Monday, April 7, 2008

Rest of the Weekend

After such a nice start to the weekend, things kept going pretty damn well for a change. Saturday saw me drop a little at the 6 max PLO tables, the two big losses coming when I pushed with best hand best draw and got called, in one instance, by middle pair no redraws only to catch the 5 outer on the river. Wasn't pretty, but it can happen. In the middle of a sng, which I was second in chips with 6 left, someone literally flipped the FTP doom switch. Like for 6 hours, but I'm sure you're all aware of the that. SNG cancelled and I win a few bucks back that I lost. Luckily there are these things called "bars" and this thing on TV called the "NCAA basketball semifinals", and most importantly an expectant wife who was willing to drive. Very +EV. GG Saturday night.

Sunday was a long afternoon at the 6 max PLO tables. I put just about 450 hands at .10/.25 and had about a 60 dollar profit on the day. One interesting hand of note was one that was a little out of the ordinary for me. I like to play post flop, I feel that's where my strength lies. I try to avoid preflop pissing contests. So OTB I pot bet with AA24 single suited. The BB, who hadn't done anything spectacular to this point repops pot. Most times with most hands here I call and see a flop but something felt off. I decided to repop and basically put myself all in. He then calls/reshoves to us both all in and he flips up.........................2469 rainbow. Stunned silence was all I could muster. And by some miracle of the heavens my hand held up.

Also played 2 token MTT's on the day. In the 26 I got some chips early but went card dead when the blinds went up. This is death and a petered out about 25 spots before the tokens. Now in the 75 the karma that was restored in the PLO was immediately given back. Round 3 I make a raise with AKh, miss make a c-bet, get reraised, fold, down to 1000 chips. In the 40/80 level. UTG+1 limps. Cutoff limps. Button folds. In the SB I have 99 with about 900 chips, so I shove. UTG+1 with about 1400 in chips calls as does the cutoff with about 1300 in chips. WTF????? Flop comes 665, check check. Turn 2, check check. River King (FUCK ME), UTG+1 goes all in, cutoff folds. UTG+1 shows.................K-10os. Yeah I can't even fathom an explanation to this one. Finally finished off with the Event 1 of Season IX of the PoerkSlut Tour, deepstack NLHE. Played tight. Made it to the money in 5th. I heard some assclown won the thing.

Summary: A good poker weekend. Which I really needed. Or I was going to have to buy a dog, just to kick it, or give up poker.

Poker Plan for this week: Hopefully play my step 4 over at stars and see if I can't advance that a little. If there's no homegame, Riverchasers on Thursday. Then if I don't hate poker I think will play the 69+6 sat into Friday's bracelet race. Saturday is BlindGuy's PokerSupersStars extravaganza, which will lead to a good 12+ hours of poker and drinking. With anyluck I will remember enough about for a good post. Else I'll have a splitting headache and be on tilt all day Sunday, Good Times!

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  1. Yeah, he was worse than the luckbox that got 3rd.

    So I hear. ;)