Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Best Comeback Ever

Yesterday's poker happenings didn't start off very well for me. I started off playing my LAPT Step 4. I ended up busting out in 7th when my J,J < A,A < K,K. There was a raise and a calland I shipped it in trying a squeeze play plus if I'm called I have a good hand. Oops, 3rd best hand going in, 3rd best coming out.

I moved on to my WSOP step 4. With 6 people left and 6 BB's I called the SB's (and CL) shove into me with K,J. He ended up having A,3. Flop K,5,2. Turn J. River 4. Im' done. Finishing 6th gave me a step 2 redo. Great. I played the step 2 and wnded up getting my advance to step 3 where the greatest comeback of my life happens.

We are in level 2 and I have not played a hand yet when I set a great trap on the turn:

After that fuckage I was left with 130 in chips. I almost busted the mouse after that one. Good thing I didn't. Two hands later I get A.K. Knowing if I shove I am gonna get called and have to beat 3 others so I did the stop-n-go.

Hey that worked. Still in deep shit though. Eight hands later and taking the blinds once I pick-up an ace and ship it in.

Hey a suckout! I ship it with the 10 high the next hand and win the blinds again. The next lap around the table I actually get a walk in the BB. I picked up K,K a few hands later but only get the blinds. About 10 hands later we are actually down to 5 handed and I have a redo locked-up. Time to gamble it up with the J,3.

Down to 4 left I call a short stack all-in with connectors.

With 3 left there is a ton of shoving and we are trading blinds back and forth. Then the two big stacks face off.

Two hands later the other short stack shoves into my BB and I call with the K,10.

A combination of horrible play, hitting every hand and the PokerStars boomswitch I was able to advance back up to step 4. Thanks Snarf for the rail. Every time he watches I win. I sent him the IM after the brutal beat. He brought the table up and the rest is history. I will be waiting to play till after he gets home for sure.

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