Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Crappy Start, Good Finish

I started off playing a Tier 1 two table SNG on Full Tilt yesterday. I was biding my time and was blinded down to around 1200 when I picked up K,K in early position. After the CL limped I rasied 3.5x and only the CL called. The flop comes down 10 high and he checks. I shove and he calls with A,A. GG and I am out. I also played a $6 SNG and was the CL with 7 left, I finished 6th.

I also played two separate heads-up matches yesterday and got nothing to show for it, My heads-up game really needs some improvement. I would love to find a book on heads-up play because I could really use it.

I played about 20 minutes of .50/1 Stud 8 before the tourney. On the last hand before the tourney started I had 7,6,5,4,x. I ended up making an 8 high straight for high and a 7,6 low to chop the low and won a hefty pot. In the short session I made $13.

As always, Tuesday night is CHIMPS. I chipped up early to around 2000 without getting to a showdown. I then lost a pot to get down to around 1600. I picked up a few more hands where I would raise with at least split Jacks and got no action past 4th street. I boated up in a hand there I had 6's over 9's to get me a significant amount of chips going into the final table.

With 8 still left I had around 2100 vs Fasso's 1600. I was dealt split aces. Decks completed the bet showing a 10. He was the CL at the time and was completing a lot. I decided to just call and trap him on a later street. Fasso behind me decides to 2 bet with a 6 showing, decks calls, I 3 bet, Fasso 4 bets, decks gets out of the way and I call. On 4th Fasso picks up a 10 and I get a 9. I lead out and Fasso 2 bets. I 3 bet (indicating that I HAVE to have split aces and he 4 bets and I call. When the last bet in th turn gets in on 5th here were the hands:

Me: (8,A)A,9,J
Fasso: (K,K)6,10,7

As you guessed it I bricked out and he caught a 2nd pair on 6th street to leave me with 400 in chips. In chat he said that he thought I would have 2 bet if I had the aces. I normally would but I wanted to trap the CL and didn't think he would call with a 6 showing. I like his 2 bet to see where he is at. When I 3 bet I think he should just call and see where the rest of the hand goes. 4 betting and capping 4th street is not a great play. I am probably not going to cap 4th without aces there.

After that hand I was proud of the way i hung on for a while to finish 5th on the money bubble put good for 9 pts in the standings. I think I played pretty good. I absolutely hate that game though. Its get your money in good and hope that it holds. I can honestly say that I didn't get my money in bad one single time last night. When I was beat, I folded. When I was ahead I bet.

After that tourney I wanted to play my LAPT Step 3. I waited forever and it just didn't budge. I decided to buy into a WSOP Step 2. Playing the Step 1's just seem like a waste of time these days. On the 1st hand UTG I get J,J, I raise to 75 and get 2 callers. Flop comes 8 high and I bet $200 into the $255 pot and get 1 caller. The turn pairs the 8 and I check and my opponent checks behind. The river is and Ace of course and I check, my opponent checks and I win and am up to 1900 right away. I was able to pick my spots after that including Aces once and was able to advance to step 3.

Like I said, shitty start to the day, good ending.


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