Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Heart St. Louis

I'm not sure what it is about this town but I always seem to play well land run well here. Last trip I played in two tournaments and finished 3rd in both of them. I also had a good cash session. Last night was more of the same.

I arrived at Harrah's about 5 minutes before 7pm trying to get in the $35 NLHE tournament. Too late, it was already full. This was the best thing to happen to me.

I was able to get a seat immediately in a 1/2 NL game and bought in for $175 (that's all I had on me). The second hand from middle position I picked-up AdJd and limped. Six people to the flop of J,4,3. The UTG player leads for $15, I call along with two others. OK, a loose passive game by the looks of it (except for the UTG player). The turn pairs the 3. UTG bets out $15 again and I am the only caller. The river is a 9. UTG leads for $25 and looking at this board there is no way he holds a 3. If he does so be it. I raised to $60 and he says u hit your kicker huh and calls with K,J. Good start.

I won one other medium sized pot before i picked up 5,5 in early position and limped. We go to a flop of A,5,3 rainbow. EP player leads for $15, I call and 3 others call. The turn was another ace. EP leads again for $25 and I raise to $70 and one other behind me calls and EP calls. The river is the worst card in the deck, another Ace. The EP player shoves for $120. I fold and the other player folds. He shows the A,K. Damn it.

Next interesting hand I get 10s9s in late position and call a raise to $6 along with 50 other people. The flop comes 9 high with two spades. Its checked to me and I bet out $20 and get one or two callers. The turn brings a 3rd spade. The aggro player I faced in the 1st hand leads for $25 and I raise to $60 and he calls. The river is a non-spade and he checks. I bet out $70 and he folds. He said he had the A,9 with the ace of spades.

Last interesting hand of the night I get 5,5 and limp. Multiple ways to the flop of J,5,4. A SAG (sick asian gambler) who has re-bought about 6 times already shoves for his last $25. The guy who beat me with quads calls. OK no way he is drawing out on me here. I raise to $80 and he folds. The SAG was drawing dead and I picked up a nice pot.

After about two hours of play I got up with $503 in front of me for a profit of $328.

CHIMPS championship is tonight I need to finish top 7 to lock-up the season 2 title and we can have a meeting of the season champions tomorrow night at Harrahs with Zerb.

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