Sunday, June 15, 2008

Snuffy's Day 8 - This is The End!!!

Last day of play for me this year. I started out at the Wynn. I haven't played here in a couple of years. I was seated on a 1/3 NL game fairly quickly. One thing I really hate about their game there is that they play with these ghey $3 chips. I takes some getting used to that's for sure. I didn't win a pot for the first hour or so and was down to $260 from my original $300 buy-in. My first pot I won was calling a raise to $9 from the BB with K,7dd. 5 ways to the flop of j,x,xdd. I called a bet of $24. Heads-up to the turn when the flush got there. Check check. The river was a brick and I lead for $45. HE thought and thought and finally called. My hand was good. Not many other interesting hands in the short 90 minute session and I left the table with a $52 profit.

During the day I was waffling on whether to play the razz event or the mega-satellite. I ended up opting for the mega for two reasons. If I make day 2 of the razz I have to stay another day and the mega is $500 cheaper. The mega got a total of 31 people for two seats and around $9600 cash for 3rd. The very first hand I picked-up Q,Q UTG and raised to 200 and received no callers. That would be the last hand I won the whole time. The rest was a comedy of errors. Draws didn't come in, to pair would lose to a turned two pair, etc. I ended up busting at the end of level three.

That ends the '08 version of Vegaspalooza. Thanks goes out to the usual suspects (Snarf, Zooks) and other new people I met (BlindGuy, DrawNDead, Columbo, KatoKat, Mr.KatoKat, Virge, Lusky, everyone else I missed).

I will put together a wrap-up and some closing thoughts together over the next couple of days along with a plan for next year.

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