Saturday, June 7, 2008

Vegas Day 1 - 6/6/08

My flight got in around 4:30pm. Believe it or not it took me 5 hours to get in the first game on the trip. I had to wait for Zooks and DrawnDead to get in. Zooks any myself went over to the Rio to get safe deposit boxes before we had to head back for the airport.

First up was the blogger get together at MGM, They were playing a 2/4 mix game. The list when we got there was about 10 deep. I got onto the 1/2 NL list and was seated in quick order. I bought in for $200 and quickly found the table to be pretty aggressive. Opening raises were in the $12-$15 range. I worked the stack down just below $100 by calling raises and then missing. I bought for another $100 and saw that bleed down to $110 again. I decided to get it all in on a flush draw and gutter and missed and was down $300.

It was only 11:30, ah what the hell, $200 please. This $200 worked a lot better and I slowly increased my stack winning some smallish pots. The two big hands on the night were flopped trips and turned boat and A,A. The A,A hand I raised to $10 and got 4 callers before the BB raised to $50. I reraised to $115 and took the pot down there. I finally got up from the table with $520 in front of me for a $20 profit.

Other sites around Vegas from last night:
  • I saw Dmitri Nobles playing $1/$2 at MGM. He was the hyper-aggressive dude from the ME either last year or two years ago.
  • When me and Zooks were walking to the cage I smelt something horrid. I said what the fuck is tha...... oh. Eskimo Clark was walking right in front of us. Another year without a shower I guess.
  • I met Columbo at the blogger gathering and wished him luck in the TOC today at 2pm. Let me run good and get that main event seat. Either that or let me bust out and get to Binions in time for the 4pm shootout.


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  1. Tell Columbo to get a new shirt for fawk's sake.