Monday, April 14, 2008

Nothing Exciting

Nothing too exciting to report. Gambit's home game on Friday was uneventful. Unless you count me flopping the nuts in Omaha8 twice only to get behind on the turn. I hate that game. I lost my first buy-in fairly quickly. I made a late rally and ended up losing only $2 on the night.

Saturday and Sunday I spewed some money playing stuff I shouldn't have played (except the Slut Tour of course). This week I decided I wanted to play 5,000 hands online this week. I threw $200 into Stars and began short stacking (read 50 bb's deep) $0.25/$0.50. I got in a total of 415 hands today. I had a couple hands hold, a couple not, and one nice suckout:

[21:41] Snuffysports: all the way with a,j
[21:41] Snuffysports: my bad reads are working out now
[21:41] TheSnarf10: well done
[21:41] Snuffysports: a,j raise to 1.5
[21:41] Snuffysports: get min raised to 2.5
[21:42] Snuffysports: i call
[21:42] Snuffysports: flop j,10,9 all spades
[21:42] Snuffysports: he open shoves for around 12
[21:42] Snuffysports: i call with no spade
[21:42] TheSnarf10: k
[21:42] Snuffysports: he had k,k with Ks
[21:42] Snuffysports: turn A
[21:42] Snuffysports: river J
[21:42] TheSnarf10: heee haaaaw
[21:43] Snuffysports: embrace the donkitude
[21:43] Snuffysports: i have run bad in cash games for so long, bout time it gets even
[21:43] TheSnarf10: every time a donk wins with AJ a blaz gets his wings

I ended up with a profit on the day. Can't complain.

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