Saturday, April 26, 2008

Musings after St. Louis and other Stuff

Two things that stick in my mind from the St. Louis trip.

#1 - Its hard not to forget this because I heard the same story a total of 57 times. Once when each person he knew walked by, dealers, random strangers, etc. At the final table two of the three chip leaders got it all-in on a Q,7,2 rainbow. Dick (as Zerb calls him) pots it, next guy re-pots, Dick re-pots all-in and has next guy covered who calls. Dick has the Q,Q,x,x. Next guy has 7,7,A,x. Why is the A important? When the turn and river go runner runner A,A. Next guy was 4% on the flop and 6% on the turn and manages to pull a massive suckout. Dick ended up in the heads-up battle when I left. Not sure how that one ended. My money is on Dick. OK, maybe I should have called him pussy instead.

The other hand that sticks out was when i was in a $1/$2 NL hand. I had the 2,2 on the button and a TAGish dinosaur raises it up from early position to $12. Its folded to me and I know I am probably behind and if I hit I'm not getting paid. I folded but the LAGtard in the SB calls. Of course the flop comes A,10,2. The turn was the K. The LAG had K,10 and I just know I take all of his stack with that hand. I recognized the TAG but forgot to account for the LAG behind me.

Yesterday I played a WSOP freeroll on Stars, Yes, I was that bored. 1400 people and 50 advance to the next step. I finished 67th. Thats 80 minutes of my life I will never get back.

This morning I played a little .25/.50 NL and was up around $10 after one hour. My big hand was when I had A,A in the BB. I flat called a raise and saw a heads-up flop. It went check check. I lead for $5 on the turn and $10 on the river and he called all the way down. My hand was good (don't remember what he had). Bored with 2 tabling I decide to pop open a .10/.25 PLO table on FT. Within 20 minutes I cashed out with $70. Amazing what happens when your top sets hold up.

I played AIPS and lasted a total of 15 minutes. I called a pot sized bet with Q,J,10,X in the BB. Flop comes Q,10,X with two clubs. I check and the raiser throws out a 75% pot bet. This screams of AA or KK here. I re-pot all-in. He calls and shows A,10,10,9 with two clubs. Oops. After that I played in a $2 rebuy on Stars to the $33 tourney. I was in for $20 in the rebuy period but came out 19th in chips with 16 seats awarded. I had enough chips to survive one bad beat ( JJ < KJ ) and one coin flip when QQ < AK. I battled back and had to shove with JJ about 10 away from the bubble. The monster stack called with A,8. My hand held and I walked into the seat. I might have to play more of these $2 rebuys. With 95 runners or so 20 quit before the rebuy period was over. Pure gold. Just hope I can get that double-up sooner next time fore 8 rebuys and an add-on.

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