Saturday, April 5, 2008

There's a light, I can see it

After a little pre-dinner poker play, which saw a nice profit from .10/.25 6 max plo, I decided to play Kat's donkament. Which is fantastic poker therapy but if you play tight and get a little lucky, can be very profitable.

So this week there were 27 peeps and as normal the action was fast and furious. I double early in the push monkey section, 3rd hand I think, with KQc, and kept my stack up from there. This is where things sat at the end of the first hour. Please note the number of rebuys.

So I sat in pretty nice shape. Early in hour two I limped with 88 from UTG+1. Blinds were 100-200 and button makes it 600, I call. Flop was K82 two spades, I decide to go the the check raise and he knuckles behind. Turn is another deuce so I check once more, feeling very confident. He checks again. River is the 3rd spade so I bet about 3/4 pot. He raises, I push, he calls with AA. After that I was in a little better shape heading into the 2nd break.

After the fantastic balancing algorithm at full tilt saw the 5 biggest stacks at the same table with 14 left, we slugged it out and eventually made it to the final table. I can't remember much heading into the final table. Played tight, didn't steal too much and came in with a decent stack.

First hand of final table I get 1010 and raise, get reraised. Call and fold the flop of all unders to a shove. I should have folded to the reraise here if I was going to fold an all under flop. However full tilt sent me my only aces of the night on the next hand. When I reraised the chip leader, it looked like a steal and I got action against pocket 5's and they actually held up. We finally get to the bubble and I am way short. But I make a few pushes, flop a set against TPTK, and eventually get a decent stack. Then proceed to bluff it off with AQ unimproved in a completely donktastic move. Then I got my only real suckout of the night when I shove with A10 from the SB and get called by the BB with AQ. Flop K-10-x. Turn Q. River J. And we chop. Eventually the bubble bursts. Second in chips stacks off with 10-7os and I am left HU. Major chip disadvantage and the blinds were a little to high to make up the ground. But I will take the results.

Congrats again to Kat for being a great hostess and taking down her own damn tourny. Well done maam.

And here's to hoping the brighter side of the tunnel is shining through now.


  1. Nice run! I had fun playing with you tonight. You made a nice comeback to finish 2nd. When I busted, you weren't far behind me.

    Well done!

  2. I guess this means I should have played.

    And, WTF!?!?!? 217 rebuys? Geebus!

  3. Good game last night, and thanks for playing!