Friday, April 4, 2008

A Day in the Black

Sure I only played about 75 hands.

Sure it was only a 2.5% bankroll boost.

But I don't want to kill anyone this morning. So I have that going for me, which is nice.

I think I am going to stick to 6 handed PLO for a little while and kill some of the SNG play. I tend to be moderately successful here. I'm finding very predictable patterns in people's play, at least at my limit (.10/.25). So expect some more posts in this vein.

I will share the two biggest traits that I have been able to exploit so far. No this is not all from last night, I was playing more a few months ago but have gotten away from it. Both of these stem from people not being able to adjust from hold'em to omaha.

First, is that people can't lay down aces. Depending on your tolerance for variance and board texture you can stack these fools left and right. Most of the time they will fire out a pot bet on ANY flop, paying no attention to board texture or their own draws. It can be frustrating when you know what they have (they pfr about 5% of the time and every time it's pot) and you keep missing. But patience is key and you will eventually double through them.

Second, follows in the same thought. These are the people that HAVE to c-bet whenever they pfr. Hoy wrote alot about this pattern in terms of 6 max NLHE last year and it can have alot of the same value in PLO. They are even more exploitable when they feel if they are OTB and HAVE to bet pot when everyone limps. They will almost always bet 1/2 pot but more then likely a full pot, when the action checks to them. Two ways of combatting this is betting pot before it gets to them, which despite their reckless preflop play will cause them to fold. Or the hi risk/hi reward check raise pot. Most times this results in a fold, but do it once or twice to them and you will get the overcall by them with an overpair to the board.

A final thought is that I have noticed full ring is much tighter and more a game of the nuts. The 6 max obviously has a lot more variance and can be much more profitable. Now I almost always short buy in these. There are two schools of thought here, so I'll have to go into that next time.

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