Sunday, April 20, 2008

Profitable Weekend

I got in a whole 90 minutes of live play on Friday. The very first hand of the day I get A,10 UTG+1 and limp. We see a 7-way limped hand to a A,10,4 rainbow flop. UTG leads out for $15 and I flat call. Everyone else folds and an 8 hits the turn. UTG bets $15 again and I raise to $45 leaving $38 behind. He thinks for a minute and calls. OK I'm sure he has A,K or A,Q here. The river is a 3. He checks and I shove. He hums and haws and says two pair huh? He calls. I show the two pair and I was right, he had A,K. HE gets up after one hand and leaves. Good start. I only ended up winning two other hands that I can think of right now. Smallish pots. I ended up leaving with a $72 profit. Good comeback after the $45 loss on Thursday.

Saturday was the Ante-Up! home game. We had it at my house this time. As usual I ran my first buy-in into dust (almost) and re-bought for another $100. Two key hands got me back. When we were playing 2-7 I was dealt 3 to the wheel and limped. On the first draw I hit the wheel and was able to get in two bets. On the second draw Steve drew 1 and I stood pat. He leads, I 2 bet, he 3 bets and I cap it. We both stay pat on the 3rd draw. He leads I raise and he calls. He said well only one hand can beat me. I tables the wheel and he had a #2. I don't remember ever seeing that in 2-7 before.

The other key hand was in NL when I had Q,J and raised to $3 and got 2 or 3 callers. Flop comes Q,x,x with 2 clubs. I lead for $6 and Gambit raises to $15, Fasso thinks for a long time and folds. I flat call. At this point I am planning on capping it ($50 max per hand) on the turn. A non-club baby hits the turn and Gambit leads for $20. I cap it which was was $32. He thought for a long time and folded. Fasso picks up his mucked cards of Q,10 and asks Gambit if he could beat that. He said yes and that he folded K,Q. Really? I don't think you can fold that hand there. I told him I had A,Q. After the game I texted him saying I had Q,J. He sent one back saying he had the exact same hand as me. That was a nice pot to win.

At the end of the 6 1/2 hour game I showed a profit of $27. Down early, rally, show a small profit. Thats how I roll. Guess I need to arrive two hours late next time.

I'm in St. Louis this week. I hope to get 2-3 days of play in. I am meeting Zerb at Harrahs on Wednesday for the PLO tournament. I have always played well in St. Louis including two 3rd place finishes in two tourneys played last time I was in town. Cash games are always good too. I can actually buy-in for more than the shitty $100 max that we have in Florida.

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