Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Atlantic City and Other Stuff

Work is ghey or I would have posted sooner. I hate when things like "work" get in the way of "real" priorities like poker blogging. I mean really WTF?

Saturday I trucked on the AC bus trip down to the Hilton. But the Hilton sucks, so we walked the minute and a half to the Trop. First bad beat, there is a waiting list of 8 people for 3/6 hold'em. First suckout, we get the floor man to open a new table and the 3 of us all get on the same table. I'd love to share with you some great poker insight to my 3/6 game or how I really outplayed some uber-donk at the table but this session was more about drinking and laughing at the donks. I definately don't play the uber-aggro high variance style of limit poker but I do play much looser then most and rely on that image and good post flop skillz to win my money. That being said, after about an hour I was almost down to the felt of my original 150 buyin, but I was magically able to make QQ stand up against an UTG limper who hit bottom pair with his 73os. I can't make this shit up people. Then the fun hand of the night happened. My buddy, or at least I think he is still my buddy, raises. I am in the SB with J2s, an effing monster people. [FLASHBACK] This guy tries to bust me with crap in our home game all the time. He loves to see me tilt, it entertains him. That's our back story here [/FLASHBACK]. I call as does the BB and the early limper (73os boy). Flop is 752 with one spade. Checks around to my buddy, he bets, I call. I am almost positive at this point he has an over pair because he wouldn't bet with air there. Turn is the 6s. I check call another bet. River is the 9s. Now here's where I screwed up, I went for the check raise when I should have bet because he has to call at that point. But he checks, I show, he shows KK, and proceeds to call me the stupidest poker player ever, for the next 20 mins. This made it all worth it. Ended up coming back and only being down 11 bucks at the table, given I drank at least 3 times that much in alcohol at the table, it was worth it.

Last night was CHIMPS main event. I played uber monkey tight in the beginning, partly to biuld the image, partly because I was paying more attention to game 7 Flyers/Caps (Go Flyers!). Built up a nice big stack early, winning 11 of 11 hands that I had played thought the first hour. Then in hour 2 the huge hand came up with Snuffy, where he made a small raise OTB and I just called from the BB with A10h, not wanting to make a huge pot here OOP against the other chip leader. Flop come KhJh6c. I check. Snuffy bets 900 into the 1300 chip pot and I check raise to 2700. Now he thinks a little then pushes all in for about 3K more. At this point I think math dictates I make this call even though it's not the best situation. I call and he shows KJ, turn and river blank and I don't improve. Now crippled I eventually show with A5s and get called by the BB with QQ. Flop 556. This get's me back to functional. Now 3 handed. Same guy that has QQ earlier raises from the button, I shove in the SB with JJ, button calls. He's got QQ. Flop Jxx. This guy now will beat me on the street if he finds me. He gets eliminated on the next hand. Snuffy and I get HU and decided to chop the money and play for the bracelet. In an epic (not really) HU battle I won the big pot when I hit my flush on the end, didn't get paid but took the big chip lead then held on for the win. I think this win actually makes CHIMPS slightly profitable for me on the year, but just barely.

Last night was the first night I played since Saturday. May play Riverchasers Thursday. Would like to finally play the sat into the bracelet race on Friday. Someday I'll get to the damn step 4 on Stars, maybe tonight.

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