Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I thought I was gonna have some good shit to write about this week, but I got nothing. Saturday was BlindGuy's Poker SuperStars Extravaganza. One would think that with 4 preliminary tournaments the better players more consistent player would be rewarded. You would think. However when you can't win with KK in two of the tournaments, you don't stand much of a chance. The first one came when I had them OTB and the tightest player in our game called from the SB. An ace flops and he checks, I know if he calls he has an ace so I make a small c-bet for my information. He calls and I am done with the hand. Turn is a second ace. Check, check. River is a king. He checks, I bet now, he raises. I begrudgingly call. He shows AK. The only card in the deck that can make me bet the river. Second one, UTG min raises. I reraise 4x on top with KK. He insta-goes all in. I call resigning myself to his aces. Nope. AQ. Ace on the flop. After being crippled there, it pretty much eliminated me from making the final table.

Sunday was PokerSlut tour the OM8 version. This was the, "Ooooooooh look I have 4 cards" version. That's how that went. Last nigth was Skillz Stud8. My big hands went to shit. Started A47d, 23h5, and 345 and never made it past 5th street. Got crippled in second hour when KK and AA got into a pissing match and I was the only low with a FD and never got there.

Played some more 6 max PLO, mostly .25/.50. Outside shot of making ironman for the month if I keep up the play, so we'll see where that goes. Been pretty even since Saturday. Lost a buyin yesterday when a FD and gutshot are enough to put your entire buyin in on the flop against my flopped set. Well played sir. Did manage to win all but 10 bucks of it back however, so that was nice. Thank you Mr. "I'm going to jam my two pair on a 3 heart board with a straight on it and no redraw".

Still need to play my Step 4 on stars. Still want to satellite in to the bracelet race on Sunday or Friday nights. Depending on the homegame may play riverchasers on Thursday. Mookie is less then 50/50 tonight, but we'll see.

Saturday is a bus trip to AC for a friend to raise money Dimes March for Babies. I will drive an hour in the opposite direction of AC, to go to AC. But the cause is well worth it and I more then happy to do it. Once in a while degenerate gambling can lead me to do things that are good for others, so how can I not do it with a smile on my face. If you feel you need some good poker karma or have a little extra money that you don't know what to do with leave a comment and I will be more then happy to get in contact with you and give you the donation info.

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