'm fairly certain he doesn't have the ace I lead for $20, he sends his last $25 in and I call. No he doesn't have the A, he has QJ for the 15 outer and he gets there and I am back down to $120.

About a lap later I am in late position and limp along with just about the rest of the field with Q9dd. Flop comes J10xdd. Guess it doesn't get much better than that. A late position player leads for $20 into the $12ish pot. I am next to act and just call along with two others and the pot has ballooned up pretty quickly. Turn brings me the flush and it's checked to me. I bet 30ish and its folded back to the flop raiser and he check raise shoves and has be covered. This dude was a major donator and got lucky early to build a stack. I called fairly quick. He says damn you have the flush and turns over 98 for the flopped straight and is drawing dead. I get better than the full double and am sitting on $285 after the hand.

Not longer after that (noticing a trend?) I flop two pair from the blind and it all gets in on the turn vs the same guy who doubled through me and this time he missed his 15 outs and I am up to $330. As my hands can now turn anything to gold it wasn't much longer I limp A9dd. Flop comes 789 and it gets check through 5 ways. Turn binks the 9. One player bets $15 and I min-bet it up to $30. A 3rd player shoves for his last $37 and we both call. Thinking I need the board to pair it comes in the way of a 7. Other player check and I bet $40 and he turbo-mucks 10J for the flopped straight face up. The all-in player also flopped the straight with 10J. After the hand I am now just a touch under $400.

This session isn't even close to over yet.

I raise 88 first in and get 2 callers. Flop comes 642 and I lead for $10 and get min-raised by the fish to my immediate left, next to act calls and I call. Turn 10. I check and other two check??? River 8 for my set. I lead for $25 and both fold. Not long after that the fish to my left decides to throw the $4 straddle on. It gets called in 5 spots before it gets to me in the BB and I look down at AA. I raise to $27 and EVERY ONE FOLDS. I will take it.

Then the inevitable cooler comes. I am sitting on $380 or so and call a raise to $6 with K9dd. About 4-5 people to the flop and it comes Q96dd. Pre-flop raiser bets $10 and gets 3 callers. Turn pairs the 6 and it gets checked around. River completes the flush. I lead for $15, fish calls and a tighty mctight min raises to $30. I make the crying call and fish calls. Tight had the A5dd and scoops. and I am back down to $320. Of course I was on my last lap at the table too.

Still on my last lap (last hand actually) I limp AK UTG and the fish raises to $6 like he has a tendency to do. Everyone else at the table knows he is a fish and 5 other people call the $6 before it gets back to me. I put in a small raise the $220 and everyone folds.

I ended up staying through the blinds and got up with $342 in front of me. A ton of hands for a 3 hour session for sure. Made up for that missed tournament.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cashing Out

I decided to take $100 off of Full Tilt. I wanted to have the extra money for when I go to St. Louis in a couple weeks. My plan is to try a single table satellite or two in order to get into the $350 HORSE event on 4/8. For the rest of the time that I am there I plan on playing the cash games. I may try and play a few more single table sats depending on how soft they are and how I am running in them.

I requested the check yesterday. Let's see how long it takes to get it.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tourney Results

It's been so long since I was gonna post about some good tournament results I guess I will summarize as best I can.

I played a $90 deep stack at the track (and I mean DEEP, 20k chips). They had 49 runners and after nearly 7 hours I finished 4th for around $360. When we were 5 handed I had about 6bbs and was up against everyone else sitting on at least 20bbs and 2 well over 80bbs and we ALMOST got an even 5 way chop. The drunk in the game fucked it up for me asking for the floor for no other reason to piss off one particular opponent who said screw it let's play. Drunk was the chip leader and busted 5th.

In the above tournament I won a satellite ticket (first 5 flushes in tourney win $30 seat). The ticket gets you 2k in chips in a sat. You have a $5 add=on for 1k more and a $30 re-buy which you must take right away for 5k more. I was on my starting stack in the 3rd level and limped 98hh. Flop comes QJ10 in a five way limped pot. BB leads for near pot and I just ship about 7500 total and the BB finds a call with J7??? I double and am in good shape early. It ended up being 89 runners for 12 seats. With 16 to go I found AA when I had 5bbs and won blinds and antes which nearly doubled my stack. I hit AA with 14 left to secure me stat in the $350 buy-in tourney. I also had 30% of someone else in the tourney who also won a seat. Tourney is this Sunday. I am selling both seats if I can to take the cash to St. Louis with me.

In Minneapolis I had two live cash sessions. Netting them both I broke even. I also played a $40 tournament with a little over 200 runners paying 20 spots. I finished 25th. gg me.

That's about it lately. I have a ticket for a $125 64 player heads-up event Thursday. If it sells out I may just try and sell my seat for a premium. If not I like my chances as I highly doubt the players in the field are all that skilled in heads-up.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010


The title above pretty much sums up my writing skills over the last few weeks. I have a boatload of shit to say but I am just two damn lazy to type out the words. That's partly why we began the collaborative blog, so there would be more content. Since someone decided to have kid #2 and my other cohort is just as lazy and I am, that left us with little content. I'm not sure how to change that. Twitter has been my crutch. It's a hell of a lot easier to type 140 characters at a time compared to crafting multiple paragraphs. I am not a writer by nature. Hell, I don't even like to read much either. Anyone out there have cures?????

After getting back from Vegas I decided to go play some live poker at the track to try and build the roll up some more. Here comes the fail!!! I was on my first buy-in when in a 5-way limped pot I held the 66 in mp. Flop comes down 632dd. SB leads for $10 and with the possible multiple-draws out there I raised it up to $30. SB takes zero seconds and ships. I throw the last $50 in front of me in and say I have a set. He says me too and turns over the 33. Bink comes the 3 on the turn and I was just one outed for my first buy-in. I must say that I took it pretty well though. Shit like that happens.

I opened the game up a little bit after that. After about another hour passes before I limp 95ss in middle position. The player from the previous hand raises to $8 and with the future of 6 others calling who were already in I called. Flop comes A95 rainbow. Villan leads for $20 and I ship the last of my $80 in front of me and he snap calls with the AJ. Guess what, J binks the turn. Bye bye buy-in #2. After that buy-in #3 was a blur. Plenty of shitty play ensued and I ended up dropping all of my profits from Vegas in 5 hours.

Fast forward one week later and I am back at the track with two buy-ins in my pocket. Very first hand of the day I pick up AKcc in early position and raise it up to $11 and get three callers. Flop comes KQx and I lead for $30 and get one caller. Turn J and I ship the last $59 and get called by KK. Lovely. After one hand, down one buy-in I get up from the table and decide to walk over to the tournament that is about to start. Soon things are going to change. More later.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vegas Wrap and One More Story

The final numbers:

Cash Games: +555
Single Table Sats: -160
Tournament: -60
Random Gambling/Food/Other Expenses: -15
Total Profit - +320 - A winning trip, yea.

I have one more story to tell about the Hard Rock. While at the second table they floor person came around and gave tickets for a $100 drawing in which you had to be in the room to win. There was a Brit to my immediate right who probably had around $600 in front of him. HE was gonna get up and leave until a few people at the table convinced him to to stay the extra half hour until the drawing. I was pretty sure they weren't doing it out of the kindness of their hearts. He had to be the fish at the table and just got lucky in a few spots.

The phrase coined at the table was "European Style", synonymous with losing all your chips in quick succession. In the half hour it took for him to wait for the drawing he ended up being felted on two big pots where he got his money in drawing dead. The bad part was he didn't even stick around to see if he won the $100. His buddies on the rail were giving him a massive amount of shit. Stay away from the European Style of play.