Thursday, June 5, 2008

Are We There Yet?

Only one more day till Vegas. While browsing through the updates this morning I see that Chris Falconer is currently 9th in chips with just 10 people remaining in the $1500 Omaha8 event. I met Chris in the Chicago airport on the way over to Macau. We hung out a little over there and managed to snap the picture over on the left. Hang in there Chris! If he makes the final table I will be there one day late. Damn it.

Tuesday night I played CHIMPS which was Stud8 and The Booze Cruise which is 1/2 PLHE and 1/2 PLO. The attendance was disappointing as there was only one table for each. I ended up finishing 3rd in the Booze Cruise for a very small cash ($3.50 profit WOOT!). CHIMPS went a little better. I was able to accumulate chips slowly and got heads-up with 3-1 deficit. I was able to battle back and take the lead when the following hand comes up:

Full Tilt Poker Game #6685069209: CHIMPS 3 - Event #4 (48190934), Table 1 - 500/1000 Ante 100 - Limit Stud H/L - 23:09:43 ET - 2008/06/03
Seat 4: warrendc73 (4,708)
Seat 5: scottc25 (7,292)
warrendc73 antes 100
scottc25 antes 100
*** 3RD STREET ***
Dealt to warrendc73 [9s]
Dealt to scottc25 [Qd As] [3h]
scottc25 is low with [3h]
scottc25 brings in for 150
warrendc73 calls 150
*** 4TH STREET ***
Dealt to warrendc73 [9s] [Ts]
Dealt to scottc25 [Qd As 3h] [8s]
warrendc73 bets 500
scottc25 calls 500
*** 5TH STREET ***
Dealt to warrendc73 [9s Ts] [6d]
Dealt to scottc25 [Qd As 3h 8s] [4s]
warrendc73 checks
scottc25 checks
*** 6TH STREET ***
Dealt to warrendc73 [9s Ts 6d] [2d]
Dealt to scottc25 [Qd As 3h 8s 4s] [7c]
warrendc73 bets 1,000
scottc25 raises to 2,000
warrendc73 calls 1,000
*** 7TH STREET ***
Dealt to scottc25 [Qd As 3h 8s 4s 7c] [Th]
warrendc73 bets 1,000
scottc25 calls 1,000
*** SHOW DOWN ***
warrendc73 shows [5d 4d 9s Ts 6d 2d 3d] a straight flush, Six high, for high and 6,5,4,3,2, for low
scottc25 mucks
warrendc73 wins the high pot (3,750) with a straight flush, Six high
warrendc73 wins the low pot (3,750) with 6,5,4,3,2
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 7,500 | Rake 0
Seat 4: warrendc73 showed [5d 4d 9s Ts 6d 2d 3d] and won (7,500) with HI: a straight flush, Six high; LO: 6,5,4,3,2
Seat 5: scottc25 mucked [As Qd 3h 8s 4s 7c Th] - HI: Ace Queen high; LO: 8,7,4,3,A

That one hurt a ton. I was busted shortly after that one was over.

I have been playing a lot of PLO8 lately. I love this game. In the handful of sessions I have played so far the game does not seem to have as big a swings as PLO. Maybe I haven't played enough hands yet, we will see. I deposited $200 onto Cake last night on the advice of Gambit. I played $0.10/$0.20 PLO8 last night and was up $10 in short order before I played in a tournament.

Also last night Gambit, deadmoney, Snarf and myself played a 90 player $3 knockout SNG. When we got down to 36 people Snarf, Gambit and myself at the same table ALL IN A ROW. We all made it to the final two tables but only one of us cashed (Gambit). I was busted in 11th. I was crippled when AQ<AJ all-in pre-flop. Meh.

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