Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I didn't get as many cash game hands as I would have liked yesterday since CHIMPS was last night. I only got in around 120 hands but it was a profitable day. I ended up making around $30 or so on the day. I will take it.

CHIMPS HORSE last night was an interesting one. There were a total of 23 runners which is pretty impressive. The very first hand of the tournament I had 7,5 in the BB and deadmoney called from the SB. The flop came 6,4,3. Ship it. He checked, I be and he folded. The rest of the first rotation I was able to chip up to around 2200. When we dropped down to two tables it went very fast. Before I knew it we were down to the final table and I had around 5k in chips good for 2nd or 3rd.

The first key hand of the final table I had J,J when we were seven handed in the BB. The chip leader raised UTG+1 and I called. The flop came 10,8,5. I went for the check raise on the flop and he called. The turn was a 2 and I lead and he called. Praying for no overcard to hit the 4 hit the river. I lead and he raised. I called and he rolled over 7d6d. The hand played pretty standard. Just unlucky to have the straight come home. After the hand i was down to 2k and was amongst the 3 other short stacks.

I was able to hold on and maintain my stack and gradually climb back up. Down to three handed I was a considerable short stack. I was able to hang around for quite a while and got the double up and was sitting 2nd in chips. Two hands later I have them back to the eventual winner. Twice when we were 3 handed I faced a flush on 5th street already when I held two pair. Nothing I can do there. I will take the 3rd place and the $18 and the points that go along with it.

I have a decent lead for the season and two people can catch me in the final. If I finish 7th or better I can lock-up the title.

I also played the Blogger Skillz which was Stud8 last night. In the first hour and a half I never had lower than 2700 or higher than 3400. Very tight play probably cause I was concentrating on CHIMPS. I had one hand that took half my chips when I had a lower flush. He was showing only two to the flush on the hand. The other half of my chips left me when i had 3 suited cards and two low's and didn't improve. Stud tourneys tend to be a chip exchange early and then you have to win that one big hand late. Didn't happen for me and I busted in the high 40's/70.

More cash games for me today.

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