Monday, April 7, 2008

Steps and The Sluts

I played a couple of WSOP Step 3 tournaments yesterday. In the first one with 7 people left and the blinds at 75/150 I shoved for my last 1005 chips with A,9 and the BB woke up with A,K. He flopped his king but I was dirty and went runner runner straight. That hand got me up to around 2200 and I was in good shape to lock-up a redo at least. After the hand I was 2nd in chips.

When the bubble burst I has 2100 in chips and actually was in 5ht place. Everyone had between 3500 and my 2100. At 150/300 and a redo locked-up I picked up 9's in the BB and called a shove from the big stack. We was shoving the last 4 hands before this one. HE had K,J and mu hand held. I was now up to 4500 and in really good shape. After that hand I just got nothing playable. I think I folded around 16 of the next 17 hands and when we were 3 handed and 300/600/50 blinds and I had 3400 with 600 posted in the BB I had to defend my BB with Q,8. The shover ended up with K,5. I flopped my 8 but he turned the K an I was out in 3rd place. Two in a row for the redo. I can't complain though I should have been out in 7th.

Later on in the day I took my 3rd shot at the step 3. I decided to play a little more aggressively in this one. The cards I was dealt early helped. I was dealt A,10 3 of the first 4 hands (suited 2x). One hand about 1/3 of my chips went in and he had the A.10 as well for a chop.

In the 15/30 level I picked up Kings and Aces and re-raised a raiser and got no action. The same person kept raising. I think his VPIP was around 85% with 50% PFR's. With 7 people left and 1700 in chips (good for 4th) I picked-up kings again. I raised it 3x to 600 and a stack bigger than me shoved. I called and he had A,Q. The flop brings an Ace. Fuck me!!! Wait, the turn is a King!!! Double up. I am now sitting on 3660. Two hands later the hand of the day comes up when I have Aces again:

Down to 5 people and I have a great stack. After that hand i told Snarf in chat that I may quit if I blow this one. Shouldn't have said that. We quickly lose two of the short stacks and just about 5 hands later I try to end it with A,5 against a 1700 stack. He had J,J and now its a game again. I have 5500 and the short stack has 3500 and its any ones game. I am up to 5800 and try to end it again:


After folding a gazillion hands in a row I have 1100 left and am in deep shit. One person has 10k in chips. I pick-up A,Q and it holds. When I was in the SB the other short stack was in the BB. The big stack let us fight it out each time. In 3 straight hands I held nothing higher than 6,2 and had to fold the SB. With less than 3 BB's and one of them posted in the BB I have to play this crap.

Woot! Two hands later its finally over, courtesy of another suckout.

Off to step 4 now. Geez this post is getting kinda long. I will post the slut tour stuff later today.

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