Friday, April 18, 2008

Thru 1,000

I have now played 1k hands at 50NL and it hasn't been a great run. I was up almost $100 at one point. Yesterday was a roller coaster. I was down 30 in my earlier sessions. Last night I played three tables and one of the first hands I picked-up A,A. There was a raise to $2 and I three bet it to $5.50. The original raiser insta-shoves and I call. What I really hate about Poker Stars is that they do not show you their cards so you have to sweat the whole board. He had A,K and I immediately had the double-up. After a couple hundred hands later I lost that double-up on another table when my K,K ran into A,A for the third time in the last four days. I'm not really too pissed off. It just happens.

I was going to play the $80 satellite to the weekly WSOP $650 satellite on Stars last night. They only had 18 runners and I decided to pass. After my cash games I opened up Full Tilt and they had a $14 satellite to a $50 satellite. There were 36 runners for 9 seats and 10th got $14. In the first or second level I picked-up A,Q suited in late position and raised to 100 after a couple limpers and both called. The flop comes down Q,x,x with two clubs. I bet pot and get one caller. The turn is a blank and I just ship it in. He called my all-in with the flush draw and missed and I had the early double-up.

I sat on my hands after that and waited for good cards. At the 50/100 level I picked-up 7,7 and limped. Five ways to the flop it came 6,5,4 with two clubs. A player in the SB bet out 100. I had him covered and I just decided to ship it in. He called with the 5,3. The board bricked and I was up to 5k in chips and in great shape. Down to 12 people and 60/120 I am sitting 7th in chips. I pick-up 8,8 in the BB and there is a min-raise from a 2500 stack. He had been doing it a lot to pick-up the blinds. The flop comes 7 high. I check and he bets out 240. I ship and he takes a long time and eventually calls with the J,J. Ugh, just like that I am down to 2800 and am 10th/12.

The stacks at my table now are pretty good and I was the short stack, but still with 20 BB's. I was able to pick-up the blinds once or twice an orbit with air just because the other stacks didn't want to lose any chips. I was able to get it up to 4k without a fight and I was in good shape again. Still with 12 people left I had 5,5 in the SB. I raised 2.5x to 500 and the BB called. The flop came Q,Q,7. I checked and the BB min bet 200. I raised to 700 and he shoved. I folded and now I'm down to 2700.

After that loss I was able to maintain the stack and we were finally down to the bubble at 10 people. Just showing how bad people play this hand comes up at the other table. Both stacks are top 6 including the chip leader. The player 6th in chips min-raises UTG and the chip leader in the BB calls. The flop is raggedy and he check calls the flop and turn. On the river he check raises all in and the other stack called with two pair. The chip leader had 7,4 and hit the straight on the river. There is just no reason for the guy in 6th to play that pot. Thank god for him cause I got my seat.

I did play about four hours live yesterday. Nothing too exciting but I lost a pot early where i raised pre-flop to $8 with 9s7s and got two callers. The flop comes Q,7,4 with two clubs. I c-bet $12 and a short stack shoves for $37 total. The other player folds and now I have a decision. I decided to call for two reasons. One short stacks like this always seem to to be on the draw. The second thing I am going to give off a very loose image at the table. He ended up having Q,J. I missed my 5 outs and was down $50 early. I rode the short stack being as low as $30 but was able to get it back up to $75 before I lost another big pot and was down to $20. Time to rebuy to $100.

With the fresh stack I played good and was able to get within $5 of even. I then played tow pots with a calling station where i tried to put out a semi-bluff on the turn. I missed both times and he took the pot. This is just an absolutely stupid play by me. He 100% checks both turns if checked to and calls anything. Just terrible play by me. After the four hours I ended up losing a total of $45.

I think I might go play today again. The Ante-Up home game is tomorrow at my house. I will try and get pics for the Nation for the upcoming foot race between Fasso and Chris.

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