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Saturday, January 30, 2010

WBCOOP #5 and Month-End Recap

Event #5 for the WBCOOP was last night on Poker Stars. The game was an 8-game mix. At my opening table of six there was only one other live player, a Spanish speaking dude from Montevideo, Argentina. After playing for real the first level of 2-7 we silently ended up trading blinds with the sit-outs. It took about 50 minutes to blind out the sit-outs and we both had 6k in chips with no risk. Next year they seriously need to look into the sit-out issues. Maybe no open registration until 1 hour before the event or something. In reading tweets I saw that change100 had nobody live at her opening table. Both gadzooks64 and jwthoma didn't have quite the same luck as I did, they had to actually play.

When I finally had a table full of live players it was jsut a steady increase for me. I didn't really have any serious drops in my stack at all. I quickly realized the spot to win money off of these muppets was in O8, Stud and Stud8. When we played NLHE and PLO I kinda just hung back and watched the donk on donk violence, although to be fair there really wasn't anything too extreme.

At my highest point I was sitting on a stack of around 20k. I had lost a couple of pots to dribble down to 14k when we were 10 spots away from the bubble when the big disaster hand came during 2-7. I was dealt 8753x and raised. Another big stack at the table 3-bet from the sb and I called. I dew one and hit the 2. Sb leads, I 2-bet and the sb 3-bets. Fuck. We are playing 1k/2k at the time. Sb stands pas as do I and I call the rest of the way down and lose to a #1. Ugh. After the hand I was left with 1700 chips 5 spots short of the money with less than 1 big bet left.

Two hands later in LHE I picked up A5 and raised to put the rest of my chips in. Next to act 3-bets and I am heads-up against K10. I flopped the ace and was able to nearly triple to a little over 5k. The bubble burst shortly after that.

Throughout O8, Razz, Stud and Stud8 I bounced around a bit but was able to work the stack up to 10k when we hit the NLHE rotation. Twice in NLHE I found AK and shipped my 10bb stack and got no callers. PLO went kinda meh and I was left with around 6k when we hit 2-7. I found a hand to go with but didn't win and I busted out 76th and won a SCOOP $11 ticket. Overall I am satisfied with the result.

January Summary

January started out good for me. Playing .25/.50 LHE I slowly increased the roll. One other big boost was having the $75 token at the beginning of the month and converting it to t216. I cashed out $150 of it to add to the roll and played the rest with no results. I did manage to get another $75 token but whiffed going to the t216 again. I made one other investment in a player for $50 which will return me some money.

Then the rush hit. Wanting to get in on the crystal meth of poker I started playing nl10. Early on I was winning. Then about a week ago I just ran into coolers. I was running big pairs and top top into sets and I dropped nearly 5 buyins. I then had the brilliant idea of short stacking nl50. Three $25 buyins later and I was stuck $125 on the day. All that work in the beginning of the month for nothing. Thankfully I made a small rally late in the month and after all was said and done I made a $38 profit for the month. Could have been soooo much more.

I ended up getting Bronze Iron Man on FT. Through Truly Free Poker Training I will be getting two weeks of Stox Poker. I plan on watching some micro NL videos to help the game out. My goal is to get to Silver this month with an outside shot at Gold. After I earn the points for the day on FT I will move over to Stars to build up the roll there. Hopefully I can get to nl25 by mid-March or so.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Live Blog for WBCOOP #4

Why the fuck not. Chances are I'm gonna bust out of this donkfest in 10 minutes anyway.

6:00 - Table 18, Zooks at Table 79. No shock but I don't recognize anyone. 5 sitouts all to my direct left. FML.

6:03 - The Brazilian to my left showed up. Joy!

6:08: Doubled through the Brazilizn. Rivered flush. 3600.

6:10 - Busted one, boat vs straight. After that Brazilian doubled through me when 1010 loses to QQ, at 4k

6:16 - Zooks moved to Table 110. South Ameros and Europeans hit time bank every single hand. WTF! I am beginning to tilt.

6:31 - Zooks doubles to 4700. She has to sit out a bit so she needed to double. Mission accomplished. I am at 4100.

6:48 - I must have the tightest table in blogament history. t3930.

6:55 - t3880 on break. We are down to 3 live players including me.

6:59 - Did 3 pull-ups on break. Man am I out of shape.

7:06 - Zooks t7690, me t4070

7:18 - Our 4 sitouts have 1 pass through the blinds left, finally, missed oesfd down to t3440.

7:22 - Zooks to table 170 and at t10,615

7:25 - yestbay1 moved to my table. Met him during 2008 winter gathering.

7:37 - 35k moved to immediate left, raises nearly every hand. Guess I'm playing for stack. t3900.

7:39 - Called raise with KQ. Flop QQ6. Check check. Turn 7 and I CRAI and called by AQ. Doh. River 6, weeeeee. 316 left.

7:43 = Zooks AA cracked, down to t1900. I'm at t3700.

7:46 - Dude to my left now has t50,000.

