Thursday, April 10, 2008


I played some $0.25/$0.50 last night. In total I got in around 250 hands by 2 tabling. I ended up booking a small win of around $10. Next week I am going to try and play around 5000 hands at this level. I have never come close playing that many hands. I am going to play both on Stars and Full Tilt. I considered throwing some money into Cake but the way they eff up the hand histories so you can't use Poker Tracker totally has turned me off.

Last night I also played the Mookie. I played fairly tight early. In the blogger tourneys you just don't see that many flops for cheap. Someone is always bringing it in for a raise. I was around 1700 when i picked up the mortal nuts (at least for Blaz) with the Ah,Jh and raised to 350. A short stack shoved for 650 and I called. He had 8,8 and I ended up with the flush by the turn to now have a healthy stack. My downfall was when I had K,J on the button and limped. The flop comes K high all clubs. I bet and the BB called. The turn brought another K. He checked, I bet and he shoved to put me all-in. I had around 900 left and called. He ended up flopping the flush with J,6. I missed my boat outs and I was done in the mid 50's. I would think most bloggers raise on the button there. Guess the bloggers have something right there.

I decided to take off the afternoon today to go play some more live poker. At 1pm they have a $40 no rake tournament. You get 2k in chips and the blinds are a short 10 minutes. You can get an extra 1k for a $5 dealer tip which I did. I ended up losing most of my stack in the 2nd level when I had 3,3 and the flop came 5,4,2. I was out in less than 20 minutes.

Before the tourney I played 1/2 hour of $1/$2 NL. Why I ever do this before a tourney I have no idea. I don't think I ever win when I try this. I play way too loose knowing that the tourney is starting. I ended up losing $31.

After busting in the tourney I got on a new $1/$2 NL table. I just got absolute junk for around an hour or so. I was down to $65 when I finally picked up K,J and flopped top pair and raised a flop bet. The board got scary and the turn and river were checked and I won the pot. After that hand I was able to keep chipping up to around $150 when my donktastic hand happens.

There is a player in the game who has lost $300 in 1/2 hour by shoving flush and straight draws and never hitting. I am looking to play pots with him. I was in a hand with 6h4h UTG. Not great but I limped cause the bad player was to my right in the BB and he is going to most likely see a flop. It was limped about 5 ways to and 8,7,5 flop. It was checked to me and I lead for $9 and get one caller in middle position, the bad player folds. When the turn is being dealt I look at the board and see that I misread the board. It was actually 9,7,5. The turn brought the 8h. Now I really do have the straight and a flush redraw. I lead for $20 and the older guy in the hand shoves for around $120. What? There is now way he had 10,6 in this spot. I figure he has the lone 6 as well and we are chopping right now and I have a freeroll with the flush draw. I called and he rolled over a hand I never considered, the J,10. Oh fuck me. How I didn't see that as a possibility is beyond be. How do I miss that shit. Well, my donkish ways worked as the 10h dropped on the river and I hit the flush for a monster pot.

After that hand I started getting hit by the deck a little for some small pots. I picked-up A,K suited 3 times and K,K once. After a couple hours it was time to go and I had $372 in front of me for a nice profit on the day. Its nice to be a lucktard sometimes.

I have Gambit's home game tomorrow night. By the way, I received an interesting e-mail regarding a prop bet that is going to go down in May. I'm sure you will hear about it on Ante Up! tomorrow.

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