Monday, June 2, 2008

Pokerslut Tour & Blogger Big Game

Last night was the season finale of the Poker Slut Tour. I had an outside chance to win it all but Zooks and Lillian had to bow out early. There were 15 runners. I was lucky as both of them were eliminated before the final table and points. I now needed a 2nd place finish to tie to the season and a win to win it outright. I played super super tight and was able to slowly chip up. The downfall hand was when I had (K,K)9 and we got it all-in by 5th street vs (x,x)K and he had the split kings. Neither of us hit two pair and I lost on the kicker to be knocked out in 4th. A small profit at least.

In the Blogger Big Game I had nothing playable for the first 4 levels. I think I tried making a play twice at the pot and was picked off both times. I was still at my starting stack of around 3k but lost two pots before the break and was down to 1900. I was able to maintain just a little after the break and then finally hit a set of 7's on a 8,7,4cc flop. All the chips got in and I was up against A,8. After that hand I had around 4k. About 2 laps later I opened from MP with 9,9 and then faced a 3k shove. I decided to pass but really needed a hand now. With 2700 or so I got A,A in MP. There was a raise to 700 (playing 120/240 I think). I shoved and after some time was called and he had 8,8. The board bricked......till the 8 hit the river and I was done in 31st. If my hand holds there I am sitting on around 5k and am in around 14th/31 left and in good shape to make a deep run. Alas it was not to be.

I am in Jacksonville till tomorrow. I am going to hit the poker room here tonight and maybe the Hard Rock on the way home tomorrow.

T minus 4 days baybeeeee.

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