7:51 - Out 278th. Zooks just doubled to t5100.

7:55 - 2nd break Zooks at 5k.

8:04 - Zooks out 255th. KK down in flames to JJ pre. Someone said they folded J. J river.

That's it for the live blog. Out.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Part of the Rush

How many other clever titles can bloggers come up with to talk about their thoughts on Rush Poker? Rushin In, A Rush to Judgement, Hot Rushin Women, the possibilities are really endless.
Ok, so like everyone else I am becoming a fan of this for a few reasons. Granted the play is still atrocious, but I tend to think it could stay that way for a little while. Everyone has weighed in on some of the basic pros and cons, and really I don't have anything to add to that. So why rehash it and waste your precious time. I'll give my thoughts on the why and how I feel it is helping my game.

I could never get this many hands in consistently before this new invention. I'm convinced someone with small children came up with this idea. Columbo mentioned on his blog about patterns becoming increasingly "burned into" the brain and I couldn't agree more. Things are starting to click for me a little bit more. Given the fact that I am not multitabling these, I have been able to pay full attention, which has really helped me identify the hands that are bleeding money for me. Sometimes you need things to smack you between the eyes to recognize them, and this has done that for me.

I know one of the biggest concerns or "cons" for the Rush poker is the inability to make any reads on people. For me personally this is a good thing. Why you ask? Well, given the low limits available at these tables, most people aren't thinking that much. I tend to over think. This format has forced me to focus on bet sizing and gut instinct which I think is helping my game. I'm obviously not trying to down play how important reads can be at the tables, but I've been able to take a little bit of a positive from this aspect of the game.

Possibly the biggest thing I've been having to learn is seperating each hand from the next. This format forces you to do that with an entire table of new people. Once you fold the hand is gone and trying to mentally do that is sometimes tough. I feel like I'm getting a little better at this just because I have to be successful in this format.

We'll see how this all plays out. So far it has been a good run. Hopefully it continues. I'm very interested to see how it effects my live cash game play which with any luck may get a test at the end of next month.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Rush Tables

I got a chance to try out the Rush tables at Full Tilt. I stuck with the low $10nl tables. I played a quick 10 minute session with one table going and then played 50 minutes later in the day with two tables. The hands and the fpps sure pile up fast. In one hour I played just a touch under 500 hands and earned 50 fpps. Getting Iron Man really shouldn't be an issue any more if you play these tables.

Before playing I read the ongoing thread on 2+2 and some others blogs who have tried the tables. All of the bloggers like it, all of the 2+2ers don't. Going in I really didn't think I would like the tables. I knew the drawbacks were that I was going to have zero reads on my opponents and that my HUD would provide no assistance. I have really grown to rely on the HUD. Add to the fact that I haven't played NL cash games in ages I didn't think I would be a favorite to make money. I guess I didn't add in the fact that I am playing $10nl. The play is horrid. Play ABC and you are fine.

A couple observations from playing:

1. The play was noticeably tight. Vary few hands were played with more than 2 people to the flop. Opponents found it easy to fold and get on with the next hand. If I was not UTG or UTG+1 I was opening any ace, any two broadway cards and any pair. I was winning my share of blinds uncontested. My stats were showing that I was a 23 VPIP and a 11.5 PFR. Probably a but looser and more aggressive than the opponents I saw.

2. A min-raise means absolutely nothing. I noticed that a lot of people min-raised in hoping to win the pot when everyone folded and moved to the next hand. When I had anything remotely playable mixed it up three betting and calling. If I called I generally was able to steal the pot away on the flop or turn.

3. The overshove works more than it should. Heffmike mentioned in a post recently about doing this in the games. I was successful 1/3 times with it. UTG raises pot to 0.35 and there is 1 cold caller. I ship over 120 bbs with AA and UTG calls (who has me covered) with 88. I hold and get the double.

I'm really looking forward to see how these games go over the next couple of weeks and if any new trends in play develop.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Um Yeah Rush

Hi it's me.

I started playing a little.

Saw Snuffy's post.

Played a little .05/.10 and liked it so I sat at .10/.25 with 20 bucks.

I'm a fan.

Rush Poker on Full Tilt

Watch the Rush Poker* Video Tutorial

* Patent Pending

Check it out here:

Sunday, January 10, 2010

PokerSlut Tour XVII PLO8 DS

Tonight is a special night! 
It is the one year anniversary of that podcast that hasn't posted a new episode
 in ages but just won't die like any self respecting lame podcast would. 

That's right PokerSoup is baaaaaaaaack, bitches!

Tonight's special guest is the Black Widow of Poker aka CK! 
Live from Vegas with stories of live games at the Venetian
and if we're lucky some inside scoop on the blogger shenanigans
from the Winter Blogger Gathering.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! Bloggers can register for to play for free in the WBCOOP, if you don’t have a PokerStars account you can get your Poker Download here.

Registration code: 490024

Sunday, January 3, 2010

PokerSlut Tour XVII NLHE DS

It's back to the grind!