Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Hits Keep On Comin'

I would really like to post about some interesting hand or some great revelation that I had or new theory that I thought of but it just ain't happenin. I do feel like recounting bad beats does nothing to help you get out of a bad spell other then maybe clensing the soul to get them off your chest. Let's just hope last night was the peak of Mt. BadBeat for me. Posted another 0-"fer" in 4 sngs. This is becoming a theme.

First one was an OM8 where I went out on the bubble and two players had a 71 and 59 VPIP. Second I jammed AK into a SS who called off with A4 and we split. Two hands later I don't win a race with AK vs JJ with 5 left. Third one escapes my memory at this point, so I must have done something of self mutilation in that one. Last was a NLHE where I double with JJ on the first hand, then lose a bunch when I guy can't lay down his FD but hits his one over card, then get taken out when 87 < 74. Unraised pot, I'm in SB with 1 limper. Flop comes 566, everyone checks. Turn is an 8. I jam my last 1000 into a 600 chip pot, and you see where this goes.

I've been going back over some HH and there's nothing that is jumping out at me. Most of my losses have been with premium hands or late game situations where TP doesn't hold, don't win the race blah blah. Also I've been staying within (for the most part) my bankroll management limits for the night. AND still I've take close to a 40% hit in the last 6 weeks. I've been disciplined enough to not have the huge cash-game-stack-off which sooooo many of us fall victim to. Which almost makes this worse, cause I can't point to one or to nights where I lost a 25% chunk, it's been a cumulative ass fucking. And dammit it hurts now.

One bright spot from yesterday was that I entered a 1800 FPP sng for a tier 1 token, top 3 get one, and actually got one. Not sure what to use this for, but I'm thinking one of those 90 man KO sng. Another positive is that I still have my step 4 at stars and increased my bankroll to a wopping 24.50.

Positives. Think positive. SERENITY NOW BITCHES!

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  1. Don't look at the hands that you get knocked out in. Look at how you got your stack before that point and see where you could have saved chips or where you could have bet more.