Monday, March 31, 2008

Slightly Better

Not too much poker to write about this weekend. Had another rough night Friday night but pulled it back from the brink of disaster with a SNG win at the end. So it went from a disasterous night to a shitty night. Played a little on Saturday and booked a couple of cashes which at this point is more of a moral victory then anything else. Ending a day in the black was nice for a change. Congrats to Blindguy for winning the latest season of the PokerSlut Tour. Zooks hasn't done the standins yet but I'm 99.9% positive he won. Caught me at the end the bastid, now he and I are the only 2 time winners. Last night was stud8 and I was card dead for most of it. But when I finally did get the rest of my stack in with A23 to start, it couldn't compare to the monster that is 89J rainbow 3-bet preflop. Even when I made aces up with no low. C'est le vie I guess.

And here's your public service announcement for the day. If you live in or near a city with major league baseball, take your kids out of school today, tomorrow or next week, whenever opening day is for that team. If I had one and they were old enough to go, they'd be there. As is, I play hookie from work myself. Opening Day is always perfect no matter what the weather is for the game. You'll be happier and play better poker (<----- poker content) or at least that's what I'm hoping for.

And don't tell Snuffy that I included non-poker content or ima get banned.

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